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Found 6 results

  1. Thank you all in advance with any help identifying this little "girl" it seems...has a very distinctive short "chirp". My apology for the quality of images.
  2. Hello, just found this discussion forum! I am trying to figure out the identification of a small bird I have seen in my backyard. Here is what I can pass along (sorry I do not have a photo). Seen in southern Indiana, Louisville metro area , town of Clarksville, neighborhood less than 2 miles from Ohio River. Winter ... seen at least three different days in December, including yesterday, December 30, 2017! Light drab grayish olive green above, very pale beige with faint tint of of olive green or light buff yellowish on breast. Looks like some kind of warbler, about 4.5 inches long? Small, about the same size as a Goldfinch, and I thought at first it was a female/juvenile in winter, but there are no black/white wingbars, so now I am sure it is not a goldfinch. At bird feeder, and seemed to appear at about the same time as tufted titmouse and chickadee, was probably associating with them. Perhaps some type of warbler, but I thought all of them would be gone for the winter in this area! Any ideas on possible ID? Or educated guesses. THANK YOU!
  3. Black-backed Gull?

    Detroit, MI, 12/21/17 Is this a Black-backed Gull? And if so, is it possible to tell which one? Second pic with what appears to be a Ring-billed Gull.
  4. December 26th 2016. Monterey Park, Mesa, AZ. 4-6 inches long. It was feeding on the tiny leaves (or maybe even tinier insects?) you can see in the pictures. I couldn't find this bird in the Nat Geo Field Guide to the birds of N. America. What is it?
  5. I was birding the other day in Sawgrass Lake Park in St. Petersburg, FL, when I came across a Great Blue Heron and a Great Egret both in breeding plumage - or nearly so. Both had the long plumes. The Heron had the feathers behind the head and on its neck that it typically lacks in December (At least in Virginia, where I live. I'm on vacation right now in Florida). The Egret didn't have the green behind the bill, though. I have attached some photos. Can anyone tell me if this is normal for birds - wading birds, in particular, in Florida, or does the weather have something to do with it?
  6. My sister sent me some photos of a hawk taken in a backyard in early December, 2013. Location: Manning Ave, south of Bloor St., Toronto. I'm new to birding, and can't identify it using the colouring from its underside while in flight, which unfortunately is the clearest of the photos. The photo next to the streetlamp gives perspective for size. Any assistance in ID would be appreciated.