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Found 6 results

  1. Hi! First things first you need juncos and grapes. I have a challenge for y'all. Skewer some grapes on some branches (where you can see them from your windows) and (if you have Juncos) take a photo of the juncos eating the grapes and post it to this topic. I didn't know that they ate grapes.
  2. Hi! I need assistance identifying this juvenile that my friend rescued and passed onto me. Before the lectures on "rescuing" juveniles, this one is injured, there is a 1-2 cm wedge shaped cut/injury by it's tail. I just want to be able to feed it until I'm able to get it to a wildlife rehabilitation center that has the room for it, and it would be great to be able to tell them what I have. I have previously rescued house sparrows and pigeons, and have successfully fed them... this one is a bit different... besides not having the gape reflex (probably because it's older... but when I do shove food into its beak, it moves majority of the food out of its beak with it's tongue, I've been able to see it whip it out, it's surprisingly long. Based off it's beak and size, I'd guess it's a finch, but from I can tell, finches can be fed just like sparrows, so, I'm a little confused about how to ensure it takes in enough. I did try some mini-mealworms as well as left some cocktail/finch mix in its enclosure, no interest. I am currently attempting to feed it the Ensure parrot/bird hand feeding mix rolled into a ball. Any assistance offered would be appreciated. FYI, I've placed triple anti-biotic ointment in the open wound, there looks to be a pus filled blister that has formed near it, but besides that, the wound, while not closed, appears to have kind of scabbed over... no longer looks like an open/exposed wound, but dryish. Would like to include larger photos, but the file size is too large... hopefully what I uploaded is large enough
  3. Suet nuggets

    Hi all, I'm new to the forums and birding. I found some peanut suet nuggets by CS. The birds really live these and I'm wondering if anyone has tried to make the nuggets themselves? If so, I'd love to know how to do it! Thanks and happy birding!
  4. Hi all bird experts, Obviously I know nothing about birds, well almost nothing :-) But I ran into a juvenile that fell out of its nest, but it had strong enough wings that saved itself. Then I decided to take it home. I am not sure whether it is the right decision, hopefully what I am doing is better than left it out there in the wild. So far I have made a cage for it, and been feeding it with worms/chewed bread(no salt)/egg yolk every a couple of hours. Will release it once it puts on enough feather. Not sure what kind it is, it is captured @ sf bay area. Here are some pictures, any advise will be appreciated. Don't be fooled by the first 2 pics, it is energetic and eating a lot.
  5. We are renting a house in Florida and we have a flock of sandhill cranes that come by and demand food. We have been giving them bread. But we are wondering if there is a better food to use? Does anybody have any suggestions?
  6. Good Afternoon! I'm excited to report that our 4th Grade Bird project for the 2012 - 2013 school year began today! For the last 3 years my 4th graders have learned to observe / identify birds at the feeders hung outside our classroom windows. They also draw the birds, complete range maps and information sheets for each visitor, complete a scrapbook, and put together a powerpoint presentation.(I posted about last year's project in the spring.) We have hung a suet feeder, a hanging feeder, and a platform feeder (one on each window), and have spread seed on the wall just outside our classroom. The seed was put out yesterday, and usually we wait a couple of days for the seed to be noticed. Not this year! Our first visitor arrived this morning -- the Carolina Chickadee. The class was so excited. He was soon followed by both male / female house sparrows, the tufted titmouse, the downy woodpecker (female), the song sparrow, and the male cardinal. I will be putting our birdcam outside tomorrow to see if we can catch our visitors in action. It is so exciting to see my students excited about learning! I just love this project, and the excitement the students have for it. The Whatbird community has been invaluable in the past as we go through the year, and I know I can count on you all again this year! I'll keep you posted throughout the year! Happy Birdwatching, Mori