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Found 350 results

  1. Pair of these repeatedly circled over yard today - the very white undersides and smaller size stuck out.
  2. What type of hawk?

    Took a picture at the Sepulveda Wildlife Basin. I have an idea of what it is, but I an objective opinion without me biasing it. taken at 5:30pm April 16, 2018 San Fernando Valley (Los AngelesCounty), CA clear, but windy
  3. Here are three birds from a recent desert trip... thanks for the help! Swallow...tree? 04/06/18 Hawk...red shoulder? 04/06/18 Kingbird....thinking western, but the bill looked big. 04/06/18
  4. Calling All Hawk’s

    Ok hawk experts, I’ve been sorting my bird photos and have several hawks I would like to properly identify. The photos vary in quality, as you will soon see. Here’s the first bird:
  5. Sharp-Shinned Hawk?

    Viewed on 3/26/2018, Warren County, Kentucky.
  6. Hello all! I have recently been watching a couple of hawks that have been frequenting the woods behind my house. I am fascinated by these beauties, but it's driving me nuts not to know for sure what they are! I have long noticed hawks flying around at higher elevations, often in groups of two or three. But within the last few weeks (early March), there have been two (one in particular) hanging around in the trees close to my property. For background on the habitat, this is an urban area (Pittsburgh, just outside city lines) with a nice wooded ravine between streets. There is a small stream at the bottom, which is actually pretty clear as long as the storm sewers aren't belching nastiness at the time. We have a wide variety of "city wildlife" like possums, raccoons, deer, wild turkeys, salamanders, rabbits, squirrels, rodents of all kinds. So it's a regular hawk buffet. For behavior, mostly I see them (one in particular) sitting in a tree, squawking -- it sounds like an angrier "laughing seagull." Repetitive and fast. Sometimes, particularly after it takes off, the call gets even faster (and sounds more like the cooper's sounds I have heard). I have also noticed a nest in the crook of a tree a couple houses over. I have seen one of the hawks in there twice, so, assuming it belongs to them. There's a couple pictures attached here for help. Only one of the shyer reddish one (which may be a different type?). And since they mostly fly in the trees, it's hard to get a really good look at in flight patterns and shapes. Anyone out there have a positive ID? I was leaning toward Red-Shouldered myself...but they are just so darn varied it's hard to tell!
  7. Bird seen in NYC on Feb. 20, 2018. It seemed noticeably larger than other Red-Tails. Also, it never spread its tail (anymore than in the video screen shots).
  8. Red-tailed Hawk?

    I am new to bird identification. I've just started photographing wildlife in my backyard in Center Valley, PA with my Nikon P900. This lady and her kin have been our neighbors for years. I caught her in this pic a couple of days ago. My family would love to know what type of bird this is. Thanks for any and all help!
  9. Hi everyone! I’m hoping you might help me with some bird detective work. I’m trying to figure out what species of raptor Frida Kahlo has in the photo below. I haven’t been able to find any information online about the bird except that it’s an “eagle” (seems more like a hawk?) and her name was Gertrudis Caca Blanca (amazing). I’m assuming it’s a species native to Mexico. Any help/ideas/direction you can give me would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  10. San Diego Hawk?

    Saw this hawk at the botanical gardens in San Diego. Have been very confused as to what it is!! Please help its making me crazy!
  11. Hawk or Harrier

    Thank you for the ID help
  12. Sharp-shinned Hawk?

    Location: Pinnacles National Park Date: December 9th Is this a Sharp-shinned Hawk? I’m pretty sure but am not absolutely sure if it’s a Coopers or falcon instead. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I am trying to confirm my ID of a cooper's hawk. But a friend said they could not see the cap and was wondering of it was a Cooper. I thought the head was indicative of a Cooper over maybe the Sharp-shinned. It is more square and bigger. Here is a link to the Flickr account. Nancy E.