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Found 85 results

  1. Gull

    Hi Whatbird Community! I have a photo of a Gull above wich was taken today at the San Francisco Zoo and I was wondering what it is as I’m frankly clueless. The image is unfortunately kind of fuzzy since I couldn’t download it in a better resolution. Thanks in advance!
  2. Gull & Sparrow & Duck

    Would y'all say this is a GW Teal x Shoveler? It's the ugliest Teal I've ever seen if not! Also, there is not option for that hybrid on eBird. DSC_0034 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Is this just a G Black Backed? DSC_0006 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr What Sparrow? Sadly the only photo I got before he disappeared over a hill. (In the middle, not the Juncos). DSC_0043 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr
  3. I hope I can post a YouTube link. The gull in question was captured on a security camera video feed in Everett, WA, USA on 26 January 2018. Is it really a "sooty gull" or just a normal gull, made "sooty" by the security cam and weird lighting? Thank you!
  4. Today in Detroit, MI, with Herring Gulls in photos 2 and 3.
  5. Can you help identify this gull seen in Souris, Prince Edward Island on February 7, 2017? Images 2 & 3 are definitely of the same individual. Image 1 may be of a different individual.
  6. Hi Everyone, I just got back from Galveston, Texas where I took this picture. I have searched my birding books and online info till I'm blue in the face and still don't know if this is a Juvenile (lesser or greater) Black-backed Gull or a Juvenile Herring Gull. Any Gull experts out there? Thanks so much!!!
  7. Help! ONT Birds

    Glaucous Gull? If not, what the heck is this thing? It's huge! DSC_0132 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Young Great Black Backed? DSC_0098 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Young Bald Eagle? DSC_0093 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Greater Scaup? DSC_0081 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Young GBBG? DSC_0076 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Adult GBBG? DSC_0075 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Thanks guys!
  8. What type of gull

    I must admit I am the worst at identifying gull species. What type of gull is this? It was taken in southern California. I'm thinking first year California Gull. 0B0A9840-Edit by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  9. Which Gull?

    I am bad at gulls and I suspect it may always be so, but perhaps I can get at least a little better. Glaucous-winged or Olympic Gull? Thanks, as always.
  10. immature ring-billed gull?

    Hi, I saw this bird 2 weeks ago in Toronto. Is that an immature ring-billed gull? thx
  11. This bird was photographed in St.-Malo, France on Sept. 26, 2017. I think it is a Lesser Black-backed Gull, but I'm not completely convinced. The back is not as dark as I would expect, but the legs are not pink like a Herring Gull. The streaking on the head and neck seem to exclude a Yellow-legged Gull. I would appreciate a more experienced opinion. Thank you.
  12. This bird was photographed in St.-Malo, France on Sept. 26, 2017. I think it is a Lesser Black-backed Gull, but I'm not completely convinced. The back is not as dark as I would expect, but the legs are not pink like a Herring Gull. The streaking on the head and neck seem to exclude a Yellow-legged Gull. I would appreciate a more experienced opinion. Thank you.
  13. Gull or Tern

    My naturalist photographer friends identify these as terns, but they seem more like the gulls I see in photos. Can you tell me which they are? They are in the San Francisco Bay area at a wildlife pond. Thank you.
  14. Larus Gulls for ID

    While reviewing pictures from my trip to California last year (I don't know where in California, I only know that it was in California), I noticed some strange-looking gulls, some of which are probably hybrids. Of these birds, I could only confirm Western Gull. All photographs taken at 8/16/2016 1. Flying gull: Glaucous-winged or hybrid involving Glaucous-winged? Rightmost gull: Herring? 2. Herring? 3. The leftmost bird is a Western Gull; is the gull on the bottom also a Western?
  15. This isn't my video. I was practicing immature gulls for an upcoming trip and I stumbled upon a video of a 1st-cycle LBBG. However, when I watched the video, a lot of features typical of 1st-cycle LBBG are missing. There are only a feature supportive of LBBG (like 2-3). The rest of the bird strikes me more as an atypical HEGU: the bird's rump in flight doesn't contrast with the tail band; the belly is very dark; the secondaries, coverts and scapulars are too light for LBBG; the bird's bill base is pale; and the bird is quite chunky. Some weird features on the bird include: - Short-long primary projection. The primary projection looks "ok" for HEGU, albeit a bit long. - The lack of the inner primary "window", which I would typically see on a LBBG. 1st-cycle HEGUs would definitely show a "window". - The tertials are relatively dark with pale edging typical of LBBG, not HEGU. Thoughts? This bird is quite intriguing, from my point of view. It wouldn't surprise me if its a HEGU gene-dominated bird with a few traces of LBBG genes, or just an aberrant HEGU, or, although much rare, a LBBG x HEGU hybrid. So, my final thoughts are that this bird is a 1st-cycle HEGU with, oddly, a few LBBG plumage features. Link:
  16. Taken in Maryland (Kent Island Narrows) on March 23, 2017. Any help would be appreciated. Is the black and white duck also a mallard? Herring gull, immature Red-breasted merganser, male Lesser scaup, male and female no idea
  17. Very Interesting Gull

    A very interesting gull in the backdrop of a photo I found. It's an adult, but what makes this bird really intriguing is the overall size and mantle color. I'm thinking either a weird Herring Gull, or a Herring Gull x Great Black-backed Gull hybrid; the latter I find more likely. It's bigger than the other Herrings, so Lesser Black-backed is out of the question. Any thoughts?
  18. Any ideas on the first-cycle gull in front of the adult Yellow-legged Gull? This photo is not mine and was taken in Newfoundland (from eBird) where many (like, a lot) of rarities - especially gulls - show up. I'm thinking this might be Caspian Gull. Great Black-backed would have a much larger, bulkier bill; Lesser Black-backed would have an all-black bill, along with more brown and white contrast along the front of the bird; and any white-winged gulls would have MUCH lighter primaries. I think the bird fits first-cycle Caspian Gull. Lemme know your opinions.
  19. What type of Gull

    what type of gull is this, in southern California Gull by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  20. Hi - got these shot at the Glendale Recharge ponds - I cannot figure out which gull this is - clearly a dark bill, legs were reddish/pink. I give up!
  21. Small Gull ID Help

    I saw this small gull briefly today at the mouth of the Cedar River near Renton, WA. I was able to get the attached pictures before an Bald Eagle came through and spooked the gull at which point I lost the bird. I have a potential ID, but would like second thoughts and confirmations. Thanks!
  22. Ring-Billed Gull

    I thought that we always had two different species of gulls on the beach, but I didn't know which species'. I took a picture, and now I think they might both be ring-billed. Am I right? I'm on the Niagara peninsula, ontario, Canada. (ps. what about the gull in the back of the first image, is that one ring-billed as well? They all look so different haha)
  23. California coast gull ID

    I saw these gulls on a beach near Dume Park, Malibu, on August 31. My best guess is Heerman's Gull, but I'm pretty sure they're more of a pelagic species and not found in California during the summer. Anyone have any idea?
  24. Immature gull

    Is this a young Herring? Photo taken a few years ago in Massachusetts. Immature Gull by Bird Nuts, on Flickr
  25. Immature Gulls

    I'm so bad at IDing gulls.... 1) 2)