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Found 3 results

  1. Hi The last few times my favorites disappeared from my Iphone i replaced all the info manually. Now i have around 400 birds on my list and all the info has gone once again. I have checked in cloud and notes and whilst the info in notes remains, the 'star' symbol remains unchecked. I am hesitant to reset the cloud settings as this could delete any existing hidden information. LIkewise i'm hesitant to update to the latest version. please advise, anyone? I like this app, but this recurrent issue is going to push me into using Sibley or Audubon birds as my primary app of record. it's very upsetting to lose all the notes info - dates, locations, observations etc. thanks
  2. Just downloaded the new version of iBird onto a new Galaxy Tab A. I exported my favorites from an older tablet and version of iBird which produced an XML file. In the new version 7 of iBird there is the option to backup and restore favorites from the "cloud" but I have yet found an option or solution for importing my favorites from the XML file. Am I missing something? any way to do this?
  3. dwdenny

    iBird Notes Updates

    Would it be possible to add a GPS button to Notes for location? iBird Notes has a datestamp/timestamp button, which is great. A quick and easy "one-button" click for location would be equally superb. I often get confused as to where exactly I saw a particular bird.