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Found 80 results

  1. Hi Everyone, I just got back from Galveston, Texas where I took this picture. I have searched my birding books and online info till I'm blue in the face and still don't know if this is a Juvenile (lesser or greater) Black-backed Gull or a Juvenile Herring Gull. Any Gull experts out there? Thanks so much!!!
  2. Help! ONT Birds

    Glaucous Gull? If not, what the heck is this thing? It's huge! DSC_0132 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Young Great Black Backed? DSC_0098 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Young Bald Eagle? DSC_0093 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Greater Scaup? DSC_0081 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Young GBBG? DSC_0076 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Adult GBBG? DSC_0075 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Thanks guys!
  3. What type of gull

    I must admit I am the worst at identifying gull species. What type of gull is this? It was taken in southern California. I'm thinking first year California Gull. 0B0A9840-Edit by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  4. Which Gull?

    I am bad at gulls and I suspect it may always be so, but perhaps I can get at least a little better. Glaucous-winged or Olympic Gull? Thanks, as always.
  5. immature ring-billed gull?

    Hi, I saw this bird 2 weeks ago in Toronto. Is that an immature ring-billed gull? thx
  6. This bird was photographed in St.-Malo, France on Sept. 26, 2017. I think it is a Lesser Black-backed Gull, but I'm not completely convinced. The back is not as dark as I would expect, but the legs are not pink like a Herring Gull. The streaking on the head and neck seem to exclude a Yellow-legged Gull. I would appreciate a more experienced opinion. Thank you.
  7. This bird was photographed in St.-Malo, France on Sept. 26, 2017. I think it is a Lesser Black-backed Gull, but I'm not completely convinced. The back is not as dark as I would expect, but the legs are not pink like a Herring Gull. The streaking on the head and neck seem to exclude a Yellow-legged Gull. I would appreciate a more experienced opinion. Thank you.
  8. Gull or Tern

    My naturalist photographer friends identify these as terns, but they seem more like the gulls I see in photos. Can you tell me which they are? They are in the San Francisco Bay area at a wildlife pond. Thank you.
  9. Larus Gulls for ID

    While reviewing pictures from my trip to California last year (I don't know where in California, I only know that it was in California), I noticed some strange-looking gulls, some of which are probably hybrids. Of these birds, I could only confirm Western Gull. All photographs taken at 8/16/2016 1. Flying gull: Glaucous-winged or hybrid involving Glaucous-winged? Rightmost gull: Herring? 2. Herring? 3. The leftmost bird is a Western Gull; is the gull on the bottom also a Western?
  10. This isn't my video. I was practicing immature gulls for an upcoming trip and I stumbled upon a video of a 1st-cycle LBBG. However, when I watched the video, a lot of features typical of 1st-cycle LBBG are missing. There are only a feature supportive of LBBG (like 2-3). The rest of the bird strikes me more as an atypical HEGU: the bird's rump in flight doesn't contrast with the tail band; the belly is very dark; the secondaries, coverts and scapulars are too light for LBBG; the bird's bill base is pale; and the bird is quite chunky. Some weird features on the bird include: - Short-long primary projection. The primary projection looks "ok" for HEGU, albeit a bit long. - The lack of the inner primary "window", which I would typically see on a LBBG. 1st-cycle HEGUs would definitely show a "window". - The tertials are relatively dark with pale edging typical of LBBG, not HEGU. Thoughts? This bird is quite intriguing, from my point of view. It wouldn't surprise me if its a HEGU gene-dominated bird with a few traces of LBBG genes, or just an aberrant HEGU, or, although much rare, a LBBG x HEGU hybrid. So, my final thoughts are that this bird is a 1st-cycle HEGU with, oddly, a few LBBG plumage features. Link:
  11. Taken in Maryland (Kent Island Narrows) on March 23, 2017. Any help would be appreciated. Is the black and white duck also a mallard? Herring gull, immature Red-breasted merganser, male Lesser scaup, male and female no idea
  12. Very Interesting Gull

    A very interesting gull in the backdrop of a photo I found. It's an adult, but what makes this bird really intriguing is the overall size and mantle color. I'm thinking either a weird Herring Gull, or a Herring Gull x Great Black-backed Gull hybrid; the latter I find more likely. It's bigger than the other Herrings, so Lesser Black-backed is out of the question. Any thoughts?
  13. Any ideas on the first-cycle gull in front of the adult Yellow-legged Gull? This photo is not mine and was taken in Newfoundland (from eBird) where many (like, a lot) of rarities - especially gulls - show up. I'm thinking this might be Caspian Gull. Great Black-backed would have a much larger, bulkier bill; Lesser Black-backed would have an all-black bill, along with more brown and white contrast along the front of the bird; and any white-winged gulls would have MUCH lighter primaries. I think the bird fits first-cycle Caspian Gull. Lemme know your opinions.
  14. What type of Gull

    what type of gull is this, in southern California Gull by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  15. Hi - got these shot at the Glendale Recharge ponds - I cannot figure out which gull this is - clearly a dark bill, legs were reddish/pink. I give up!
  16. Small Gull ID Help

    I saw this small gull briefly today at the mouth of the Cedar River near Renton, WA. I was able to get the attached pictures before an Bald Eagle came through and spooked the gull at which point I lost the bird. I have a potential ID, but would like second thoughts and confirmations. Thanks!
  17. Ring-Billed Gull

    I thought that we always had two different species of gulls on the beach, but I didn't know which species'. I took a picture, and now I think they might both be ring-billed. Am I right? I'm on the Niagara peninsula, ontario, Canada. (ps. what about the gull in the back of the first image, is that one ring-billed as well? They all look so different haha)
  18. California coast gull ID

    I saw these gulls on a beach near Dume Park, Malibu, on August 31. My best guess is Heerman's Gull, but I'm pretty sure they're more of a pelagic species and not found in California during the summer. Anyone have any idea?
  19. Immature gull

    Is this a young Herring? Photo taken a few years ago in Massachusetts. Immature Gull by Bird Nuts, on Flickr
  20. Immature Gulls

    I'm so bad at IDing gulls.... 1) 2)
  21. What gull is this?

    This gull flew over our house in November of 2015. Can anybody tell me what kind of gull it is and why you came to that conclusion? Thanks!
  22. We've only seen gulls flying overhead around here. These photos were taken in March of 2016. Can anyone be sure of its species? We really want to be able to add it to our yard list!
  23. What is this gull?

    Hello I was wondering what people's thoughts are on this bird. Photo taken around Calgary Alberta last week. Thanks
  24. There are loads of gulls only several blocks from me, but I never really paid much attention until I started counting birds. Now I find there are likely three choices of species this time of year in Southern Wisconsin- Ring-billed, Herring, and Glaucous- only this one didn't look like the rest of them and was even flying by itself. Pretty much every other gull I saw today- dozens- was an adult ring-billed. I looked up this brownish color and turns out, for a newbie like me, it could be any one of the three species- in juvenile color- which I'm sure you already knew . The second two pics seem to show red eye or red around the eye. I hope the photos are not so bad that it can't definitely be identified. Thanks so much!
  25. Gull ID

    I was told this gull on the right was a Herring Gull, but I'm not totally convinced... Taken on February 6th 2016 at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel: Gull on the right for Identification by railwatcher1, on Flickr