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Found 141 results

  1. Good morning, I hoping someone can help. There was 4 baby geese born this past weekend on the roof top of my husbands work. there was 2 left yesterday, now there is only one. they cannot get off the rooftop to follow mom and dad ....there is no way down. I believe the others died from not eating on the ground. ..So sad the one little one sitting next to his brother, trying to get him to move. Is it possible and safe to try to capture the little guy in a sheet and carry him down and wait for mom and dad to find him? i fear he wont make it today if we dont. Please help asap.
  2. LeopARTnik

    Who is the singer??

    Hello, Sorry for bad quality. I have recorded this singer with my phone and I hope it will be good enough to ID bird. here is the link to the recording: Thank you in advance!
  3. Ok so I live in Central Texas, Round Rock to be exact, I live near a pond maybe 300 yds x 300 yds surrounded by brush and trees, and right next to this marvelous, thriving pond is a densely populated neighborhood which I reside. For 3 days straight now Ive been hearing Screeching Owls here and there and thats no biggie, but one sound drowns all the night life away, its a strobing sound that is TO-A-TEE like an electronic car alarm, BUT ITS NOT, ITS AN ANIMAL. It started when one day a thunderstorm rolled in and I just thought the thunder kicked off a car alarm but its been happening around 1-4 AM every night for 3 days, Ive decided to go out and look for it and its quite a deffining* sound. Super loud and obnoxious and comes from somewhere in the ponds banks where theres trees and brush, keep in mind my house is just about a quarter mile from the pond and it sounds like its about 2 houses down, thats how loud it is. It strobes it sounds anywhere from 5 seconds all the way up to 3 minutes with no stop. Ive attached a small snippet of the sound, the camera picks it up well amidst the white noise in my room, please someone take a listen and identify it, Ive scrounged the internet and still cant find an answer! IT DRIVES ME NUTS HELPPP!!! 1235BC7E-3E00-4687-AAE7-F1717E0E0BE9.mp4
  4. Susan M

    Blue Bird

    Blue Bird posted at Ohio Big Birding Year website without identifying it.
  5. These are spotted in Bothell, WA few days ago. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmdQ1aG2 All pictures in this album are the same bird, or I want to say - same flock. They were all together grazing on grass. They did not show any interest in the songs of White-Crowned or Gold-Crowned or Song Sparrows which led me to confusion. Please help me identify these Thank you.
  6. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas what was the best small, compact, light, cheap-ish, birding scope for my Dad who likes to bird on business and often takes a scope. (then he has to check a bag) Any ideas would be great! Thanks in advance!
  7. https://imgur.com/a/oHwlA This guy. I couldn't figure out the picture, so I just included a link to a photo of the bird. I saw this little birdie at Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge , TN. (A very beautiful place, highly recommend a visit). Ever since then, I have been in love, but never knew what this bird was. It has a resemblance to a Maximilian Pionus, but I'm not sure. Thanks for any help!
  8. Hello Members, I do not know much about bird identification, but I do appreciate beautiful animals of all species...especially in their native environment(s). I researched various bird ID groups and found this one to be the most straight-forward and knowledgeable, so I joined with hopes that someone smarter than I on the subject, could possibly help to identify a particular bird I watched (and was wowed by), at close range, over the course of about an hour. Thanks in advance to anyone who has a few minutes to spend reading this, and any additional info/intel you could share. I was in my elevated (10') hunting blind, this past Saturday Morning (12/30/17), in the thick piney woods of NE TX (Crockett, TX / Houston County / 75835 Zip Code) and watched this Wodpecker move from tree to tree (about 5 different trees in total, spending about 20 minutes at each tree). I first heard him or her and wondered if it was even a woodpecker at all - on account the "strikes" I was hearing seemed to be much louder, stronger, slower in succession, and with longer pauses in-between - compared to any otger woodpeckers I'd ever known, across my 20+ years of being an avid outdoorsman. When I first laid eyes on him/her, I was absolutely blown away by the size of this bird. By far the largest woodpecker I've ever seen...bigger than any Crow (and there are a lot of Crows in East TX, so I've seen my share of those for sure). While he/she was at the first tree (about 20 yards away, 20'above my vantage point, and 30' feom the ground) - I was able to get several few pics and a 1 minute video of the bird, which I'll upload here for your review. I just wish they (pics/vid) were of better quality, so I'm hoping they can still help. At each tree, he/she would peck at the main trunk and the branches as well...and did not seem to discriminate between trees that were dead vs. alive. He/she did stick to pine trees though, leaving the oak's and cedar's alone. As he/she was flying from tree to tree, I noticed that the underside of its wings were white. When I got home, I Googled the bird and was unable to decifer between the Pileated vs. Ivory-Billed variety of Woodpecker, and couldnt ID the bird's sex either. I know to always take Google with a grain of salt, which is why I'm here, but going solely from what I read on Google...Google "told" me that the Pileated is smaller than a Crow - the one I saw was much larger than any Crow. However, I'm not sure if the Ivory-Billed would be any larger than a Pileated (or not)? Google also "said" the Pileated has a shorter neck than the Ivory-Billed - the bird I saw had a very long neck, a characteristic that stood out to me right, off the bat - and even moreso after looking at the pics/video again. I hope I wasn't rambling...I just wanted to share any/all details I could recall. Aiming to let you (the experts) decide which were helpful, vs. not. The Video and 2 Pictures can be found here (please let me know if/of any issues Re: trying to access).... Folder: 1 Video & 2 Pictures Thank you all, once again. Gratefully, Lance
  9. Please help me identify this bird from its call. Sounds like a cat? WhatsApp Audio 2017-11-14 at 15.15.27.mp4
  10. fragglecat

