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Found 105 results

  1. This spring, I had some migrating empidonax flycatchers show up in my yard, mainly Hammond's, but these guys stood out from them. All of these were taken in a window between 5/10/2017 and 5/17/2017. 1. Dusky/Gray Flycatcher? 2. Dusky/Hammond's/Gray? And here's one more that I just want a confirmation on: 3. Hammond's?
  2. I always have trouble differentiating between an Eastern Phoebe and the Eastern Wood Pewee. I believe this to be an Eastern Phoebe given the underside of the bill is yellow as opposed to black. Correct? Image taken 6/18/2017 in SE PA. Thank you!
  3. All photos/video taken in the last few days around Dearborn, MI. Please correct or confirm these IDs. 1. House Wren? 2. Willow Flycatcher 3. Great-crested Flycatcher?
  4. Saw this non vocalizing flycatcher yesterday in maricopa county. I have never seen yellow only on flanks before. It has white tips on tail feathers ventrally but dorsal view doesn't reveal white tips. Any help is appreciated.
  5. This non vocalizing flycatcher was taken yesterday in maricopa county, AZ. I was drawn to the dark band across yellow belly. Not sure which type of flycatcher it is. Thanq in advance.
  6. Flycatcher at Gamboa Resort in central Panama during May. Superciliaries separated at back of head, so Kiskadees ruled out. It is a Rusty-Margined Flycatcher (also confirmed at same time) or a Boat-Billed Flycatcher?
  7. I repost because I got only one answer for that one. seen one week ago in Toronto. Is it an Acadian Flycatcher? thx
  8. Hi, is that a flycatcher? If yes, what kind? I saw it in Toronto last week. thx
  9. Hi, is that a flycatcher? If yes, what kind? I saw it in Toronto last week. thx
  10. An overall yellowish flycatcher with a bright yellow belly, olive head and vest, gray back with a yellow rump the same color as the belly. I can't seem to find any birds that match this one in particular. Photos taken through window resulting into bad blurry quality. Seen on 5/2/2017, Douglas County, Washington (central Washington).
  11. This little fella is about the size of a chickadee. It hangs around near the ground, flitting between branches. My confusion stems from the incomplete and poorly-defined eye ring and the substantial yellow-green under the wing and along the tail. If I'm on target it'll be the first flycatcher in my collection. What say you?
  12. Hi, I am new to this site. I took this photo yesterday (4/12/17) in maricopa county, arizona. It was sitting and didn't vocalize. Beak is bigger than that of ash throated. Is this a dusky flycatcher? Thanq for your time.
  13. Hello! Spotted in Sacramento, CA. March 25th. This morning I spotted something really interesting in my backyard! It's absolutely an albino, but I am so curious as to what? I was kind of thinking albino Black Phoebe because there was one of those kind of chasing it around and hanging out with it. What do you guys think? I'm not an especially seasoned birder, so this is out of my realm.
  14. Hello! I visited Big Cypress National Preserve in South Florida and came across this bird. I only noticed it after while going through my photos. The area is known for having Eastern Phoebe's and Great Crested Flycatchers, however, I feel as though this one might not be one of those. It also could be the lighting. Please let me know your insights! Thank you!
  15. Hello all, Ok I am posting for the first time. I am a NYC birder, but the ID request is for a bird I obsereved in January 2016 in the state of Arizona. This flycatcher was observed in Buenos Aires NWR--Arivaca Cienega, Pima County, Arizona, US, on January 5th. At first thought it was a Dusky but was told that the flicking of the tail was characteristic of Gray Flycatcher. Anyway, today I am revisiting the photos and find that the bill might be right for Hammond's, do Gray FC's have short pointy bills like the one in my photos? But I look at the extension of the primary projections and it appears that they do not go out very far at all, giving the impression of short primary projections. If so then this is not good for Hammonds. Other features include a nearly teardrop shaped eye-ring, and a greenish-yellowish back. I would appreciate any other field markers I am not aware of and any help that this community can offer. Thank you, C├ęsar
  16. please help me identify this bird ? picture was taken in San Diego, California on October 29th 2016
  17. I have just recently began noticing birds and was thrilled today to have a new beauty at my feeder. I have poured over images and am not sure what it is. I saw it today, September 29, near a river in southeastern New Hampshire.
  18. Took these recordings today in Vermont. The flycatcher was seen, but we couldn't get a photo of it. Which flycatcher do you think it is? Thanks!
  19. Is this a young Least Flycatcher or something else? Photos taken yesterday evening. I heard and saw (I think) an Alder nearby.
  20. Can anyone help me identify this little guy? The pictures were taken at Georgetown Lake, Montana on July 4th. I have asked many of my birding friends and have come up with a possible flycatcher or Western Wood Peewee, but nothing definitive. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  21. We think we know what this is. ;-) Just want to be completely sure because it would be a new bird for our list. Call: flycatcher.wav
  22. Broome County, New York, last weekend. Thanks! Who Am I? by degibox, on Flickr
  23. Hello, forum! Looks like I've added a couple species to my Life List this past weekend, but I want to be sure my identifications are correct. Pictures taken in a park near Binghamton, New York. I believe I've got a Least Flycatcher and a Red-Eyed Vireo here. The Vireo is possibly immature due to dark eyes. Would anyone agree? Thanks. Red-eyed Vireo by degibox, on Flickr Flycatcher by degibox, on Flickr
  24. Hi, I'm still learning my flycatchers and wasn't certain about this one. Small, in riparian woods at 4500', Ruby AZ. Both photos show same individual. Thanks!
  25. Can anyone help me ID this flycatcher that I saw today at Prince Edward Point in southern Ontario, Canada? Unfortunately, it didn't make any sound. Least, Alder, and Willow are the only common Empidonax flycatchers at the area at this time of year and I think the eyering eliminates willow. Can we distinguish between least and alder?