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Found 26 results

  1. This is a mystery bird from a national forest in August (in Mississippi). I still don't have an idea of what this bird is. The shape kind of reminds me of meadowlark, but the tail is too long and the wrong color (I believe) and the black that is coming in on the face just doesn't seem to match up with anything I can think of with such a long, somewhat hooked beak.
  2. So it was an insane morning in my yard. There were at least 7 warblers and I have started getting cross-eyed. The species I am sure of are yellow-throated, black throated green, yellow-rumped, black-and-white, and pine. I am fairly certain of these as well, but want a double check, thanks! Northern Parula (trying to be sure not a yellow throat): (Western) Palm Warbler (no wing bars and very distinctive yellow undertail): Not a warbler, but just in case, Blue-headed Vireo (lifer!!!!!!):
  3. I think I have these, please let me know if I am right, thanks. Chipping Sparrow (young with that pale beak?) Immature male common yellowthroat (male because of the rusty-ish sides): Swamp Sparrow: House Wren:
  4. There were just too many birds this morning as I was out and about, but I did happen to snap a picture of what I thought was and recorded as a hairy woodpecker, but this is a yellow bellied sapsucker juvenile, correct?
  5. Meadowlark?

    Sorry to be a needy nelly, but this would be a new bird for my yard, if I am correct. The picture stinks, bc there was no way for the sun not be at least partially behind the bird, but is this an eastern meadowlark?
  6. I had a Rufous (per my ID) hummingbird visit my yard last week. I ID'ed as Rufous per appearance, likelihood in visiting our area (vs Allen's, significantly less frequent) and aggressive behavior. A reviewer is asking me why I chose Rufous as he states from pictures this bird could only be ID'd as a Selasphorus sp. Any other thoughts from you much more experienced folks? Thanks for any help!
  7. Warbler help

    I know this is a long shot, but I saw a warbler tonight too close to photograph. It had a distinctly greenish back, bright yellow undertail coverts, bright yellow belly, no wing bars, but I didn't get a look at the face before it dove down into the golden rod and ragweed in which it was searching for dinner. Very small, not the sort of elongated body of the common yellowthroat female. Any ideas?
  8. Seaside sparrow? Willet and black-bellied plover (as discussed from bad pic yesterday)? Also a willet?
  9. Hey guys, I had a really good listen but no view of a bird today that I suspect is a warbler because there are a lot of warblers in my yard today. It was very high-pitched and did not change in pitch through each vocalization, just a variation in the length of each note. Very high pitched. Any ideas of what bird I might need to check out and listen to? Thanks Voice 048.m4a
  10. I know it is, but I just have that tiny seed of doubt, please humor me.
  11. Least Sandpiper?

    I know these aren't ideal pictures (from the back screen of my camera) but is there enough info here to give an id?
  12. What the peep??

    Another set of not ideal photographs. This little very brown backed little guy was bobbing on the dock before I started taking photos.
  13. I am looking to confirm these guys as black throated green warblers, please. Then in the last picture, I had originally thought this was an immature white eyed vireo (there was definitely one vocalizing somewhere nearby) but now I think the picture might actually just be a pine warbler? Thanks.
  14. I do have a 150-600 lens coming friday, but I am still using my 70-300 as best I can for these distant birds. But overall, again, sorry for the bad pictures. On the left are 2 pied billed grebes and on the right???? The best close up I could get....
  15. I quickly tried to snap pictures of a mixed flock flying overhead at sunset. I believe the egrets are cattle, but which herons? This is in Mississippi.
  16. Hanging out in a funky ditch after Hurricane Nate. Tail bobbing, 2 together, eating caterpillars, streaking from chest to belly. This would be an out-of-season bird for our area. Thanks for any help. The other one was moving around quite a bit and this was the most unobstructed view I could get:
  17. Which tern?

    Horrible, awful pictures of terns flying mostly away from me. Does anyone have any confidence in being able to ID them? My non-rare choices are common, caspian and forster's. Thanks for looking at these terrible pictures.
  18. Same tree, looks like same warbler as last week, but slightly better pictures? What would be the ID consensus? Thanks in advance.
  19. Front half of the bird, and I will add another picture in just a second. Seen in MS today. . I was fighting the setting sun trying to get an eye on this thing this evening. Ignore the original information of the flycatcher behavior, because this is a totally different bird than the dark flycatcher I have the back half of, I really was fighting the sun and quite a few birds in one swampy area, sorry. another view:
  20. Long Shot

    These medium sized birds were filling up 3 trees in the back of a field behind my home with the sun setting behind them. You can see there are 2 mourning doves in the trees with them, but I could not make the birds out and you really can only see their silhouettes. Short tails, long thin beaks, medium sized. I know it's a long shot but wanted to see if someone has an educated guess. Beyond, just natural curiosity, our 2 juvenile red shouldered hawks kept landing and flying through these trees and shrieking at these "intruders" which they don't do to the mockingbirds, doves and bluebirds who share trees with them frequently. And finally, I will say that about 5 minutes before I noticed these guys, a large flock of birds flew overhead and reminded me of the way a flock of starlings move and fly so close together. Thanks for looking/commenting!
  21. If it is, it is going to "rare".
  22. I don't think this is a rufous, as I live in MS and our only non-rare hummingbird is the ruby-throated. However, this little gal was very coppery in the sun, small (I know, I know, fractions of inches, but there were 30 other birds swarming around her keeping her from perching for comparison) BUT I really thing she is just a ruby throat with the dark eye-line/lore and overall green back. There are several images of her(?) in the album, this was in MS, colors in these pictures were not changed. I appreciate any expert opinions.
  23. Warblers in MS

    The first one is from August and is incorrectly identified on my ebird list, and I would like to get the correct ID, please. In person, the streaking on this bird was very chestnut brown. The second bird is from today and I believe it is a Pine Warbler, but the whitish throat is throwing me off, but the tail and wingbars appear correct for Pine and I have a yard full of those with more to come, judging by last winter's inhabitants. Thank you for your help!
  24. I was working on a well and I came across this bird he has almost lost all of his/her down feathers but, I would like to know what I could feed him, I have been giving him watered down fish food and dog food. Please help me identify him/her.