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Found 127 results

  1. What kind of Hawk?

    Spotted this hawk in Central Florida today in a preserve near Disney. I can’t tell if it is a broad-winged hawk or an immature red tailed hawk. What do you think?
  2. Florida Hawk ID

    I posted two photos here: I'm thinking this is an immature Coopers Hawk, I have seen adult Coopers around the area, this one has a lot of white on its head and shoulders and a very long tail. It was also unusually nonchalant as I filmed it - adult Coopers Hawks around here are notoriously stealthy and will not abide being looked at once discovered. Red Shouldered hawks are common around here but I'm pretty sure it is not one of those. Thanks
  3. FL Crow or Grackle?

    HELLO! Longtime Whatbird user, first-time poster. Happy to be here! I recently went on a week-long trip to St Augustine, Florida (it's along the coast on the northeast part of the state, near Georgia) and I spotted this fellow hanging out at one of the piers! I'm undecided as to whether it's a boat-tailed grackle or perhaps a fish crow - I unfortunately didn't get to hear any cries from it so I can't use that as an identifier. It was hanging out on its own - I saw plenty of yellow-eyed common grackles on my trip (we have tons of them here in Austin, where I live, so they're an easy ID for me) but this bird seemed to be solitary. Many thanks for the help with the ID! https://imgur.com/a/cHkJF
  4. Green Cay Wetlands, Boynton Beach, FL, August 9, 2017
  5. ?Whose Tern Is It

    Pinellas co., FL; 6/30/2017 6th bird from left is the one in question. L-R: LG Gull, Peep, Peep, LG, peep, then ?? Royal vs. out-of-perspective Least vs. other Looking at the other LTs in the photo (mid-foreground & mid-background), the tern in question seems closer in size to the LGs, and seems to tower over the peeps, but the head pattern looks like a LT. I cannot determine bill color.
  6. Terns

    Pinellas co., FL; 6/30/2017 1. Least Tern 2. Sandwich Tern
  7. ?Whimbrel

    Pinellas co., FL; 6/30/2017 Noticed this photobombing fellow in the background of another picture when I was reviewing them on my laptop. Can't make out color or other details--only the silhouette.
  8. ?Semipalmated SP

    Pinellas co., FL; 6/30/2017 ?Semipalmated Sandpipers? These birds were teeny
  9. Pinellas co., FL 6/30/2017 L-R: Immature Least Tern, Ruddy Turnstone, back right corner--?semipalmated sandpiper?
  10. Hi, All-- This photo was taken 6/30/2017, Pinellas co., FL (eastern Gulf Coast). I thought it was a Great Black-backed Gull b/c of the black back and pink legs, dark eyes, and orange spot on bill, but saw those are not common on the Gulf coast of FL, and should consider Lesser BBG instead??? This bird was huge.
  11. Confirmations/IDs

    Hi, All-- I have some shorebirds for ID/confirmation. The juveniles are especially difficult for me. All Pinellas co., FL, Gulf side, June 25-29, 2017 #1 ?Juvenile Laughing Gull #2 Juvenile Gull vs. Tern spp #3 ?All juvenile Laughing Gulls #4 Least Tern #5 ?all juvenile Laughing Gulls?
  12. My dog may have grabbed the bird and put him in the pool. I heard a splash and saw her in the pool wings damaged. I work at a vet luckly. Im trying to identity it.
  13. 5/20/17, pre-dawn in Cocoa Beach, FL. Pretty far off the shore. Some kind of gull?
  14. Any guesses?

    I saw this bird in the early morning hours of this week in Port St Lucie, FL. If you expand the picture you see a near-circle of white around the eyes and a dark throat. It's probably about 2-feet tall. I struck out going through the Fish and Wildlife Commisipn website so I'm turning to the pros.
  15. Hi--not a herpetologist, but avid nature-lover. This was posted on FB with comment, "not a copperhead", which I can recognize it is not. I have 2 questions: 1. Is it a cottonmouth? If not, what is the snake? 2. Are copperheads truly not native to Okaloosa county? We've seen more copperheads in the FL panhandle than anywhere else--especially around the Choctawhatchee River Basin. http://wkrg.com/2017/06/01/crestview-police-remove-copperhead-found-by-neighborhood-child/
  16. Wakulla River, Edward Ball State Park; 3/17/2016
  17. Florida Panhandle IDs

    These were all taken 5/26/2017 in Gulf County, Florida. Thanks in advance! #1 ?House Sparrow--confused by breast pattern #2 ?Sanderling--but not in proper range for it #3--I can't tell if this is a different or same bird as #2 #4 Ditto #5 Royal Tern #6 Ruddy Turnstone #7 European Starling?
  18. 1. 5/13 in Orlando, FL. Some kind of gull? 2. 5/16 in Nassau, Bahamas. Royal Tern??? All 3 photos are same bird. 3. 5/16 on small cay off Nassau, Bahamas. Gray Kingbird? 4. 5/20 in Cocoa Beach, FL. Magnificent Frigatebird.
  19. Help with ID

    I believe this is a vireo, but I'm not sure which one ... Bell's seems a possibility? It was in coastal Palm Beach County, Florida; high in the canopy; devouring a dragonfly. Thanks!
  20. I photographed this warbler on Wednesday, April 26th - a spring migrant probably passing through. Location is Palm Beach County, Florida. Any help in identifying it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  21. Filmed about a dozen of these very slim very long winged "terns" that acted very swallow-like - constantly flying and swooping. They seem to small to be common terns so I'm thinking Least Tern - is that reasonable. Not afraid of people, but ne of the most difficult birds to film in close action. This was St Johns River Florida today. I managed to get a screen grab down to 8Kb. Thanks
  22. Mottled or Mallard Duck

    Is this a Mottled duck based on the lighter head? Photo taken outside of Orlando, FL 1/4/17. Sorry, have to attach links. No more space available for attachments. http://imgur.com/eDAh4re http://imgur.com/rKq73ic
  23. Gull or Tern

    Is this a gull or tern? What are the determining factors? Photographed in Clearwater Beach Florida 1/3/17
  24. Hi, Having trouble identifying this gorgeous little bird I spotted in John Pennekamp National Park (Key Largo) in Florida during September. I tried to get a good photo of it, but had to eventually give up in order to get to the airport on time. any suggestions as to what it is?? thanks, Ozy