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Found 27 results

  1. SunnyLemon

    Car Alarm Bird?

    I hear a bird call often in the afternoon and I can’t seem to identify it. It is two notes and sounds amazingly like an electronic alarm but I can tell it is some sort of bird making the noise. It is always two sudden, short sounds, the bird seems to only call once; it is not a long song or warbling. It always sounds like “Woo-wee Woo-wee”. With a rise in pitch at the end of each “wee”. It is quite loud and echoes through my court. It reminds me of a Cardinal’s “voice” but I have never heard a Cardinal make such a noise. I thought it could possibly be a Mockingbird mimicking the sound of an alarm? It has baffled me so far. It’s almost impossible for me to record it as the bird only does its quick call and then is silent and I usually only hear it once or twice in a day. I started hearing it in April, never heard it in the winter so it’s possible it does not live in this area during the winter months. I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.
  2. LI, NY yesterday. https://clyp.it/lm3wapjg The descending notes Edit" Clip link will expire. Audio uploaded to https://www.xeno-canto.org/404929 Thank you!
  3. Hello, I live in north west Texas and I've been hearing this bird call in the forest behind my house lately. I've been comparing it to lots of other different calls and I can't seem to identify it. Help would be greatly appreciated ezgif-1-a6a2503c61.mp4
  4. Please help me identify this bird from its call. Sounds like a cat? WhatsApp Audio 2017-11-14 at 15.15.27.mp4
  5. Hi, I was wondering, why some birds respond to their own call and some birds careless? For example if I play White Crowned Sparrow call they quickly gather around with curiosity while it does not work for Black Capped Chickadee for example. Does this have to do with being territorial or something? Thank you.
  6. Hello fellow birders, Did not see bird at all, but it was on a Doug Fir tree. I do not have any visual features of that singer. Sound recorded in March 2015 Washington state, Monroe. Here are two links to the sound: https://soundcloud.com/leopartnik/help-me-identify-this-bird https://soundcloud.com/leopartnik/help-me-identify-this-bird-2 Thank you in advance Leo.
  7. Today, in the evening, in a light rain, I heard a bird call I've heard before but never put a species to. It sounds almost like "choo-loo, choo-loo", and all the notes are the same pitch; no up- or downturn. It reminds me a bit of the noise cars make when being locked from the key fob, if each chirp was two almost conjoined notes, but, again, there is no up- or downturn in the notes at all. I live in Northwestern Lower Michigan.
  8. jcarscadden

    ID'd as b broadwing

    the other day these hawks were ID'd as broadwinged hawks but their cry is not like the one I found at the Cornell Ornithology site. Sounds much more like a redwing or redshoulder hawk can this be...the call i mean. I so see visually how they can be called broadwing but the call is confusing me broadwing2 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr broadwing1 by Jim Carscadden, on Flickr
  9. MiddelErthe

    Skyrim Birdsong

    Hello! This bird call has been causing me problems for a while now! I first heard it in the open-world, fantasy video game Skyrim, and dismissed it as a fictional call. But last summer I heard it while on an evening walk (I live in central Ohio), and again on a different day. I also heard it again about two weeks ago. I work under the National Audubon Society, and none of my coworkers can identify it! Any help would be greatly appreciated! The attached MP2 has three recorded instances of the call from Skyrim. Cheers! SkyrimBirdID.mp3
  10. livyp0709@hotmail.co.uk

    Bird call

    Hi I was in my garden earlier when I heard a strange call. It sounded like a cricket/ grasshopper but was coming from a bird which looked similar to either a redstart or a stonechat as it had a red/orange belly and black back. The call doesn't quite match up to either of them though. Thanks!
  11. OK, so there is an animal calling night and day in my heavily wooded back yard. I first thought it was a cat. It sounds a lot like a cat in distress, but I don't think so because every time I get close to the area, the sound stops and it's been going on for weeks. It's very repetitive. Sometimes it sounds just like a meow and sometimes just a weird wail like a baby crying or something. Here are the details. I have a creek in my backyard and very tall trees. I live in North Georgia. I have 2 barred owls that live in that same area. I know their calls and I am very familiar with what the adults sound like. Do babies cry like cats? There are many other types of birds in the area. I thought maybe it was a gray catbird but I noticed the sound is also at night when other birds are not singing. I don't think it is a cat because I can't find the thing and it stops making noise when I approach. I have attached audio. It's not a great clip and I think you can hear the garbage truck in the background but you should be able to make it out. thanks for the help Matt noise.mp3
  12. halfwhite

    Help with a Song ID?

