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Found 132 results

  1. Who is the singer??

    Hello, Sorry for bad quality. I have recorded this singer with my phone and I hope it will be good enough to ID bird. here is the link to the recording: Thank you in advance!
  2. Peterson Guide Failed Me

    I was stumped today when I saw this at Farmington Bay, Utah.
  3. Possible Hybrid Duck?

    Found in the Sacramento Valley of California. I couldn't identify it, and after doing some research online, similar images of the duck breed appeared with individuals stating they too could not identify it ! Perhaps some kind of hybrid? (Not sure if I'm linking it correctly). http://imgur.com/a/r2ga2
  4. These are spotted in Bothell, WA few days ago. https://flic.kr/s/aHsmdQ1aG2 All pictures in this album are the same bird, or I want to say - same flock. They were all together grazing on grass. They did not show any interest in the songs of White-Crowned or Gold-Crowned or Song Sparrows which led me to confusion. Please help me identify these Thank you.
  5. https://imgur.com/a/oHwlA This guy. I couldn't figure out the picture, so I just included a link to a photo of the bird. I saw this little birdie at Parrot Mountain in Pigeon Forge , TN. (A very beautiful place, highly recommend a visit). Ever since then, I have been in love, but never knew what this bird was. It has a resemblance to a Maximilian Pionus, but I'm not sure. Thanks for any help!
  6. Please help me identify this bird from its call. Sounds like a cat? WhatsApp Audio 2017-11-14 at 15.15.27.mp4
  7. Sometime ago I have spotted this bird and in my immature identification I thought it was Orange Crowned Warbler... now I have doubts... can you guys please take a look and let me know? Bird was spotted at the end of summer in Washington State https://www.google.com/maps/place/N+Creek+Trail,+Mill+Creek,+WA+98012/@47.8538864,-122.2238247,776m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m13!1m7!3m6!1s0x549005dc7463c041:0x7801219e5956768f!2sMill+Creek,+WA!3b1!8m2!3d47.8600971!4d-122.2042966!3m4!1s0x549005d8e24f5a2b:0xe000004cdf077d8e!8m2!3d47.8538828!4d-122.2216307 Here is the link to pictures: https://nue.smugmug.com/Birds/USA-Washington-State/OrangeCrowned-Warbler/ Thank you!
  8. Hello, I have spotted two birds at the and of August in at Bownman Bay Whidbey Island, Washington State. Some sort of Warbler and some sort of Sparrow. My initial thoughts were Yellow Warbler and White Crown Sparrow, but after looking closer at my shots I started to doubt. Please help me identify these beauties Here are the cropped pics: Thank you
  9. Thought it was maybe a Western Wood-Pewee or a Western Bluebird juvenile not sure though. Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi! I need assistance identifying this juvenile that my friend rescued and passed onto me. Before the lectures on "rescuing" juveniles, this one is injured, there is a 1-2 cm wedge shaped cut/injury by it's tail. I just want to be able to feed it until I'm able to get it to a wildlife rehabilitation center that has the room for it, and it would be great to be able to tell them what I have. I have previously rescued house sparrows and pigeons, and have successfully fed them... this one is a bit different... besides not having the gape reflex (probably because it's older... but when I do shove food into its beak, it moves majority of the food out of its beak with it's tongue, I've been able to see it whip it out, it's surprisingly long. Based off it's beak and size, I'd guess it's a finch, but from I can tell, finches can be fed just like sparrows, so, I'm a little confused about how to ensure it takes in enough. I did try some mini-mealworms as well as left some cocktail/finch mix in its enclosure, no interest. I am currently attempting to feed it the Ensure parrot/bird hand feeding mix rolled into a ball. Any assistance offered would be appreciated. FYI, I've placed triple anti-biotic ointment in the open wound, there looks to be a pus filled blister that has formed near it, but besides that, the wound, while not closed, appears to have kind of scabbed over... no longer looks like an open/exposed wound, but dryish. Would like to include larger photos, but the file size is too large... hopefully what I uploaded is large enough
  11. What are those? (Seen near Quebec/New-Brunswick, Canada)
  12. All of them are Rock pigeons right?
  13. Hello group, Can you please help with identification of this bird? The photo was taken in Philadelphia on July 9th.
  14. Help, seen near Quebec/New-Brunswick near big electric lines (Had a nest with a baby, the bird went for me after) Thanks!
  15. Hey Birders! Need help with this bird (Chipping Sparrow?) Seen near Quebec/New-Brunswick,Canada Thanks!
  16. Hey Birders! Need help to identify these 2, found near Quebec/New-brunswick, Canada
  17. Help Identify!

