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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! First things first you need juncos and grapes. I have a challenge for y'all. Skewer some grapes on some branches (where you can see them from your windows) and (if you have Juncos) take a photo of the juncos eating the grapes and post it to this topic. I didn't know that they ate grapes.
  2. In Manitoba, we usually get only slate coloured juncos. This year there have been lighter buff variations. Are these just the variations slate coloured? or are pink sided or Oregon juncos visitin? The first five are my questionable ones. The last three are the usual slate coloured that come here usually. The other choice is that both the light and the black one may be Rock Mountain variations???? FYI, these are all different birds. There were about 10 of them in the flock.
  3. I need some help with Junco ID's. These birds have been in my yard this week. I am located in Sturgis, MI which is in the southwestern part of the state. I thought all of them were Slate-colored, but another birder said that a couple of them could be White-winged, which would be rare for my area. However, I do know that some Slate-colored can have white wing bars, so I really don't know what I have. Juncos can be confusing due to the many variants. Thanks for your help! Slate-colored Juncos by catseye04, on Flickr [/url] Slate-colored Juncos by catseye04, on Flickr Male Slate-colored Junco by catseye04, on Flickr Slate-colored Juncos by catseye04, on Flickr Juncos by catseye04, on Flickr