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Found 42 results

  1. Bird ID please

    Can you tell me what this brown speckled bird is..Thanks
  2. Can someone please help me identify this bird?
  3. S. Louisiana bird

    Saw this singer at Bayou Sauvage NWR east of New Orleans on June 5 this year. Can't ID it, but know one of you can. Thx
  4. Please help me identify this bird. I saw it and took the photo on January 12, 2017 in my backyard in Tulsa, OK. It was perched on my bird feeder. It has a brown head, upper back, wings and tail; vivid iridescent teal blue lower back with a tinge of that color mixed with the medium brown in the wings, tail feathers, and upper back; orange front and neck; and tiny red crest. It has beady little eyes that appear black but probably have a brown iris, and there is an off-white ring around the eyes. It has a slightly longer body than the Eastern bluebird that I photographed a minute before, and it probably weighs slightly more. Its beak appears to be dark gray or brown and resembles that of the Eastern bluebird in shape except that it might be slightly longer.
  5. I took this photo over the summer in Western NY.. In a very rural setting. July probably. I just was looking through some of my old photos today and spotted this one.. I am unsure of the bird. It was rather small, smaller than a bluejay if I remember correctly. I am sorry I cannot provide much info as it is the only time I have seen this bird. It looks similar to a kestrel, with the lines from the eyes, and the beak.. but it seems to be too small for that. I am sorry the quality is not very good, it was taken from quite the distance but I do know it was definitely not very large. I appreciate any and all help identifying! Thanks so much.
  6. This afternoon, we spotted a large hawk-like bird flying overhead. Our resident red tails were not impressed, and one threatened it as it came over. The red tail was about half the size. We could only see the underside, and it was a uniform brownish/ dark buffish color. The most striking attributes were the white clear diamonds in the center of the wingspread. We have juvenile bald eagles in the are, and it was definitely not one of those. We were so focused on the wings, we didn't make note of the tail spread. I "think" it was a round shape as opposed to the fan shape of the red-tails. We do have Northern Harriers, but it was too big for that. After much on line and book searching, we are stumped. No pics unfortunately. I suppose it is possible that it was not a hawk-like bird, but the fact that the red tails were attacking it suggested it was in that category.
  7. What the Duck?

    Brown Ducks at a lake in the mountains this weekend.... Probably just winter or juvenile plumage that's throwing me off. Help?
  8. Raptor with white tail

    Yesterday I saw this raptor flying over the Red River in northern Caddo Parish, Louisiana. We have a ton of red tailed hawks here, but none ever have a white tail. Is this some kind of morph of a red tailed hawk passing through? A molting bird? Another kind of raptor? Help me out, please! Thank you! :-)
  9. Little brown mystery bird

    I am fairly new to birding and am having trouble identifying this bird. Sorry about the poor photo quality, but this bird was quite a distance away. Photos were taken today (Sept 2) at the Indiana Dunes NAtional Lakeshore in northern Indiana, very near to the southern shores of Lake Michigan. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. Howdy, trying to identify this bird - seen in Texas yesterday ... can't locate - best picture -- brown, long dark bill, beige line over eye mmmm
  11. I have attached 2 images. MA bird mystery! My family and I have been watching the mother and father move into the birdhouse in our front yard and make a nest. We would LOVE to know WHAT SPECIES of bird is this? I have done lots of searching. It looks most like a grey warbler-finch I think, however we are located in South-Central Massachusetts... and those don't live around here I'm pretty sure... FACTS: MA Spring, Summer 2016. In birdhouse with 1.5" wide & tall hole. Body: Small: About 2.5" long, 3.5" long with tail feathers. Male & female look the same; neither have non-brown coloration. Thin beak. Does NOT have a thick/wide beak. Mostly/all buff, sandy brown. Hangs out around robbins, chickadees, and catbirds. In suburban neighborhood, surrounded by woods, temperate deciduous forest biome/zone, across the street from a lake/dam. I have heard its call, still trying to get a recording. I am pretty sure it is not a veery, not a house wren(never seen it with its tail up), not a song sparrow, not a tree sparrow, not a mockingbird. Please reply with any information. Please help me identify this cute, sweet, little bird! Thank you!
  12. Plain Brown Bird

    How hard can it be to identify a simple, plain brown bird? Spotted this little guy (girl?) at our feeder today. I've tried various identifier websites and nothing looks quite like it. We live in Central Oregon on the high desert, in a juniper forest.
  13. likes suet