    Hey Birders! Found that bird here and I'd like your opinion! (Quebec/New-Brunswick, Canada) Do you think this is a Northern Waterthrush or Louisiana Waterthrush? Or something else? Thanks!
  18. Help Identify!

    Hey Birders! Found that bird here and i'd like you opinion! (Quebec/New-Brunswick, Canada) Do you think this is a Northern Waterthrush or Louisiana Waterthrush? Or something else? Thanks!
  19. Help with ID?

    Hello, I was near the Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge this morning and saw this pair in the binoculars at a nesting box up off the water. I think it's a Purple Martin pair but I'm unsure. The pictures were taken with binoculars so they're kind of terrible. Thanks! https://imgur.com/gallery/9BWTG
  20. What species of seagulls is this? (Picture taken near Quebec/New-Brunswick, in Canada) Male/female? Feel free to say any other specification you'd like to say
  21. Hello Birders, EDIT 2: Do you really think this is an immature European starling (Top picture)? From what I've seen, immature european starling have grey and brown feathers while this one is completely dark brown and also, don't European Starling have yellow Beaks? EDIT 1: My main question now is why I've never seen a mature European starling in all my life, while i saw maybe 15-30 of those immature (European Starling, if that's what they are) birds (top pictures) I've found these 3 birds recently and since I'm new to birding, I still have a bit of trouble identifying these birds. I couldn't find the top one at all (there was multiple birds like this one, I keep on seeing them). For the middle one and last one, tell me if I'm wrong, but I think these two are purple finch (Haemorhous purpureus). (Male would be red, Female or immature the brown one) Both were at the same spot and I took a picture of these birds in Canada, near Quebec/New-Brunswick. Thanks for the help! Have a great day!
  22. Location: Long Island New York, June 1st. Might be a real visitor, as none of us have heard this call in our 50-something years here. The mp3 attached is my whistle, carefully matching the exact tone and cadence of what we heard over 20 minutes. it moved around us from tree-to-tree there were dozens of other very loud birds talking, so a real recording wouldn't tell you which one we are curious about. This same call was heard 50 times over 20 minutes. The bird was never in site. Never heard since. Thank you in advance. Unknown bird.mp3
  23. Car Alarm Bird?

    I hear a bird call often in the afternoon and I can’t seem to identify it. It is two notes and sounds amazingly like an electronic alarm but I can tell it is some sort of bird making the noise. It is always two sudden, short sounds, the bird seems to only call once; it is not a long song or warbling. It always sounds like “Woo-wee Woo-wee”. With a rise in pitch at the end of each “wee”. It is quite loud and echoes through my court. It reminds me of a Cardinal’s “voice” but I have never heard a Cardinal make such a noise. I thought it could possibly be a Mockingbird mimicking the sound of an alarm? It has baffled me so far. It’s almost impossible for me to record it as the bird only does its quick call and then is silent and I usually only hear it once or twice in a day. I started hearing it in April, never heard it in the winter so it’s possible it does not live in this area during the winter months. I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.
  24. Hello all, This bird song has been driving me crazy trying to identify it for months now. It's a four note song, ( G-E... F-D) two short notes, a pause, and then the second two, similar to a cuckoo but with two different notes and a very different vocal tone. Whatever it is doesn't always do the second two notes, sometimes it repeats the first set. The tone of song is almost mechanical and more of a whistle than a chirp. For referance, I live in Northeast PA in the mountains in a very wooded area. I would try to record the bird itself, but I can currently hear about 20 different bird calls plus spring peepers. This area has tons of birds, most of which I can identify by sight, but I don't think I've seen this bird, just hearing it constantly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you for your time.
  25. Albino .. Flycatcher?

    Hello! Spotted in Sacramento, CA. March 25th. This morning I spotted something really interesting in my backyard! It's absolutely an albino, but I am so curious as to what? I was kind of thinking albino Black Phoebe because there was one of those kind of chasing it around and hanging out with it. What do you guys think? I'm not an especially seasoned birder, so this is out of my realm.