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Found 65 results

  1. I observed this Oriole through the window for about 10 minutes getting pictures from 4 and 5 feet away, when I finally decided to risk stepping outside to attempt better pictures without the window, something spooked all the birds (not me I was as quiet as a mouse). It didn't return while I was there, but has returned later today, I am told. The amount of white on the belly and the relatively high area at the top of the breast where the yellow stops coming down from the head as well as a the faint black eyeline I observed at the time, have me leaning bullock's which is very rare for this area, although one was seen just south of here 2 months ago (an adult bird). I would like some input please, not getting much local help.
  2. I am fairly certain these are all male house finches, but we have had a recent increase in the number of house finches and these 3 males today had more of a facial pattern than our typical males, and I was curious if any might be purple finch. I see that they have streaking, especially the last one, and the raspberry red is not quite there or as diffuse over the body of the bird, but just wanted to check myself.....I don't know if I will ever be able to tell the males apart with any level of confidence....
  3. Which accipter

    I initially identified this as Cooper's when photographing this bird, but now I am doubting myself. Does anyone have a definitive id, and the why of the that id? Thanks. This is one of the first photos, the tail looks slightly rounded and wings straight, but then....see the other photos.... Tail starts to look squared off....it's starting to glide and the head does not seem to be projecting well beyond the wrists... Tail feathers all appear to be the same length?
  4. 2 Questions

    I would like some help aging this eagle, with any tips for aging immature birds, please. Is the middle snow goose a juvenile?
  5. White armpits are always bald eagles, right???
  6. which shorebird

    I am inland, so what is expected are least and spotted sandpiper. This is neither, TIA for any help identifying it, thanks. My guess is dunlin. With (greater?) yellowlegs: A 2nd one at a different pond across the road:
  7. I am 99% sure this is a male house finch, but the striping on the face is bugging me. Get me on the right track please.
  8. This bird landed right above me for just long enough to get a picture and a quick peek without the camera. I thought at the time I was looking at a blue-headed vireo (bird did not vocalize) due to the significant contrast between the cheek and the throat. The bill does not fit vireo though, and the slight tint on the chest (kind of orangey color) is an artifact of me lightening the image, if there was any color there is was pale yellow. The expected warblers for our area are yellow rumped, pine, and palm. This bird was hanging out with a bunch (14) butterbutts. Thanks for any help!
  9. Are all of these horned grebes? (foggy day pictures): This duck was flying with some geese in the fog, appeared to be a good sized duck in comparison to the canadas: Any ideas?
  10. This is the only view, golden crowned kinglet is the only possibility that comes to mind?
  11. Duck hens

    I went to a lake with multiple duck types, including redheads, ring necked, canvasback, lesser scaup, ruddy and bufflehead. Some of the hens are really throwing me off and the first one I think is a pied billed grebe, it's beak looks a little off to me, but I think that fluffy butt is unmistakeable. Pied billed grebe left, ring necked hen right? Ring necked drake left, what hen on the right? ????
  12. Sparrow

    There is a very faint dark line across the lore, and this sparrow only gave me one chance at a full body shot as it is not hanging out with the 5 chipping sparrows 20 feet away at the other feeder, but is this a chipping?
  13. Picture's taken @ausnic44 's home as he was nice enough to let me try to look at/for the black-chinned hummingbird, and I originally thought this was a brown-headed cowbird (and it still might be) but it seems to have a discernable eyeline and a less wide/tall beak as I am used to seeing on the brown headed cowbird females. Is this a shiny?
  14. What shorebird

    Very lost on this little shore bird with his yellow legs, clear breast, short pointed beak. Any ideas? Next to a long billed dowitcher and this bird was barely larger than a least.
  15. This is the only picture, but I think it has to be a female common yellowthroat (location, undertail, short tail length) but the pronounced bill is giving me pause. Thanks.
  16. Voice 055.m4a This is a vocalization I recorded to night after hearing the weird mechanical "twerp/tweet" of a yellow breasted chat that I could not see this evening until it finally popped up out of the brush and it was too dim (dusk) to get a photo. This is pretty out of season for this bird and will definitely be rare if I listed it (I already listed it, then took it off, bc I know everyone in my area is going to think I am mistaking a common yellowthroat for a yellow breasted chat). Is this vocal enough or is it just too easy to pin this on a wren as this is really the bird just fussing as is so similar to other birds?
  17. Any words of wisdom for discerning which is greater or lesser with scaup? There was a report of greater directly due north of our area earlier in the week, but WITHOUT photos. What is expected in our area is lesser although ebird does include lesser/greater as a non-rare option. Here are some photos from yesterday. Northern Shoveler about 10-15 feet behind them Same 2 as above with an additional 3rd. Different lagoon area, ruddy for size comparison: Head in profile on the left plus other ducks for size comparison: Close up on the profile of the duck on the left:
  18. Duck Dumb (me)

    Can I get a confirmation of the american wigeon in the middle and a rundown of the hens in this picture? I suck at duck ID. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. I feel like I took two steps forward with sparrows in the last 2 weeks then 3 steps back today when I went to the place sparrows come to swarm and confuse you..... Is this a swamp with the light lores?
  20. Another sparrow

    This is a "screw it, I am going to take the picture through the windshield shot", and I will never do this again. Does anybody have an opinion between savannah and song or?????
  21. Song sparrow

    It's been a long day of birding, and I am questioning myself, but this is a song sparrow, correct?
  22. Right? This bird was barely larger than the mourning doves in the next tree over (why they were sitting in the next tree, idk) and has a nice squared off tail, small head, continuous gray from crown to nape???
  23. Cormorant is about 50 feet in front of the bird I am questioning as a peregrine. It didn't hang around long enough for better photographs.
  24. I tried to record the call, but the recording is poor as the bird was at least 50 yards away while towhees and cardinals were much closer and louder to the phone. It was a two note call, first note high, second note low, both high pitched and flute like, almost like the bird version of "woo hoo" (if that makes even a little sense, so sorry). Any ideas of what I need to go listen to?