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Found 128 results

  1. Hello everyone, in the Imgur links you will find some ducks that have been perplexing me today. Now I have searched through my Sibley Book and I just cannot seem to figure them out. This is from a local pond in the city of Champaign, IL. These ducks may be there year long. Mallards? Directly in the center is what looks like a mallard, but it has a blue bill which had me thinking it may be a Scaup of some sort. Directly behind it is an entirely dark mallard looking duck which I’m unsure of. Lastly, above that is a Grey/White duck with a black/blue bill and a white stripe on its neck which I could use help on. I’ll add another one too: https://m.imgur.com/lI4njnS Hope someone can help me out!
  2. Potential Duck Lifer

    1/18/18 in Southeast Michigan Are any, or all, of these circled ducks American Black Ducks?
  3. small duck

    Hi, I saw this other duck yesterday in Toronto as well. any idea? thx
  4. black duck

    Hi, I saw this duck yesterday in Toronto. any idea what it is? thx
  5. Southeast Michigan, 11/10/17 Was going through some old photos... This duck (circled) was hanging out with a bunch of Green-winged Teal, some Mallards and a few Northern Shovelers (lifer, not shown). They were on the far side of the marsh, which is why the photo (cropped) is so bad. Plain head and dark bill. Looks about the same size as the female Mallard in front. Thoughts?
  6. I recently won a Local Nature Photo Contest. I was interviewed on the news. I am paralyzed shouldes down. This was my winning shot. You can see me interviewed on the news here: http://www.azfamily.com/story/35537018/paralyzed-photographer-from-chandler-wins-awards
  7. Stuck on a duck

    Hi All, Could someone identify this duck for me please? North central Texas - Thank you!
  8. Duck and Gulls

    Yesterday in Detroit: 1. Greater Scaup (lifer)? 2. Flying gull: Bonaparte's (lifer)? 3. Large gull behind Ring-billed: Herring?
  9. Spotted this bird on a power runoff pond near Kingman Arizona. He was with Gadwalls, Ring-necked, a wigeon and Lesser Scaups. Neck and body appear elongated, lacking white on all black bill, underparts Buffy, cinammon. Wings appear to be solid.
  10. What duck?

    What is this small duck with the Mallards? Same individual middle of first photo and left in second. Dearborn, MI. 10/16/17
  11. ...on the left? 7/29/17, Southeast Michigan
  12. Duck species?

    Location: Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive - Orange County, FL Date: 08/12/17
  13. I wish it were clearer but there it is, a something something duck. N. CA. today near Lincoln. What d'ya think?
  14. What is this duck?

    This duck was seen in Cambridge, Massachusetts, late June 2016. Looks like It might be a female or a juvenile. But I could be wrong. Can anyone help me identify it.
  15. Any thoughts on this duck? It appears very similar to an American race of Green-winged Teal except it lacks vertical bar on side of breast. Could this be a Eurasian x American Green-winged Teal intergrade that didn't obtain either horizontal or vertical white bars? This was in a flooded field in Douglas County, Washington (central WA) today.
  16. What type duck

    In Southern California I Saw this duck I couldn't identify. Any help would be appreciated. _MG_4769-Edit by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr _MG_4766-Edit by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  17. Please ID

    Forgive the bad photo, but these ducks fly fast and I'm shooting through my kitchen window. Black body. All white neck and head (no ring around neck). Large white patches on wing. There may be a hint of red on head. All five we have seen at one time appear to be identical. SW Michigan.
  18. Long-tailed Duck...

    Is this a Long-tailed drake in eclipse plumage or a hen. I am heavily leaning toward the former... Image taken in early February at the Barnegat Jetty in Southern NJ: Thank you!
  19. I am a newbie to this site. I tried to find the FAQ and forum rules but didn't see them so I hope I do this correctly. We were at a lake in Dallas, Tx. on March 17, 2017. We saw just one of this duck, that we had never seen before. I tried looking at lots of guides online and also the Sibley Guide to Birds but was not able to find out what type of duck this is. I would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  20. Ducks n' Such

    San Diego, CA Jan 16: Greater or Lesser Scaup? (pictured with Redhead for size comparison) Jan 28: Non-breeding Eared Grebe (?) Jan 28: Greater Yellowlegs? Maybe? Feb 28: Another non-breeding eared grebe?
  21. Common Pochard ?

    There has been some debate among my friends in regard to the species of duck in the photo below. Some say it is Common Pochard others a hybrid between a Canvasback and a Red-head duck. Hoping a waterfowl/duck expert can chime in and provide a definitive answer (if possible). Image taken on February 19, 2017 on the Choptank River in Cambridge, MD
  22. What duck?

    I'm fairly confident with what these are, but it would be a lifer and I want to see if there is enough here to positively ID. Photos taken in Southeast Michigan 2/14/17: First 2 are the same duck, almost a silhouette, 2nd photo with a couple Mallards: Next 2 photos are probably better for ID, 1st behind the Canada Goose's head. I think these next 2 photos are a different individual...there were 2 ducks who were the same size and shape hanging out with a handful of Mallards and Canada Geese: Thanks.
  23. Duck

    Could this be a mallard No.Pintail cross?
  24. Unidentified duck

    Saw this duck near Denver, Colorado, on January 16th. It has a brown head, black bill, yellow eyes, and white patches on feathers. See picture. http://imgur.com/tQ6tefK Thanks!
  25. Taken on Jan 1, 2017, Coco Beach, Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Bad photo but looks like a Mallard duck. Garrigues and Dean book says Mallards are rare in Costa Rica - last sighting is 1951. What do you think? Someone imported Mallard pets?