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Found 35 results

  1. 1. 3/14/18, Pointe Mouilee. Herring?? on right and ??? on left 2. 3/20/18, Belle Isle, Detroit. Great Black-backed? and Ring-billed? Same large gull as directly above, Great Black-backed? 3. 3/20/18. Belle Isle, Detroit. Herring? in back and another Herring??? in front?
  2. Spotted several gulls at our recent visit to Newport Beach, Balboa Pier in CA 28 Feb, 2018 - late afternoon and would like some help with positive ID. I spotted one gull in particular that looked different than the others, a gull I think is a Heermann's Gull which would be a lifer for me. We have mostly California and Ring-billed Gulls here in UT and no Heermann's. Reddish bill and sleeker looking neck and head, dark legs, dark eyes, white tip on wing. I believe Heermann's in back, Ring-Billed in foreground. Next, I think the following are other Ring-billeds: Also what I think are several Western Gulls there - much larger, yellow eyes, pink legs. Western on the left, Ring-billed on right. I also got this photo of what I think may be a Mew Gull or Herring Gull or maybe just a Western. Again, none of these are gulls we normally have here in UT. What do you think? Note the white spot in tip of wing, yellow bill with no apparent black or red ring or spot (not sure about the lower mandible). Yellow eyes are throwing me off. Thanks for your input. Gulls are hard. Grandpa Gray J.
  3. Gulls To ID

    Have some gulls here I'm trying to get a positive ID on. This is at the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area just west of Sacramento, CA. First one (far left) looks like a possible first cycle Glaucous-winged Gull or possibly a Iceland-Thayer's, but I am leaning towards GWGU This one looks like a possible Iceland-Thayer's. Last one a probable Herring given pale iris starting to develop.
  4. Trying to learn gulls

    Yesterday, 1/18, at Lake Erie Metropark, Southeast Michigan. Please help. 1. 1st winter Herring Gull? 2. Best guess is 1st winter Great Black-backed Gull (the big one)
  5. Gulls seem to be a popular topic around here lately. I know I have at least 1 lifer here. All these were from yesterday, 1/12, at an inland lake in Southeast Michigan. Thanks in advance for any help. I have more pictures of almost all of them if you want to see other views. Editing out all the Herring Gull photos 1-3, 5-9 that @psweet ID'd. 4. ? and ?
  6. Duck and Gulls

    Yesterday in Detroit: 1. Greater Scaup (lifer)? 2. Flying gull: Bonaparte's (lifer)? 3. Large gull behind Ring-billed: Herring?
  7. East Coast Gulls

    Going through some old photos and saw some interesting characters. These were taken in early september. Southern NY. These are my thoughts: 1) Non-breeding Laughing Gull 2) Juvenile Ring-Billed Gull getting adult plumage? 3) Juvenile Great Black-Backed Gull Thanks for any help! https://imgur.com/a/r2U92
  8. Southern New England, Sept 2017, continuation of Southern New England Gulls (A) & (B). All have black bills, some have black band on tail, some have all white tail. If any are too small to ID, just skip Thanks for looking. #12 #13 #14 #15 #16 and bonus Ring billed (i think) with first of fall Brant that just flew in; poor thing looks tired. I thought the gull was a ring bill, but the bill only shows half a ring on the lower bill. Is that a photo anomaly, or is this some unusual bird?
  9. Southern New England, Sept 2017, continuation of Southern New England Gulls (A) All have black bills, some have black band on tail, some have all white tail. #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 more to come in another post. Thanks for looking. If they are too small, just skip it.
  10. I've learned the bigger gulls, but still not very confident on the smaller gulls. I have a lot of photos. I don't know how everyone gets such perfect photos. Mine are not so great. All were cropped. some were taken two weeks ago, most today; in Southern New England. I have 16 gull pictures. I'll break into a few posts, 5 here. All different individuals. All have solid black bills. Some have a tail band, others all white tail. I presume with bands some are laughing gulls. Confused on the all white tails. #1 [/img] #2 #3 #4 #5 [/img]
  11. Long time no post for me! I was clearing off an older SD card and found images of several birds I took during a trip to Iceland way back at the end of September/beginning of October 2015. Birding wasn't the purpose of the trip (unfortunately), so a lot of the photos are very blurry--taken on the fly as I ran to catch up with my travel companions! Confirmations and help IDing a few would be great, thanks! 1) Greylag Goose? This was taken at the Reykjavik Tjoernin Pond. 2) Reykjavik Harbor: Iceland Gull and Great Cormorant? I'm hoping! 3) Group of birds on the coast; we were heading out of Reykjavik toward Grindavik but I don't remember the specific name of this area, as we were enclosed in a bus on a tour. I know the big birds are Whooper Swans, but as for the gulls, I barely dare to guess. I'm assuming the dark ones are either herring, lesser, or greater black-backed gulls. Are the paler birds Glaucous Gulls or Iceland Gulls (or something else)? I hope the quality of the photo is at least decent enough for a guess. And now two "proof that aliens exist!" photos. Poor lighting with storms plus taking photos while running/inside a bus makes for some bizarre photos sometimes... 4) Even though it's mostly just a blob in this picture, I'm fairly confident this was a Blackbird (Eurasian Blackbird?). Just for the giggle it's worth, I took it at the Reykjavik Suðurgötukirkjugarður. 5) Okay, hope springs eternal with this one, but I took it desperately out the window of our tour bus as we blazed by the harbor... Is there even the tiniest possibility of IDing these tiny specks in the giant ocean? Is there any chance at all they could be Eiders?? Zoomed in: Thanks for any help!
  12. Long time no post for me! I was clearing off an older SD card and found images of several birds I took during a trip to Iceland way back at the end of September/beginning of October 2015. Birding wasn't the purpose of the trip (unfortunately), so a lot of the photos are very blurry--taken on the fly as I ran to catch up with my travel companions! These were taken at or near the Reykjavik Tjoernin Pond. Confirmations and help IDing a few would be great, thanks! 1) A Redwing? 2) Are these Tufted Ducks? 3) Definitely need help IDing this one. Ebird says Lesser Black-backed, Greater Black-backed, and Herring are all likely in the pond at the end of September, but I am not good with gulls in their adult summer plumage, let alone immature or winter. Help much appreciated! 4) Slightly more confident on this one (slightly): Black-headed Gull? 5) Herring Gull? Or maybe this is a Lesser Black-backed Gull? No clue really, just guessing from the three or so possible options.
  13. a couple gulls