    cooper's or sharpie?

    Austin, TX. 10/16/17, 8:20am. Saw this fella perched on my back fence.
  11. While on a walk I found this bird laying in the grass. She was hurt bad and passed away a few hours later. I can't find anything like her on any of the bird pages. Anyone know what kind she was??
  12. Sometime ago I have spotted this bird and in my immature identification I thought it was Orange Crowned Warbler... now I have doubts... can you guys please take a look and let me know? Bird was spotted at the end of summer in Washington State https://www.google.com/maps/place/N+Creek+Trail,+Mill+Creek,+WA+98012/@47.8538864,-122.2238247,776m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x549005dc7463c041:0x7801219e5956768f!2sMill+Creek,+WA!3b1!8m2!3d47.8600971!4d-122.2042966!3m4!1s0x549005d8e24f5a2b:0xe000004cdf077d8e!8m2!3d47.8538828!4d-122.2216307 Here is the link to pictures: https://nue.smugmug.com/Birds/USA-Washington-State/OrangeCrowned-Warbler/ Thank you!
  13. Hello, I have spotted two birds at the and of August in at Bownman Bay Whidbey Island, Washington State. Some sort of Warbler and some sort of Sparrow. My initial thoughts were Yellow Warbler and White Crown Sparrow, but after looking closer at my shots I started to doubt. Please help me identify these beauties Here are the cropped pics: Thank you
  14. Thought it was maybe a Western Wood-Pewee or a Western Bluebird juvenile not sure though. Thanks in advance.
  15. LeopARTnik

    Who is this chirping?

    Unknown Bird.mp3 This is recorded in Washington state, end of August. I am unable to see th bird. It is sitting on tall tree very high. Please help me identify this bird. Thank you! https://soundcloud.com/leopartnik/unknown-bird
  16. Hello fellow birders, Did not see bird at all, but it was on a Doug Fir tree. I do not have any visual features of that singer. Sound recorded in March 2015 Washington state, Monroe. Here are two links to the sound: https://soundcloud.com/leopartnik/help-me-identify-this-bird https://soundcloud.com/leopartnik/help-me-identify-this-bird-2 Thank you in advance Leo.
  17. What are those? (Seen near Quebec/New-Brunswick, Canada)
  18. Help, seen near Quebec/New-Brunswick near big electric lines (Had a nest with a baby, the bird went for me after) Thanks!
  19. Hello group, Can you please help with identification of this bird? The photo was taken in Philadelphia on July 9th.
  20. All of them are Rock pigeons right?
  21. Hey Birders! Need help with this bird (Chipping Sparrow?) Seen near Quebec/New-Brunswick,Canada Thanks!
  22. Hey Birders! Need help to identify these 2, found near Quebec/New-brunswick, Canada
  23. NightCrow

    Help Identify!

    Hey Birders! Found that bird here and i'd like you opinion! (Quebec/New-Brunswick, Canada) Do you think this is a Northern Waterthrush or Louisiana Waterthrush? Or something else? Thanks!
  24. NightCrow

    Help Identify!

    Hey Birders! Found that bird here and I'd like your opinion! (Quebec/New-Brunswick, Canada) Do you think this is a Northern Waterthrush or Louisiana Waterthrush? Or something else? Thanks!
  25. What species of seagulls is this? (Picture taken near Quebec/New-Brunswick, in Canada) Male/female? Feel free to say any other specification you'd like to say