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Found 63 results

  1. Appreciate help with ID on this bird, have seen a Merlin recently near same location as this bird. I ID'ed as a prairie falcon but not 100%. Thanks in advance ...
  2. Oregon mountain bird

    I took this a couple of years ago on June 28 near Little Crater Lake in the Oregon Cascades. I just rediscovered the photo, but I can't figure out what this bird is using Merlin or other web tools. Could it be a young gray jay? Thanks.
  3. Birding Central Oregon Suggestions

    Hi Whatbird Community, im going skiing in central Oregon in late March and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for good birding hotspots In the area around Bend, Oregon and beyond. I have limited time to bird and no target species but winter finches (e.g. Grosbeaks, Crossbills, etc) would be nice. Thanks!
  4. Pacific West

    Plannig a Road Trip with the family. It’s not a “birding” trip, but I will be able to stop whenever I want to bird along the trip, you know...since I’m the man of the house!!! (As long as it’s okay with my wife that is!!!! Most “birding stops” will be around 1-2 hours, so short and sweet. Except nation parks, and major stoping points, which I will have 1-4 days at each. My path is looking like the following: Start San diego, Drive to Las Vegas after work. Stay over night. Day 1: visit Vegas, Stay over night Day 2: drive to Salt Lake City, Utah...(any stops along the way, off of Interstate 15?) Stay over night. Day 3: Visit Salt Lake City, Stay Over night. (Local Birding Spots???) Day 4: Stay at Salt Lake?/or most likely head to Yellowstone National park trough Grand Tenton. Day 5: stay in Grand Tenton or Yellowstone (most likely YellowStone) Day 6-7: Visit Yellowstone Day 8: Drive to Spokane Washigton Day 9-12: Visit Spokane/idaho Day 13: Drive to Seattle. Day 14-15 Visit Seattle/Olympic National Park Day 16 Drive to Crater Lake, Oregon Day 17-18: Visit Crater Lake Day 19-21: Drive back to San Diego, or spend more time at other locations throughout the trip.
  5. Anyone know what kind of bird this is? Apparently struck glass of a building in Portland Oregon on November 27, 2017.
  6. Help with ID?

    Hello, I was near the Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge this morning and saw this pair in the binoculars at a nesting box up off the water. I think it's a Purple Martin pair but I'm unsure. The pictures were taken with binoculars so they're kind of terrible. Thanks! https://imgur.com/gallery/9BWTG
  7. I did not see this bird, but heard it's call in the woods (Doug fir and Western cedar) in SW Portland. This is a 10 second video which includes the sound. Hopefully if you click on the photo, it will send you to the Flickr site where you can listen. Wondering if anyone has a clue who this might be? Thanks in advance.
  8. We went out to Cannon Beach, OR, this morning, and decided to drop by the retaining ponds. There were a few mallards, some gulls, 2 female pintails, and this bird. I initially dismissed it as a young double-crested cormorant, but it doesn't look quite right. Can anyone tell me if it's a double-crested or some other type of cormorant? We have plenty of pelagic and Brandt's in the area, as well. Thanks in advance! DSC_0364 by amr_ve, on Flickr DSC_0368 by amr_ve, on Flickr
  9. I'm from Florida and I like my birds big like herons, egrets, and ospreys, so I'm having some trouble figuring out what these smaller fellows are. Found while hiking in the Paradise section of Mt. Rainier National Park on July 16, seemed very interested in the pine needles, maybe a food source? Found on the ground near the visitor center at the big dam by the Bridge of the Gods. Thought it might be a small grouse? Thanks!
  10. Plain Brown Bird

