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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, just found this discussion forum! I am trying to figure out the identification of a small bird I have seen in my backyard. Here is what I can pass along (sorry I do not have a photo). Seen in southern Indiana, Louisville metro area , town of Clarksville, neighborhood less than 2 miles from Ohio River. Winter ... seen at least three different days in December, including yesterday, December 30, 2017! Light drab grayish olive green above, very pale beige with faint tint of of olive green or light buff yellowish on breast. Looks like some kind of warbler, about 4.5 inches long? Small, about the same size as a Goldfinch, and I thought at first it was a female/juvenile in winter, but there are no black/white wingbars, so now I am sure it is not a goldfinch. At bird feeder, and seemed to appear at about the same time as tufted titmouse and chickadee, was probably associating with them. Perhaps some type of warbler, but I thought all of them would be gone for the winter in this area! Any ideas on possible ID? Or educated guesses. THANK YOU!
  2. I don't have any pictures, unfortunately, but I was out with a fellow birdwatcher and I spotted a bird that is about Gray catbird-sized, but it was much darker. Here's the bird's description and where I saw it: I saw it in Northern Indiana, U.S. It was fluffed out, so it was hard to tell it's size but it was about the size of a catbird or thrush. It was dark smoky gray overall with a long tail. It's wings were black and it had a blackish mask. It had dark eyes (Either dark red, brown, or black) and a lighter collar. It's beak was black along with its legs and feet. If you can identify the bird I saw, that would be great!
  3. This pretty bird is about the size of a Blue Jay. She recently discovered my bird feeder tree and is VERY protective of it. Every time European Starlings come close she chases them away! Quite amusing to watch! I don't mind the Starlings but have never seen a bird go after the "bullies"on my tree. She eats nuts and perches on our tree all day long. She has a light grayish/off-white belly. Feathers are brownish/grayish depending on the light. Her pretty head reminds me of a dove. She has a very LONG TAIL with some white feathers. She has some white feathers on her wings too. Black beak. Please help me identify this bird! Thank you! LH
  4. Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is? Thank You.
  5. Hi I need help identifying a bird. Unfortunately I found it in my pool, it had drowned. I did not take a picture. The bird was brown body, and yellow chest, long beak straight, with a mid-sized rounded tail, and long legs. I thought it maybe a wren, but the carolina wren has too much white, and the house wren doesn't have a yellow chest. Anyone know what this birds may have been? Thanks L