    This bird is very active on the ground or flying up to a branch. Smaller than a robin, holds its body more parallel to the ground than a sparrow. Bright brown head and back with white specks all over the back/wings Wings when closed have white squares along the edges. Breast has a black bib, fan-shaped. Bill is thin, not finch-like. Tail is black. There is a white line above the eye. Rufous crown. White breast with rusty sides near legs. Seen afternoon of Nov 13, 2015 foraging on the ground and eating from a suet feeder in a tree. It pecked around in leaf litter under shrub, changing areas by skipping around VERY quickly. There were 2 identical individuals. My backyard is in Las Cruces, New Mexico not far from the (dry) Rio Grande. We are on amesa, elevation 4,000 ft.
  14. Small brown bird with tan belly and eye stripe masking in North-Central West Virginia. Seen in secluded wooded backyard with lots of white walnuts at dusk. Mystery Bird 2 - Brown, Tan Belly, Eye Band.m4a Mystery Bird.m4a
  15. Hi, I am hoping someone can help me identify what this bird is in our back yard yesterday. They come and fill our trees and then take off and finally got a picture. We are located in Ontario, Canada. Thanks,
  16. Hello all, I’m hoping you can help me identify a bird. In the past week I’ve seen a small bird of prey in New York City that I haven’t seen before. I’m familiar with the red tailed hawks of central park but this bird is too small to be one of these hawks, and has different coloring. It’s a small bird of prey with a very high pitched cry. I’ve seen it in midtown and west Chelsea. I’m a birding amateur but I thought it might be a peregrine falcon or kestrel? I’ve attached a photo that I took when it landed on the skylight of my office building (apologies for the quality – it’s from a phone camera). The bird is small, brown, with white chest & legs, and has a dark – almost back – hood. I would love some thoughts on who this little chap is. Thank you! I understand images are sometimes tricky to upload so a link here to the Dropbox photos: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0bqcaau65d7sdjl/20150812_164032.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljz97riw8t4n06i/20150812_164037.jpg?dl=0
  17. Does anyone recognize this bird? It's about 9" long. We've had a bunch of them on our suet feeder over the last few days. I'm in Red Wing, MN. Thanks for your help! Brown Bird on Suet Feeder by Michael Allen, on Flickr Brown Bird on Suet Feeder by Michael Allen, on Flickr
  18. Swallows??

    Alright so I apologize in advance for the horrendous (and large amount of) pictures. But there I was, standing in a field by a pond, being circled by swallows that were just racing around me and refused to sit still. A few days ago I saw a barn swallow in that spot. Today I saw a whole bunch of other swallows. They all had white bellies and one was blackish blue on its back; okay, tree swallow, done. The rest however, were all brown on their backs, so I thought: maybe a very large amount of juvenile tree swallows? But their wings didnt seem as uniformly brown as the drawing in my book and they seemed weird compared to the picture and I noticed then that their entire head was brown. They didn't have white chins... all the brown swallows in my book have white chins... so now I have no idea. Can anyone tell what they are?? PS. my boyfriend said they might be swifts? but I can't find any of those in the book with the same colours either... PPS. I don't know if these are all the same species lol, sorry about that
  19. I'm still having a problem with these brown birds! I took a wild guess, am I right? Southern Ontario.
  20. What kind of Bird?

    Hi, can anyone tell me what type of Bird this is? He was in my yard in Hunterdon County New Jersey. Thank you.
  21. What kind of bird is this? I was surprised to see this bird on top of my neighbor's car in Sacramento, CA yesterday morning as I was leaving for work. It appears to be hawk-like and is a good size but the beak is straight. Any ideas? I didn't get to see it fly and did not get any closer pics. I also did not hear it make any noise.
  22. Well it has a huge beak, so it's probably a finch??? or a grosbeak? That's as far as I got... Oh and I think it's a female. So I'm guessing: female house finch.
  23. Well it has a large beak, so it's probably a finch??? or a grosbeak? That's as far as I got... oh and I think it's a female. So, I'm guessing; female house finch.
  24. Hello all. I have a project in which I need to identify various species around my school's campus. I saw a bird flying around, and it landed on this colorful plant. I can't, however, find out what species this bird is. The closest I got was mourning dove, but I am sure it is not a dove. Thanks for any help.