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Found 21 results

  1. geoffclarke

    Orioles and Heron

    These orioles were in the same tree recently in Southeast Michigan. 1st two pics I think are a young male Orchard Oriole (same bird). 3rd pic I think is a female Baltimore Oriole. Last pic was in central Florida on 4/26 and I think is a Tricolored Heron. Please confirm or correct these IDs. 1. 2. 3. 4.
  2. Hi, I saw this one last week in Toronto. female Baltimore or Orchard Oriole? thx
  3. Does anyone know if these orioles are courting or fighting? Two males or a male and female? Shot today, March 16, 2017 in Costa Mesa, California Southern California Thanks, experts! Terry
  4. I called this oriole a Baltimore based on the bill, although it's fairly yellow/green. The bird was associating with a orange-y oriole that I was certain as a Baltimore. Concur? Key Largo, FL 10/8/16 1) 2) https://goo.gl/photos/KEDf5XLBHRW5bsqE9
  5. Vickielkh

    Baby oriole possibly?

    I need help identifying this bird. It comes around when I use a Baltimore oriole calling sound. That's the only time I've seen it. Thanks for your help. Vickie in Ohio
  6. Shadow

    Orange Birds

    These were taken earlier this morning in central Kansas. They were in a small flock, flying across this large natural prairie area surrounded by forest. There are many nearby streams and a river. 1. I was thinking some kind of Oriole, but I'm only very familiar with the Baltimore Oriole.The dark face, brownish tail and tiny white wing-stripes have me confused. I can't decide on if it's a Orchard, Bullock's, or just an odd Baltimore Oriole. But I could be totally wrong. Thank you in advance!! 2. Female of the same species of Bird above? Sorry for the far-off bad quality shots.
  7. PhillymanPete

    Baltimore Oriole ?

    I believe this bird to be a Baltimore Oriole, but the coloration is a bit on the yellowish side. I am use to vibrant orange on the Baltimore, and that is why I am a bit confused. Thank you.
  8. FrenchGirlinTO

    Oriole ? Toronto - May

    Hi, is that a Baltimore Oriole? A female or a juvenile? thx
  9. Can anyone identify this female oriole? She stayed with this male Bullock's, but there was also a male Hooded Oriole in the yard. Any help is appreciated. April 3, 2016, Costa Mesa in Southern Calfornia, https://flic.kr/p/Fxmyk3 Terry
  10. This is the second year that I have found an Orchard Oriole's nest, constructed entirely of monofilament fishing line. This was at the Lonebranch Recreation Area on Old Hickory Lake in Tennessee.
  11. Hi, I am new to this forum and wanted to say hello and share my joy of watching Hooded Orioles and Hummingbirds swarm and share the hummingbird feeders at my garden patios this summer. I have 4 (First Nature) hummingbird feeders and I'm going through about 8 pounds of sugar per month keeping them filled due to all the bird action. Luckily my house has floor to ceiling windows overlooking each garden so it's a constant feast for the eyes watching all the bird activity. I am absolutely transfixed every morning watching with coffee in hand! I just looked out to see 3 female Hooded Orioles, one at each feeder, with 2 males in the palm tree looking on; while the hummers swarmed the feeders awaiting their turn. Last weekend I videoed a frenzy of a dozen or more hummers flying around a male Oriole at the feeder. I've seen hummingbirds land on the feeder while a female Oriole is feeding but never with the male Orioles. The Orioles chatter loudly and seem to play with each other. I've see as many as 6 at a time in my small yard... they are very social with each other, fun and so colorful to watch. Love the bright yellow color of the male and KiWi colored females. I bought the Orioles their own feeder which they completely ignored. Also tried feeding grape jelly and oranges with no luck. They prefer the First Nature nectar feeders which have ports large enough for their beaks, so why mess with success? I had a seed feeder up for House Finches, Goldfinches and Nutmeg Mannikins, however a Male Pin-Tailed Whydah showed up and aggressively ran off the other birds constantly. He was so noisy and disruptive I have temporarily removed my seed feeder. Around the neighborhood we call the Whydah "Crazy Bird" for the way he spins, flutters and dives. From what I have read, the Whydah is native to South Africa but has grown in population in the Southwestern US and Florida. There are squirrels that also visit each day eating walnuts and pecans from my hand. Sometimes with all the animals visiting at once I just sit in awe and feel blessed to be surrounded by so much nature while living in the heart of a highly populated area. It's a little oasis! I've taken lots of pictures and videos however my iPhone 6 doesn't seem to do justice. I will try to post a couple here. Anyone else from the OC have these birds visiting their back yard??
  12. Need help identifying this nest that was hanging about 15 feet up in a white pine in SE Indiana. Construction is with woven dried Catalpa tree seed pods and the interior is lined with a thin layer of mud. I thought it was an Oriole nest, but it is larger and constructed a little different than any Oriole nest I've found before.
  13. CanadianCodhead

    Ontario - sparrow & oriole

    From today in Toronto Thanks in advance. Confirm female & male Orchard Oriole. They are not super common here. The male in particular looks too deep red for a Baltimore: Sparrow - I never got a 100% clear shot of him (all shots I believe are of same individual, but there may have been 2), as he was way deep under cover. I think I know what it is,but would appreciate a confirm. Shares name with, but is not named after a President ?
  14. Raptor Rapture

    2nd Look ... Female Oriole

    I've had mixed reviews on this one. I assumed variable Baltimore Oriole because they really ARE variable around here. Found this one in the yard (Charlevoix, MI) on May 20th. Dismissed Orchard because I thought the wingbars a bit too strong, and it doesn't belong here! Thoughts? As always, thanks for your expertise! Baltimore Oriole - F by Raptor Rapture2012, on Flickr
  15. BrettE

    What the Oriole?

    Hey All, I have some birds from my backyard in Parker, CO. I think theses guys are Orioles, but I'm not 100% sure. What do you think? I think this is a juvenile Bullock's Oriole: And I think this guy (the orange one, not the other guy obviously ) is a Bullock's Oriole: And this is two of them together last weekend. It's going to be 86F tomorrow, and yes we had a snow last weekend because Colorado has wacky weather (and I love it). It's not a great photo, but they're so skittish, so this is as good as I could get that day. Thanks! Brett
  16. ancyalexander

    More bird id confirmations

    Taken today at Stephens State Park, NJ Wilson's warbler? Black throated blue warbler? I agree this is a terrible photo - but does it look like a female baltimore oriole or a female scarlet tanager? The male Baltimore Oriole and Scarlet tanagers were nearby. Wood thrush?
  17. Found this guy in a nearby tree. First time I've ever noticed one around here. Is this an Oriole of some type?? DSC_1540 by sudsymugsy, on Flickr Thanks!
  18. Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto by the lake in May. I saw a Baltimore Oriole on that same day, not far from there. Is that one? thx
  19. This is another bird I've never seen in my suburban Austin, TX backyard. Looks like some sort of oriole? (Ignore the white winged dove in the foreground, we're covered in those). Terry D.
  20. nancybille

    Am I an oriole

    Had this guy on my suet. Thought it looked like an oriole but having a hard time deciding which one if it is. Thought the beak and back didn't look like that of either found here in Pine Hill, NJ. Baltimore and Orchard. All help requested.
  21. Hi all, Saw this cutie in Fremont, CA today (attached). I've seen a male Bullock's Oriole in the area, but I'm not sure if this is a female. What do you think? Also, any idea of what is in her beak? Thanks!