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Found 3 results

  1. I have had a plastic tube nyger feeder for about three weeks, bought at Wild Birds Unlimited. I have had gold finches all over it. I just took it apart, soaked it in bleach water for a few minutes and scrubbed it with a brush. When I went to dry it, I found a film on the outside. So I soaked it in soapy water (using dish soap) in my sink for about 10 minutes and scrubbed it again. It still had a film on the outside down the plastic where the birds sit and eat. I had to take a rough cloth and scrub a lot to get it fairly clean. Any suggestions as to what this is and how to clean it off. This cleaning was harder than I want to do every few weeks. I didn't think I was supposed to use a heavy duty cleaning soap such as Greased Lightening on a bird feeder, so what else can I use. Thanks.
  2. I see articles suggesting bleaching birdbaths and tube feeders. Is dish soap, scrubbing and hot water not enough?
  3. Hello all, newbie on site, first post. I live in San Francisco and have a small yard that is mostly already brick-paved. So my feeders basically hang over a patio. A large amount of poop collects underneath and the patio gets speckled with white poop stains. There is little food debris because I only use hulled sunflower seeds and suet. Every month or so, I put on a surgical face mask and gloves, sweep up the detritus, fill a spray bottle with 10% bleach solution, lightly spray the areas pooped on, wait a bit, then spray with extra water, then get on my hands and knees and scrub, wait for things to dry off, then sweep up the poop that was loosened by the scrub. It's a bit labor-intensive, takes about 2-3 hours overall, and frankly unpleasant. Am I overdoing this? I'm thinking maybe just a sweep and hard spray is fine. Spraying with a lot of water doesn't get it all off, maybe 50%, but at the rate it reaccumulates, maybe that doesn't matter. There is a sense of guilt with this method, as I live in a drought-parched area, and it feels too much like I'm "hosing off the driveway," a big no-no in California right now. Also, I wonder if the 10% bleach solution might affect nearby plants. Our apple tree did not leaf out much or blossom this year (I've been feeding birds for about a year), and I don't know if it's the bleach solution or the drought. I estimate I use about 50 oz. of bleach solution (so 5 oz. bleach) over the area cleaned (4 spray bottle fillings) per cleaning session (once a month), and that doesn't include the rinsing off that follows. There's nowhere else in the yard to hang my feeders that isn't an area that might be useful to a cat or out of my line of sight. What do other people with feeders over hardscape do? I'm looking for validation or advice for a less intensive method. Thank you, Jenny