    How hard can it be to identify a simple, plain brown bird? Spotted this little guy (girl?) at our feeder today. I've tried various identifier websites and nothing looks quite like it. We live in Central Oregon on the high desert, in a juniper forest.
  11. I spotted this bird last August at Waldo Lake in central Oregon. The lake is at 5400 elevation. My guess is an Oriole but confused by th yellow eye rings an all yellow front. Also it's size appeared larger than an Oriole.
  12. So happy to find this forum! For the last several weeks, we've been hearing this call coming from a big alder tree by the creek. Can't see the bird and it doesn't seem to go anywhere. Just calls, seems like five different ones. We thought kingfisher since one call sounds like that guy and we have them, but some of the sounds don't jive. We have stellar jays and gray jays, but doesn't seem to be one of them either. Any ideas? Thank you! I've attached an mp3 file, if you'd like something else, just let me know. Happy weekend! BirdSound.mp3
  13. Can somebody help me identify whether the attached photos are a Merlin or a Sharp-Shinned Juvenile? I took these pics in the west hills of Portland, OR, near Forest Park, on March 8, 2014 - apologies they're not great, the hawk was 200 ft away in the pouring rain. It was a small hawk, about the size of a scrub jay.
  14. I have been out of the country for a while, but found some unlabeled pictures. I think this is a song sparrow, but it is so dark and some of the markings don't match up enough for me to feel 100% confident. I recall that the song sparrows can be quite variable and I am used to the more coastal variants. Thanks for helping the new guy who is an amateur and not that great with sparrows. I usually don't list them because I'm not 100% sure. Details: May 31, 2010 Mecca Flats on the Deschutes River near Warm Springs, OR
  15. Taken this afternoon 7 November 2013 in Eugene, OR, dive-bombing the gold-crowned sparrows I was photographing. The feet look pretty beefy, the black on the head doesn't go down the neck, and the tail seems slightly rounded with long white tips. For these reasons I cautiously propose it is a Cooper's. Thanks for your verification!
  16. I took this photo on September 13, 2013 at 5:30pm as this flock zipped in front of me while I was taking photos of the storm clouds. I tend to think they are terns but I can't find a description of any of the varieties in Oregon that matches the markings I see on these birds. Thanks for any help I can get!
  17. Taken today, 17 August 2013 in central Oregon. Very clear shots, but I'm still lost on the first one...the second I was thinking goldfinch, but the all white body threw me off. Any help? Thanks!
  18. Taken this morning 9 August, 2013 on my walk to work in Eugene, OR. 99 out of 100 hummingbirds I see are Anna's around here, and I can tell by their very distinctive chatter. But this one was unusually silent, so I thought I'd make sure. If you could tell me specifically what markings/traits lead you to your conclusion I'd be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance!
  19. Taken 3 August, 2013 at William Finley National Wildlife Refuge, Oregon. I'm only confident about the male acorn woodpecker (but never seen one before), the others not so much. Sorry I didn't crop the photos much, but the zoom is good. Thanks for all your help! Male Acorn Woodpecker Female Acorn Woodpecker? Lazuli Bunting? (looked far too small for scrub jay) ??? Wren ??? Flycatcher ??? Flycatcher
  20. Taken 28 July 2013 in Eugene OR. It's been hanging around the graveyard at UO, and finally decided to snap a few shots. My vote is for Cooper's, but I wouldn't trust me if I were you. Either way a beautiful bird. Thanks!
  21. Spotted in Deschutes State Park, OR on June 21, 2013
  22. Spotted in Deschutes State Park, OR on June 21, 2013. Immature Goldfinch?
  23. Taken today, 16 June at about 5000 feet in the Cascades' foothills, Oregon. #1 & #2 look like some sort of flycatcher/pheobe/peewee? #3 I want to say Hermit Warbler. #4 & #5 kestrel, and for #6 and #7 your guess is as good as mine. Looked like a partridge/grouse/small turkey, and flushed the instant I got the camera out. Thanks a bunch everyone!
  24. Taken in late May/Early June in Western Oregon. All unsure, but judging where I took the first one I'm guessing female meadowlark. The second and third are the same bird. Also bonus points for identifying what the black bird has in its mouth? Thanks a lot everyone!
  25. Taken in the past week, May 2013, in western Oregon. Looking to confirm: 1&2) Male&Female Brown-Headed cowbirds 3) Spotted Sandpiper, and 4) is a wren but I don't know which kind. Thanks for the help and support! 6 months into the hobby and I'm getting better every day!