    Hello! I was outside in the backyard this morning around 7:45am when I heard this unfamiliar call. I have a video recording here where you can clearly hear the call/song three times. Unfortunately, I was never able to put my eye on the bird. I'm in Sacramento, California and near the Sacramento River. There are plenty of oaks and large trees around the house. Thank you in advance for your help.
  13. I heard this in a forest of Southwestern Connecticut this June, and I have no idea what it could be. It's possible it's not even a bird at all, but I've gone through the calls of tree frogs and such and found nothing to match. It sounded like a high pitched sonar ping with a haunting echo, and would repeat about every 5 seconds a few times before a long pause. I managed to record the sound and I've attached it. The call starts 15 seconds in. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  14. mp3 recorded today in central Florida heavy brush/tree growth over water in wet/dry drainage canal behind the house flooded due to recent rain. Did not get a visual on bird(s). Haven't really heard this combination of calls before - they sound embarrassingly simple like tweet - tweet - chirp - sort of like bird calls one would make up for a cartoon. Thanks bird calls 2.mp3
  15. The Bird Nuts

    Who is singing this song?

    We have been unable to spot the bird who sings this song. This was recorded this morning in Vermont. I was thinking it was just a strange song from a common bird, but I wanted to know what you guys think. I have another recording (from farther away) from a few days ago if you want to hear that one too.
  16. Hello! I was wondering if any of you could help me identify the bird in this recording. I think I may have heard it once before in the past, but I don't recognize it. I'm thinking maybe it's a migrating bird. This was SE Pennsylvania at about 9AM on a cool, cloudy day. Any thoughts? ~Hiker Birdcall.mp3
  17. Hi... my first time on this forum. I live in the mountains of western North Carolina. This morning I heard a beautiful bird call that I was unfamiliar with. The bird repeated a call of four distinct, clear notes. If higher numbers represent higher notes, the pattern was 4,2,3,1... or, perhaps, 4,2,3,2 (I don't completely trust my memory!). This pattern was repeated a number of times. Species suggestions?
  18. Bad_Bunny_Bites_You

    Stellar's Jay vocalization+behavior

    Hello all! This is my first post! In our backyard we have several resident families, notably house sparrow, Stellar's jay, and crow (the quietest, most peaceful crows ever!). We enjoy seeing the parents raise their broods every year, and the same individuals stick around and know to come to the kitchen window to take a peanut. In fact, they've trained us to come to the window. My question is about the jays; first of all is there a way to visually tell the males from the females? Secondly; aside from the raspy long PSH-PSH-PSH!!! or short chup-chup-chup!, one bird has a soft wa-kuk-kuk-kuk-kuk? I thought it was a parent speaking to its offspring, but when I imitate the sound we can just go back and forth like this without other jays present. (Sorry I don't have a recording). Does anyone have an interpretation of what this means? Most websites/vids show only the common alarm/annoyance call. Thanks!
  19. I attached a clip of what it sounds like. I was surprised by this bird call one morning, and I have been dying to know what bird it is. I have never heard any call like it. It sometimes comes in from outside my bedroom window, usually in the mornings when tons of other birds are in the same area. I live in an apartment complex and the window points out on a spot behind somebody's house where I can't get really go and get a closer look. Also I'm located in the Bay Area in California if knowing the region helps. Please help! MysteryBirdCall.m4a
  20. Hiker

