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Found 5 results

  1. Dovescry

    Buteo i.d.

    Going through some old photos, I have two poor shots of a hawk which flew overhead two years ago. I posted in my local bird society page, and they seemed to think it is a juvenile Broad-winged Hawk. Something bugs me though, and I want to ask about it. The tail bands don't seem right for an adult BW nor for a juvenile. They are more or less equal, and narrow, unlike the wide bands of the adult BW, and unlike the faint bands and wide bottom band of the juve. Second point, the shape of the wing tips, which are very blunt. In the photo where the bird is foreshortened, you can't tell so much, but in the other one you see a smooth rounded wing-tip (BW having four tips, giving a more pointed look from what I have studied up on...). No patagial bars, I rule out the Red-tailed Hawk, and the tail seemed proportionately too long...viewed through binos, as well as in the photo, and the bars on the tail not like a juve RT either. Anyway, that's all my take on it, correct anything I've said if I'm wrong, please! I'm here to learn. I am including the original shots and lighting-adjusted shots. The time was 10:45 on a September morning. I am in Nova Scotia, Canada. These were the best I could do with my camera (Canon Powershot).
  2. MarkBird

    Florida buteo

    I saw this immature buteo and took some potentially IDable shots. I noted a clean throat, very light underwing (same light/white color on coverts and inner primaries/secondaries), and a trailing dark lining to the wings. The bird was missing two inner primaries(?), making me unsure of a "comma" or just white from the missing feathers. I was thinking Broad-winged in the field, but I'm wondering about eliminating a very light Florida Red-shouldered. Florida Botanical Gardens 4/19/15 Shots were pretty lousy, so these are zoom/crops https://picasaweb.google.com/lh/photo/looZ7NuoBLvjzDoIXhIf84B8jVa6FG5-hcWeATbcpI4?feat=directlink Thank you
  3. Is this a Broad-winged Hawk or a Red-Shouldered Hawk? Please help, LIFERS ON THE LINE! Thanks!
  4. MarkBird

    Hawk double-check

    Since I don't get to see many Broad-winged, I thought I'd double check these birds. Florida Keys, March 30-31 2013 1) Same bird in both pics. I'm surprised to see so much red on the chest and no white chin...but the tail looks Broad-winged. 2) Broad-winged 3) Broad-winged 4) Cooper's 5) Gratuitous Western Spindalis https://picasaweb.google.com/108000139362127408898/FloridaBirding?authkey=Gv1sRgCKjcgNqr8qLH_QE Thanks.
  5. Hi guys, it's me again....About a week ago I posted a pic of a hawk in my back yard, (Harrisburg, Pa)....it was id'd as a Broad-Winged hawk. Today I was out and happened to look up and see this hawk in my back and got a couple pics of it. I think it is also a broad-winged....possibly the same hawk? Can you confirm this for me? If this is the same guy/girl, do you think it might be nesting somewhere near my place? The first two are todays hawk....the 3rd picture is last weeks hawk....Thanks again in advance for your help