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Found 69 results

  1. Taken today. Very gray on top. I think it is zone tailed but want to rule out dark morph broad winged.
  2. This was taken in April of this year during spring migration. At that time we thought it is scrub jay. But the colors are off. This bird also has white wing patch. I am not sure what the ID is. Any help is appreciated.
  3. Is top left a female greater scaup?
  4. I saw this today. It has white spot above eye unlike others. Not sure if it is indicative of sub sps or not.
  5. Hi, is this western grebe carrying a chick in upper photo? Is the leg in bottom photo belongs to parent?
  6. Is this cackling goose? I watched it for 15 minutes and neck size didn't get bigger.
  7. This was taken in January 2017. Is the bird on left of photo an Eurasian?
  8. This was seen in a lake last week. Sorry for the distant photos but it always stayed under water.
  9. This was taken today. I thought it is peregrine but it has white rump. Is it northern harrier?
  10. Please ID these....taken yesterday in maricopa county, AZ
  11. These were taken yesterday. I think both are eared ? Not sure my be eared or horned? The one in bottom is very small. Can it be least?
  12. At first I thought this is white crowned but it has distinct eyering. Chipping may be ?!
  13. Taken recently in maricopa county.
  14. This photo was taken in September of this year in maricopa county. A friend thought it was MacGillivray's warbler but ebird didn't accept.
  15. Taken recently in maricopa county. It was very far away..sorry for the bad photo. Is this black bellied plover?
  16. These were taken today. Both were non vocal. 1. May be verdin...although very quiet. 2, unsure ....literally sat for a microsecond.
  17. This was taken recently in maricopa county. Sorry about the poor image. Any help is appreciated.
  18. These were taken today. I think the first is pine Siskin. Second is American goldfinch. Please confirm. Thanq very much.
  19. Taken today as part of bird walk. One is identified as Tennessee warbler, very rare in maricopa county. Is the second photo the same or is it orange crowned warbler? Thanq
  20. Hi, there were all taken recently in maricopa county, Arizona. Please ID.