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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Birders! Edit: Do you have an online guide for exotic birds too and birds outside America? (birds in the south (Cuba, haiti, the dominicain republic) or all around the world (asia, europe, australia etc)) For exemple, I couldn't find any Macaws, parrots nor toucan on the "All about birds" site. I've only started Birding last week, and currently stand with 11 species identified. What are your best online guides to identify birds? Also, what are the best books for birding? Thanks, have a great day!
  2. Duck Food

    Hey there! As some of you may know, I have a one-legged mallard that frequents the pond by my house. She is very tame and yesterday allowed me within inches of her, and she never took off. I was wondering if there was anything, besides bread (unhealthiness ), that I could try feeding her. I went out with a bag of carrots and lettuce today, and if I tossed one close enough to her then the would go for it, but I never saw her eat any. I was wondering if what I'm feeding her is fine, or if there's another food item that's more attractive to ducks. Thanks! Here's a pic of the poor thing: