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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All! I had this gem at my feeder this morning. Hopefully he will stick around for awhile. I'm in Lexington, SC, USA.
  2. I saw this golden mallard on our pond two days ago, and has been sticking around. Doing some research, it looked like it might be leucistic, but didn't see any pictures of others as uniformly gold in appearance... a very pretty duck. Any ideas? We are located just east of St. Paul, Minnesota.
  3. This Siskin showed up in the large flock I had here today and was noticeably lighter than the others. It's always fun to see something out of the ordinary, especially in your own yard Leucistic or dilute Pine Siskin by BirdFancier01, on Flickr Leucistic or dilute Pine Siskin by BirdFancier01, on Flickr
  4. I noticed there is already a thread started on this topic, but I didn't get any responses to my post there so I'm starting another thread. I found a pale plumaged Gadwall while I was out birding a few days ago. I'm wondering what the consensus is on this duck - dilute or leucistic? I could only get some distant shots of the bird as it was on the opposite side of the reservoir from where I was. Leucistic or Dilute Plumage Male Gadwall by BirdFancier01, on Flickr
  5. I have a dilemma. I don't know whether this is a common grackle male or a boat-tailed grackle female. It is a leucistic bird which makes it a lot more complicated. One opinion (from Project Noah) says it is a common grackle male with the following explanation: "I'm leaning towards a male Common Grackle with a little bit of leucism. I say Common Grackle instead of Boat-tailed Grackle because Boat-tailed male is all dark, and a female is all brown. This bird has a brown belly and blue-ish back, just like a male Common Grackle. Then I say partially leucistic because immatures don't have white feathers. So even if it is molting, it wouldn't have white feathers but a leucistic bird would." The commenter also mentioned that the photos did not show the iris color so that couldn't be used as an indicator. The other opinion (from WhatBird) says it is a boat-tailed grackle female with the following explanation: "That is a Boat-tailed... The eye is dark, the legs are long and it has big feet. It's also in an aquatic habitat, walking on lily pads, suggesting, though not confirming by any means, that it's a Boat-tailed. Also, note the darker coloration on the back and lighter brownish coloration on the undersides, a perfect match for a female Boat-tailed. Add all those up and you've got a leusistic female Boat-tailed Grackle." and "...a male Common Grackle should never show this much brown." My original thought was boat-tailed but I don't really have the knowledge to judge. I need the community to weigh in and resolve the confusion.