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Found 307 results

  1. Cooper's or Sharp-Shinned Hawk? Seen in vicinity of Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge (highway 84 San Mateo area) on 16 October 2017. https://www.whatbird.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/317951-coopers-or-sharp-shinned-hawk-sf-bay-16-october/&browse=1 https://www.whatbird.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/317950-coopers-or-sharp-shinned-hawk-sf-bay-16-october/&browse=1 https://www.whatbird.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/317949-coopers-or-sharp-shinned-hawk-sf-bay-16-october/&browse=1
  2. cooper's or sharpie?

    Austin, TX. 10/16/17, 8:20am. Saw this fella perched on my back fence.
  3. Red-shouldered Hawk?

    NOT MY PHOTO. Taken yesterday in Dearborn, MI
  4. Is there enough in these poor photos for an ID? I saw this bird today in Prince Edward County in southern Ontario, Canada.
  5. What type of hawk?

    Hello. We were sitting on the porch after a rainstorm and this guy parked on the dead tree down by the creek line. Sat there for a while drying his wings as some crows yelled and dived at him. I don't have the best camera but got some ok shots. I'm thinking a broad-winged hawk? He was medium to large sized. Very beautiful!
  6. Not like the normal Red Tails I see around here. What is it?
  7. What kind of hawk?

    Took these photos 8/8/17 in West Columbia, SC. I'm not sure what kind of hawk this is. I was thinking a Red-Tailed Hawk?
  8. White Hawk

    Been seeing two white hawk type birds with a black stripe across tail. Little black in the wings. Seen july about a week ago and Aug 8 2017.
  9. Hawk in So Cal

    http://garden.cathrynhatfield.com/2017/07/a-hawk-in-the-rose-of-sharon/ My brother took these photos of a hawk in our yard this am. We live in Fountain Valley in Orange County California, about 3 miles from coast and near the Santa Ana River. Is he a red tail hawk ? That is just a guess, or something else. He was after a black and yellow bird's babies we think as she was squaking at him. But we also have many lizards in the yard. Help with ID please. Thank you.
  10. Hi All, Once again, as seems to be my trademark, I bring you a hastily shot, poorly focused photo of an unidentified bird overflying my backyard in northern NJ. I’m tempted to conclude that it’s just one of our local redtails, with the hour off the day and the sun’s angle confusing both my camera and me. Does anyone have any thoughts or guesses? Thanks. []
  11. Based on the (seemingly) flat tail, head shape, and size, my guess is the Sharp-shinned Hawk, but I can't tell for sure. For reference, the suet cage is ~5in in height. Photos were taken May 18 in Colorado Springs. I have a lot more photos if any other angle would be helpful. Thank you!
  12. Seen near Pipeline Road in eastern Panama during May. Eastern-race Great Black-Hawk?
  13. Seen at Panama City's Metropolitan National Park during May. Juvenile Bicolored Hawk?
  14. Small hawk, around 12 inches tall, standing atop his catch which appeared to be a dove. Seen in a park in western Boca Raton,FL on May 7, 2017.
  15. Need help with ID

    I was shooting photos of some soaring red tail hawks yesterday and thought this guy was a vulture passing through. But then I noticed the white head and yellow beak. I'm in Trabuco Canyon, CA and we do have some Golden Eagles, but very rare to see Bald Eagles. Not sure if this is an Eagle, Osprey or just a light morphed hawk. Any help with ID would be appreciated!
  16. Hi folks, I'm trying to confirm the identification of this hawk. Photographed in our local woods right after a kill. Cooper's hawk or Sharp Shinned hawk? Thanks for your help. ---Jared Harrison
  17. I think this is a very dark - almost pitch black in certain light - version of a red tailed hawk. It is a screenshot from a video - in the video one can see a bit of reddish in the black on the back. It was perched not too far from a very dark red red tailed hawk at the Merced NWR, California. I have not seen hawks this dark before. Am I on the right track!
  18. Broad-winged Hawk???

    Is this a Broad-winged Hawk? Today in Southeast Michigan. Best photo I could get...soaring high and heavily zoomed and heavily cropped.
  19. Observed this pigeon sized raptor April 12, 2017 in the late afternoon. Is it a juvenile red tail hawk? Or something else. The all black eye and small size throws me off. Location is southwestern lower Michigan near Grand Rapids.
  20. Southern Ontario Hawk

    Can anyone identify this hawk seen on April 9 in southern Prince Edward County, Ontario?
  21. Georgia Hawk

    http://imgur.com/a/defrr This hawk was viewed in McDonough, GA on March 26 in my suburb neighborhood. I think it is a red-shouldered hawk. Can someone verify that for me? Thank you.
  22. Georgia Hawk

    http://imgur.com/a/defrr This hawk was viewed in McDonough, GA on March 26 in my suburb neighborhood. I think it is a red-shouldered hawk. Can someone verify that for me? Thank you.
  23. Hard to ID Hawk

    We took this photo in Zion National Park in January of this year. It was way high on the cliff, and we used digiscoping to take the photo. Did not hear the call, so would love to have someone help me ID it. Thanks! Glenda K
  24. What type of hawk?

    Sighted on 3/22/17 in Core Creek Park, Langhorne, PA
  25. Taken in Mahopac, NY on 8/26/16 Long legs, long tail... cannot see the underside. (2nd picture) is this round enough to be considered a round tail? It's a most the size of a crow (3rd picture). Can you tell me anything about the wings/flight? Thanks in advance