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Found 10 results

  1. This is a photo I took 12/12/2009 in Pocatello Idaho of a junco that comes in flocks every winter to my feeders. I've been identifying this subspecies as Pink-sided for years and would appreciate having it verified. There's some confusion in the winter range maps.
  2. Sor A. Rail

    What Junco Subspecies?

    Without giving the location, what subspecies would you call this particular Dark-eyed Junco? On 3/28/2017.
  3. The bird was seen in my yard in Mansfield Washington today (5/19/2017). Are the flanks blue enough for it to be a Cassiar Junco? I don't think it has enough brown on the flanks to be a pure Oregon, what do you guys think? For those who don't know of the Cassiar Dark-eyed Junco (Junco hyemalis cismontanus), they're basically believed to be an intergrade population (like Red and Slate-colored Fox Sparrows which are aka "altivagans" Fox Sparrow) between Slate-colored and Oregon Juncos and for most of the time look like Oregon races but have grayish blue flanks. Some individuals will have a dark gray back making them look more like Slate-colored races. They breed in certain parts of the Canadian Rockies and winter wherever Slate-coloreds do but are always more regular in the west. It's unusual for them to be here at this time in the state but I've been seeing way more rarities then I should be in my backyard recently.
  4. FrenchGirlinTO

    Junco? Toronto, Nov

    Hi, I saw this one this week-end as well, in the suburb of Toronto (Lynde Shores, Whitby). Is it a dark-eyed Junco?
  5. 1snowyowl

    Is this a Junco

    Seen July 19th in Shenandoah Mtns. Is this a slate colored junco? It comes up as "rare" on ebird, but we saw lots of them and wanted to be sure before we submit it. Thanks for all your help identifying the birds from our recent trip from New Orleans to New York. \outl0\strokewidth0 \strokec2 Slate Colored Junco by wbeelman, on Flickr}
  6. RavenLunatic

    Slate-colored Junco

    Hey y'all, After waiting and watching and hoping this winter, I finally saw a Slate-colored Junco! Question is, is it pure or a Cassiar? I've gotten opinions from other Whatbirders, but I just want to know what everyone else thinks. I don't want to bias anyone, but I REALLY want it to be a pure bird... Slate-colored Junco by raven_lunatic11, on Flickr
  7. Outdoor_Addix

    Which Junco and why?

    Date: Feb 19 2015 Can you please tell me what race of Dark-eyed Junco this is? Please tell me specifically what field marks you are using to come to your decision. Unfortunately, the picture was taken through a dirty window on a sunless day.
  8. Outdoor_Addix

    Help with Junco

    Location: NE Ohio Date: December 3 2014 Sorry for the picture quality. It was through my dirty sliding glass door. So what are your thoughts on this Junco of mine? (ignore those bright white spots on the bird, they are seeds falling from above) The dark lores point me towards Pink-sided. But it also looks like it could be a first winter female Oregon. Please tell me what field marks you are using to ID. Thank you Marcia
  9. This bird was in our back yard yesterday, in Norton, MA USA. It was with a mixed flock of sparrows, cardinals, and juncos. The shape is junco but coloration looks like a junco dipped in white paint. Any thoughts? Are mutations common in juncos? I don't believe it to be some other species of bird but I've been wrong before! Thanks. http://pbgalvin.smugmug.com/Other/odd-bird/27945951_R4TgNZ ( Here are some pictures of the blizzard and digging out, plus the birds that visited after the storm, in case you are interested: http://pbgalvin.smugmug.com/Other/Blizzard-2013/27931929_89fgVK )
  10. Most of the juncos that I see in my yard are the Oregon variety. Is this a Slate-colored? Male or female? Seen today in Olympia, WA