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Found 15 results

  1. Central Texas 78070 on 2-12-2018
  2. Hi everybody, I'm having such a hard time with the field guides in distinguishing American vs Lesser Goldfinches. Can someone help me ID and tell me the things they are looking at to distinguish? My guess is Lesser but I want to be sure...These pictures were taken today (1/7) in suburbs of Los Angeles. Thanks!
  3. Hello, just found this discussion forum! I am trying to figure out the identification of a small bird I have seen in my backyard. Here is what I can pass along (sorry I do not have a photo). Seen in southern Indiana, Louisville metro area , town of Clarksville, neighborhood less than 2 miles from Ohio River. Winter ... seen at least three different days in December, including yesterday, December 30, 2017! Light drab grayish olive green above, very pale beige with faint tint of of olive green or light buff yellowish on breast. Looks like some kind of warbler, about 4.5 inches long? Small, about the same size as a Goldfinch, and I thought at first it was a female/juvenile in winter, but there are no black/white wingbars, so now I am sure it is not a goldfinch. At bird feeder, and seemed to appear at about the same time as tufted titmouse and chickadee, was probably associating with them. Perhaps some type of warbler, but I thought all of them would be gone for the winter in this area! Any ideas on possible ID? Or educated guesses. THANK YOU!
  4. Which is this little guy and what are the key characteristics to know that? Thanks!
  5. Hi all, New to the forums so excuse any missteps or misspellings. I've read over this forum regarding goldfinches and Nyjer, and I see that others have also observed these birds ignoring their "favorite" in favor of black-oil sunflower. That is certainly the case here in SE Pennsylvania (western suburb of Philly). I gather that stale Nyjer may cause this; I have changed brands and refilled 3 times with the same result over the past 2 seasons. Nyjer isn't cheap, so I'm thinking of giving up on it if no one wants it. Any other insights for this beginning-level backyard birder?
  6. Unknown bird in NKY

    I live in Northern Kentucky near Cincinnati. We are less than a mile from the Ohio River. We had this bird at our feeder last week and I am having trouble identifying what it is. It looks like a goldfinch but the markings are different. Then it has a reddish-brown spot on top of the head. I would appreciate help. Thank you.
  7. American Goldfinch?

    Hi, Just wondering if I have this right. Colours aren't very bright compared to my reference. Thanks DW
  8. I took this photo on March 6 2016 in Colorado Springs. I can't decide if this is a lesser goldfinch or goldfinch. It came in alone with a few house finches and was smaller than the house finches. I'm tending towards lesser goldfinch but I'm not sure. As it's the beginning of March I'm also wondering if it could be in transitional coloring.
  9. Took this picture two months ago (9/1). Finally sat down to identify it. I'm guessing it's an immature male goldfinch but I'm not finding any descriptions/pictures and I'm not seeing signs of the bars on the wings. I live in southwestern Iowa, in the bluffs above the Missouri River. Thoughts? Ken
  10. I want to say it's possibly a female goldfinch? Whatever it is, it's a rare sight in my Astoria, Queens neighborhood where I usually only see pigeons, house sparrows, starlings, and the occasional robin. 11338 by degibox, on Flickr
  11. Juvenile...goldfinch? Sparrow?

    i can't decide... Juvenile Goldfinch or just a sparrow by degibox, on Flickr
  12. Fledgling ID

    This young bird (fledgling ?) was feeding in a thicket with a sibling. There are many yellow warbler nests in the wildlife refuge where this shot was taken. Was wondering if this was a recently fledged yellow warbler? The bill does not look "warblerish" so I have my doubts. Also thinking that it could be a young goldfinch? Image taken in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Thanks.
  13. Hi, there were a lot of American goldfinch and warblers on that day. Are those female American Goldfinch? thx
  14. There were quite a few of these birds resting on the mulberry tree in my backyard. These pictures may be for different individuals. I think they are female goldfinches. Please help me to confirm. If they are, which specie? Lesser goldfinches or Lawrence's? I'm in San Francisco South Bay. Thanks!
  15. Hello, I'd like help identifying this bird. It's been visiting my back yard here in the suburbs of Boston, MA for two days now. At first I thought it was an American Goldfinch, as I had one of these visit my yard for the first time a couple of days ago, however, there is no black whatsoever on the body of this bird. It has been showing up alone (not with any other birds), and just sits there and makes a cheeping sound. I'm starting to think that perhaps this is an escaped pet canary, as it also seems rather tame in that it does not fly away like the other birds when I stand directly below the tree it is in. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Thank you!