    Vancouver Island, British Columbia from about a month ago. Gulls like giving me a hard time, especially on the west coast where there are too many gull-options Bonus question: this looks like a common goldeneye, but my book doesn't have any pictures for nonbreeding males or juveniles. Can we say whether this is a female or one of those? As always, thanks!
  14. MA East Coast Birds

    Terrible photos so no worries if you cant call anything from them. Im almost positive that it was a crew of snow buntings. But wanted to see if anyone felt that these photos confirmed or denied that What gull sp? Bonaparte's? And I just wanted confirmation that these are all common eiders
  15. Ducks and Gulls

    All photos were taken in the last week in Southeast Michigan. Photos 1-3: The all-white mallard in the foreground was the same size and shape as the wild mallards in this pond/lake. It also behaved like the wild mallards and hung out with them. Not with the larger (about twice as large) 5 domestics (Pekins?) that stuck together and stayed still. Do you think this smaller all-white one is white because of domestic genes or leucism? 1. 2. 3. Photos 4-6: Can someone identify these gulls? Guessing Herring and Ring-billed. 4. 5. (The right 4 gulls in this photo are the same birds as the left 4 in the above photo 4.) 6. Photos 7-8: Are these Common Goldeneyes? They were in the same general area as easily-ID'able adult male Common Goldeneyes. Age/sex of these? 7. 8.
  16. Gull or Tern

    Is this a gull or tern? What are the determining factors? Photographed in Clearwater Beach Florida 1/3/17
  17. Lake Ontario Gull

    Found today in Hamilton, ON on the shores of Lake Ontario while actually looking for something else. The bird confounded both myself and the other person I was with whose birding instincts are certainly better than mine. Odd combination of traits - streaked head, light iris, decent size bill, but not huge, with red spot, large primary mirrors, almost touching and to the tips, short pink legs. For size it was an easy comparison as obvious Herring Gulls were right next to it (so not a case of "size is hard to judge" if comparing to another species), and it was a good 25% smaller than the accompanying Herring Gulls. I assume this is just a runt Herring Gull, but as stated we were far from certain when observing in the field Thanks in advance. dsc_4381_Small , on Flickr
  18. Laughing Gulls or Bonaparte's?

    Photos taken outside Tampa, Fl. DSC_0735 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0158 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0188 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0207 by degibox, on Flickr
  19. Ontario - 2 gulls

    Both photos were taken today on Lake Simcoe in central Ontario. The first 2 photos are the same bird. I am certain of the species I saw, given I was standing next to one of the 1 or 2 best birders in the province at the time who did the ID, I just want to confirm I got the right photos out of my camera. Smaller than Herring Gull (many nearby), heavy streaking on head, smaller bill, dark coloured eye, large white tips to black primaries, bubble gum pink legs: Added bonus of an 'action' shot... And then on this photo, what are thoughts on the bird 3rd closest to the camera, the juvenile black-backed facing right. Multiple juvenile Great Black-backed were present,but juvenile Lesser Black-backed are also reported at the site. This one seemed smaller, more crisp etc. Thanks in advance.
  20. ...and how does one tell the difference? THANKS! -Peter DSC_3983 by degibox, on Flickr
  21. I'm guessing a type of gull Flock1 by degibox, on Flickr Flock2 by degibox, on Flickr Flock3 by degibox, on Flickr
  22. More Gulls

    IDing different gulls has proven to be a challenge for me, a young and new birder http://i374.photobucket.com/albums/oo182/Selimahharmon/Screen%20Shot%202015-02-16%20at%208.40.20%20AM.png http://i374.photobucket.com/albums/oo182/Selimahharmon/Screen%20Shot%202015-02-16%20at%209.44.16%20AM.png http://i374.photobucket.com/albums/oo182/Selimahharmon/Screen%20Shot%202015-02-16%20at%209.44.28%20AM.png
  23. A few gulls at coastal California. I believe a number are Western gulls. However, the immature ones are really making it difficult. Thanks ahead of time!
  24. Laughing gulls?

    Are these all Laughing Gulls? I've only ever seen them in breeding plumage (I didn't know they lost their black cap!). Seen 10/18/2014 in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. 1. same two birds in each panel 2. same bird in all three images (but not same as 1) 3. same bird in each panel (but not same as 1 and 2) 4.
  25. Gulls : )

    Today Lake Michigan 1 2 3 4 5 Thanks : )