    From Last April

    Hello! I have been having trouble identifying a bird that I both heard and saw last spring. I wasn't able to take a photo of the bird, but I recorded its song with my camera. I re-found the "video" of its song, and I have tried finding something similar all over the web, but I can't seem to identify it. This was in a SE Pennsylvania mixed deciduous forest. It was very elusive, but I was able to catch a glimpse of the bird at a fairly close range and it looked similar to a Wood Thrush. It seemed to hang around cherry and tulip poplar trees. The only time I heard it sing (or this song at least) was in the early morning and early evening. Maybe it really is a Wood Thrush, after all. But none of the songs I found sounded close. In the recording, it is the loudest bird with three parts to its song. Two notes down, two notes up, and and three quick notes (in various orders). Thanks for any help and sorry for no photo! If you want to identify any birds in the background, too, go ahead. ~HikerEvening-Bird.mp3
  21. Hi Folks. My wife and I are at a loss as to what this bird is and need a jump start help. I've gone on Cornell's site and run through just about every bird and still can't find it. I think I might be just swamped with sounds and now everything is chaos. To the bird sound. First we have no recording, so please forgive us. Second, I'll do my best to give the pattern of the call and approximate range of the notes. Third, We've heard it in many places... I'll generally describe the areas. Fouth, Time of hearing the song. So here it goes. Early morning, residential area. Lots of oaks, redwoods, pines and smaller decidious trees. We've heard it out at the coast at Bodega Bay in riparian areas and I've heard it in inland riparian areas near creeks at other times of the day, but not usually after approx. 4pm. Area's are for the most part pretty dry with water near by or used to have water near by (creek now dry) So morning throughout the day to late afternoon and started very late spring and into the summer. Last time I heard it was four days ago. The range of the call is mid range (around middle C on a piano?) If the bird was human, I'd say a tenor or alto. If a warbler was human, that would be a soprano... Of all the warblers I've listened to, they seem light and high ranged. The pattern is two starting notes, very brief pause followed by what appears to be five notes DESENDING. There might be a couple more notes after, but they are very quiet by comparison. The seven notes are distinctive and don't seem to be buzzy or overly blurred. Note note...note-note-note-note-note We've gotten to the point of saying, "Hey, there's that mystery bird again..." Any help would be appreciated, even if it is just to commiserate with us.
  22. western nc call id request 3bird 8 - abr.mp3
  23. I heard this call from a medium-small tree while walking the dogs here in Topsfield, Massachusetts on July 4, 2014 at 5:30am. I quickly recorded the sound on my smartphone and have attached the small .MP3 audio file to this post. External links to both .MP3 and .WAV formats of the audio have also been included below. I have looped the single call once in the audio file to make it more convenient to listen to, but there was actually a 15 second pause between similar sounds. A friend suggested some kind of woodpecker or the like, but I can't find an online version close enough. One note, however: my friend also suggested that there is some possibility, however small, that it could be a squirrel instead of a bird. Can anyone help me? All suggestions are welcome. Thank you, NEbirds external link to Unknown Bird Call in .MP3 format: https://db.tt/FWcSoiL2 (132 KB, 11 seconds) external link to Unknown Bird Call in .WAV format: https://db.tt/EQDPZv0L (341 KB, 11 seconds) Unknown Bird Call.mp3
  24. I live in Massachusetts in a suburban neighborhood near the coast. There are some woods near by and some mature oaks and maples around the yard. This bird has a clear, repeating call coming from the trees, but I haven't been able to find it. I've heard it at 7 am and I've heard it during the day. It is clear and repeats over and over, three notes. The first two have three syllables falling in pitch slightly. I hear Whi-ta-ta whi-ta-ta whit. Sometimes it is more like whi-ta-ta whi-ta-ta whi-ta-ta. It is so distinctive, someone must know what it is. It is driving me crazy!! I don't think it is any of these: robin, cardinal, blue jay, black cap chickadee, tufted titmouse. Thanks in advance for any help. CJ
  25. csatterfield

    "oh-wow" bird call?

    Please help me identify a bird I've yet to see. The bird call is "oh-wow" (falling). It is clear and distinct--not trilling. I live in NW Arkansas in a fairly rural area. Thanks so much!