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Found 4 results

  1. I've been thinking for a while that this might be fun. Tell us your "you might be a birder if..." stories. Here's mine. You might be a birder if... You're on the toilet at work when you hear a flock of Pacific Parakeets fly over. You immediately start to calculate how quickly you can get decent (remember I'm a girl LOL) and run out to see how many are in the flock. I didn't get to count them that day, but today 14 flew over as I was arriving. Which leads to my second "You might be a birder if..." You are walking from the bus to your place of work and chatting with coworkers who were on the same bus when the flock of Pacific Parakeets flies over again. You immediately stop to count them. Your coworkers leave you there counting birds and head in, and ask how many there were when you get in.
  2. A classic forum game. Basically, it goes like this: Birder 1: Star Wars Birder 2: War of the Roses Birder 3: Something to do with roses Get it? Someone posts two words, and the next person posts a word that links to the second word. I'll start ( )
  3. This game's really fun and easy to play. Basically, we name countries or cities or towns beginning with the last letter of the last person to post's location. No repeating posts. You know what? Here's an example. Birder 1: Azerbaijan Birder 2: New Zealand Birder 3: Denmark Birder 4: Kazakhstan Birder 5: Nigeria And so on and so on. I'll start. Yemen
  4. Fortunately, Unfortunately

    So this is a game where, well, good and bad things happen. Example: ​ Person 1: Unfortunately, there's a house sparrow on your head. ---------- Person 2: Fortunately, it goes away. ---------- Person 3: Unfortunately, it comes back with 23 more house sparrows all on your head! and so on. ​ I'll start: Unfortunately, "Your House" is about to be hit by an asteroid!