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Found 63 results

  1. Purple, House, or other

    I was out taking pics this morning and got two of this finch. I think it's a House, but Purple is a possibility and would be a lifer. Help please!!!!!!! There are also some Yellow-rumped Warblers in there. Lifers!!!!!!! If they aren't Yellow-rumped, please let me know. https://imgur.com/a/HM94y
  2. I saw this bird on a wire in the centre of Santa Cruz, Bolivia at around 15:00 on 16th October 2017.
  3. Catskill55

    Found this bird outside, think it's a finch. Anyone know what type?
  4. I can't identify which species this is; Cassin's or Purple Finch. I'm pretty sure it's a Purple but I can't find any good enough Cassin's Finch audio recordings online. <iframe width="854" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/AjFDb8olSD4?ecver=1" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  5. A Finch of the Purple Variety?

    Is this a Female Purple Finch? It would be a lifer if it is! Thanks!
  6. Two mystery birds - The sparrow size bird has a strangely large yellow finch-like beak - any guesses? The other is a larger bird, about the size of a grackle or common flicker, who perched in a tree - is mostly grey, but with rust markings and a dark eye. I cannot find anything close on this one - welcome all suggestions. Big thanks!
  7. Purple Finch?

    Purple Finch or Pine Grosbeak? I'm on the fence. lol Thanks David
  8. Finch help

    These pictures were taken this morning, just north of Chicago. I know Purple Finch is not usually too likely. While these pictures might not show it as clearly as I saw, the white above and below this bird's eye is somewhat dramatic and I noticed it right away through the window from several feet away. I have a number of Siskin right now and, of course, House and Goldfinch. The Pine Siskin I've seen are very dark and the beak is so different, pointed. Thank you for your help.

    As the title states, I need help identifying a little brown bird in southeast Texas (just northwest of Houston) on April 1st. It's in a feeder with black oil sunflower seeds, in an open lawn under the shade of several large trees (neighboring areas are moderately wooded, with houses). Apologies for the quality of these photos. Also, please confirm ID: chipping, Savannah, or tan-striped white-throated sparrow? Same location; February 5th. I know there were other chipping sparrows there that day, but that doesn't necessarily mean this one is, too.
  10. American Goldfinch?

    Hi, Just wondering if I have this right. Colours aren't very bright compared to my reference. Thanks DW
  11. Hawks and finches?

    Hello! I have a few birds that I'm not sure about. The following were taken about a week ago in western Mass: 1. size comparison with crow 2. Immature bald eagle? What year? Male/female? The following were taken in Maine today. 3. Female house finch? 4. Male and female goldfinches? Which is which? 5. Male purple finch? 6. Female purple finch? It was hanging out with the male.
  12. Sorry about the blur, but that is what happens on an iPhone at 25 feet. This bird has all of the same physical characteristics and size of an American Goldfinch except the color. Pale yellow head, crown, throat, and nape, vibrant white back, breast, and belly, and a white tail with dark wing bars. Pale colored beak. I can find no photos on Google that even come close to the color scheme of this beautiful little bird. It likes the finch feeder with Nyjer. Thanks!
  13. Yellow variant purple finch?

    This bird was at my feeder on March 6. I live in the Klamath Mountains of very Northern California. The setting is mixed-conifer/hardwood, isolated. I think it is a yellow variant of a purple finch and would like others to have a look and comment. I may be able to dig up another photo if needed.
  14. Pine Siskin ?

    I am 99.9% sure that this is a Pine Siskin, and a lifer for me. What say you? Image taken in Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania
  15. Dear Whatbird Forum, First let me say how much I appreciate this forum and everyone on it! It's my first official year as a birder and this resource has proved invaluable! With that said, I must now confess I'm also quite the novice at photography. My girlfriend and I visited Sussex, New Jersey over the weekend and also the nearby High Point State Park. A good friend of mine loaned me his digital camera and gave me a crash course. I captured some great pics. These are not them! I'm hoping this community can help me figure out which birds I saw based in these crude photos. I was also trying too hard to capture photos and not spending enough time looking through my binoculars to notice identifying marks. Here's hoping! Photo 1 - This hawk seemed to live within the campgrounds we were staying at. It never quite stuck around long enough for us to get a good look at it. Does this photo show anything? My guess is a Red-Tail Photo 2 - A hummingbird! I know that Ruby-Throateds have been spotted in this area. This little one was high atop a tree after having chased a larger bird to the tree. So far up! So unfocused! Is there hope of species identification? Photo 3 - Taken from far away with too much light exposure. Female house finch? Song Sparrow? Photo 4 - I'm quickly learning that there are no shortage of small, yellow, birds in this world. Is this a female American Redstart? Perhaps its a female Magnolia Warbler? Photos 5 and 6- Taken in the park. Anybody's guess. I realize there's not much to go on here, but thought maybe the photo in flight may carry some clue. Thank you all! -Peter Photo1_CrudeHawkPhoto by degibox, on Flickr Photo2_CrudeHummingBirdPhoto by degibox, on Flickr Photo3_CrudeSparrowOrFinchPoto. by degibox, on Flickr Photo4_CrudeYellowBirdPhoto by degibox, on Flickr Photo5_NoIdea by degibox, on Flickr Photo6_NoIdeaB by degibox, on Flickr
  16. I am trying to identify this bird for a music piece based upon the call. I have had one person tell me it is an American Goldfinch, however I have not been able find a similar call. To me, and my inexperienced ear, it sounds a bit like Cassin's Finch or possibly even a Vireo. Thanks in advance vireo2.wav
  17. I would like to know the name of this finch? That is, type. Thanks.
  18. These photos were taken recently in North-West TN. Lots of stuff coming through on migration and a lot of stuff shows as possible on ebird, but I cannot fins anything in vireos or warblers or finches that I am happy with for an ID. As I look at the pictures, here are some of my thoughts... Breast appears yellow. Appears to have a faint and/or broken eyeing. Bill appears tan or brown and seems too thick for a vireo or warbler. A female Yellowthroat is kind of close but this bird looks to also have yellow on top of the head, so I don't think that is the right ID. The only option I can find that seems close enough is a female Lesser Goldfinch, but it would be way out of it’s normal habitat so I doubt that is correct. Thanks for anything helpful! Bird1 by Iron Bird, on Flickr Bird 2 by Iron Bird, on Flickr Bird 3 by Iron Bird, on Flickr Bird 4 by Iron Bird, on Flickr Bird 5 by Iron Bird, on Flickr Bird 6 by Iron Bird, on Flickr Bird 7 by Iron Bird, on Flickr Bird 8 by Iron Bird, on Flickr
  19. Please help with a few more! House Finch or Purple Finch? finch by sudsymugsy, on Flickr Is this a Barn Swallow? Didn't see any of that rusty color swallow2 by sudsymugsy, on Flickr DSC_3697 by sudsymugsy, on Flickr Not a great picture, but any ideas on this duck/goose? DSC_3529 by sudsymugsy, on Flickr Both Yellow-rumped Warblers? DSC_3322 by sudsymugsy, on Flickr DSC_3321 by sudsymugsy, on Flickr Red-tailed hawk? DSC_3673 by sudsymugsy, on Flickr ..and I think that's it for our BirdAThon birding list! Thanks again for your help this year!
  20. My guess is they're purple, from what I've read about them.
  21. If you don't mind helping with any of these birds, Im not extremely familiar with them. Finches, sparrows, warbler?, bunting? .. not sure. Please comment on any you know. We are a family of bird lovers but still learning!! Thank you! https://www.flickr.com/photos/sudsymugsy/sets/72157652024049685/with/16558386143/
  22. I'm Stumped!

    Fort Stockton, Texas....April 2015. I have two birds that are giving me difficulty. The first one is some sort of sparrow? The Second one should be a House Finch but I've never seen one so red before. thanks, Steve
  23. I have a new bird after living here for 9 years that we have never seen before. There are three of them as far as we can tell and they are determined to take over the BIG Purple Martin house. We live in Waldron, AR. in a rural setting and have plenty of pines, oaks, gums, elm, cedars, and more, for birds to live in. One of our unused bluebird houses is what it seems that they are going to be satisfied with. I thought they may be Harris's Sparrow, but couldn't get them to exactly identify with the characteristics. Then I settled on the Eurasian Tree Sparrow, but have since decided they aren't that, either. Picture of the Eurasian Tree Sparrow has a black spot on his cheek, ours does not. PLEASE help, lol. I need to KNOW what I am feeding. They do land on the small seed feeder off and on. Flight pattern is more or less steady, no bounding, no soaring that I've seen yet. The beak is black and so big, I tend towards FINCH of some kind. No white on the tail that I can discern. Just brown speckled on the wings with a white bar and a white neck ring. Black streak comes down under his beak onto the chest, but does not spread out, just stays the streak. No speckles on the breast that I can find in any of the pictures. The tail is forked when perching and I believe it is a fan when he's flying. The pictures I am posting are from a movie that I made of them and may not be the best quality. I do apologize for that, but I think he/she can be seen well enough to give me an idea what I have. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help,
  24. Howdy- I saw this fellow at my feeder today in Portland, Maine and what seemed odd to me was how red it was. I have seen plenty of House Finches, but as I just moved here I am hoping to see all new varieties. Anyway, I'm leaning toward a House Finch but I was hoping you all could help. Thanks in advance! Untitled by asque2015, on Flickr
  25. Newbie intro

    Hope this is the right place for this! I am brand new to the site. I've been reading through posts and have learned quite a bit in the last few hours. Lol. You guys are great! Anyway...we just put a feeder out a few days ago. Looks like everyone has been enjoying the feast because it's almost empty. It was originally put up with the intention of getting some birds around the house for my kids to see. But after finding this site I think I may get a few more and try to attract different species. I also really want to set up a Purple Martin house in hopes they'll eventually nest in it. Just trying to learn more about it first so I do it right. Attached are a couple (horrible cell phone) pictures of what we saw at the feeder this morning. I believe they are house finches? But there was also a beautiful red-bellied woodpecker and a blue jay (which I couldn't get a pic of). My first question is...can anyone tell if these are actually finches? If so, are they all just house finches? Most of them were all the same color but there was a beautiful golden one out there too. Thanks! Look forward to learning more and seeing many more beautiful birds!!