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Found 51 results

  1. I shot my first owl yesterday evening! Getting an owl picture has been my photography goal for 2017. Here it is November and I had only seen one all year and no pictures to show for it. Yesterday close to evening my son landed his quad-copter in a pine tree. This Barred Owl flew in and perched right next to it, investigating the flashing lights, I suppose. It then flew and perched about 8 feet off the ground in a small hardwood and allowed me to get fairly close for a few pictures. The light was failing so I cranked the ISO, and exposed to the right to compensate for the backlight of the sky behind him. It's my first owl and I'm ecstatic!!
  2. So I have posted this picture before on another forum, and I got some votes for Eastern Screech-Owl and some for Northern Saw-Whet. I figured I would give it a shot here. This bird visited my backyard in August (LI, NY) on at least 2 occasions minutes before nightfall. One night it perched on my fence in a few different places eyeing the feeder (neither location I would call a good hiding spot). Another night it perched on the tree limb above the feeders, maybe hoping a mouse would pass by, who knows. When I saw it the first time, I thought it was odd that the robin that usually sits on the fence was out so late. Turns out it wasn't the robin. 3spoopy5me. I approached the bird (not a good idea, I know now) and was able to get within 10 feet. Still didn't know what I was looking at, and really only remarked its yellow talons (do owls even have yellow feet?) It flapped away a little bit back onto a tree limb. The wings had quite the flap, reminding me of a crow almost. I really didn't think of an owl until it did a few circular head movements judging my distance up in the tree. I've seen pics of a Northern Saw-Whet owl and even though this bird was small, it just looks too damn tiny. Also it would be a very rare sight. The only two other realistic options, based on ebird sightings, are Eastern Screech and Great Horned (Unless I am completely misidentifying this bird). There's no way this is a GHO. Any other owl would be an extreme rarity. 1st pic is just to show how the color of the bird appeared to me- white and brownish. 2nd pic is the bird with no filters. 3rd pic is a closeup of the same shot run through a suite of filters. Appears to show facial disc and possible tufts?? 4th pic is the original with brightness, saturation, and contrast blasted. https://imgur.com/a/H0hYc Any ideas?
  3. This is the first Owl I have ever photographed, though I just started 4 days ago. I found the owl down in Sierra Vista, AZ, last night around sunset at a Riparian Conservation. The Owl(not sure of gender...one person there seemed to think female) had taken to a nesting box on a tree and had its face out of the entrance hole. At first I thought maybe it was a fake Owl head but as I moved to get different angles, the face followed my movements. There was a hummingbird banding going on at the place so I went and told some people and a group came over and watched the owl sleeping for a good 15-20 minutes. They told me it is a Western Screech Owl. Was very, very exciting for me as I find birds of prey especially fascinating. Cheers, -Isaac
  4. Need help with shorebird & owl

    I need help in identifying a small flock of shorebirds and an owl. The shorebirds were seen 8/26/17 in a small artificial freshwater pond just a few yards from Puget Sound in Washington state. I may be well off the mark, but the closest matching picture I can find is a solitary sandpiper - those these were definitely not solitary. The second picture is older. It was taken 3/21/15 in a freshwater marsh/pond not far from where the shorebird picture was taken. I don't often see owls, especially in daylight, so this surprised me. One person suggested it is a barn owl. Thanks
  5. Need help with shorebird & owl

    I need help in identifying a small flock of shorebirds and an owl. The shorebirds were seen 8/26/17 in a small artificial freshwater pond just a few yards from Puget Sound in Washington state. I may be well off the mark, but the closest matching picture I can find is a solitary sandpiper - those these were definitely not solitary. The second picture is older. It was taken 3/21/15 in a freshwater marsh/pond not far from where the shorebird picture was taken. I don't often see owls, especially in daylight, so this surprised me. One person suggested it is a barn owl. Thanks
  6. Baby owl

    Best yardbird ever!! I looked out my bedroom window while I was getting ready for work. Took me a few tries to get the right settings on the camera. Today, Southeast Michigan in a small backyard surrounded by houses. Edit: how far could it be from its nest?
  7. Baby owl?!!

    This bird was spotted in Connecticut a few days ago. I think this is a quite young owl. Does anybody know what species? It is hard to tell at this stage! Thank you!
  8. Last summer, this small owl was often on a backyard fence or flower pot holder in the middle of the night (I took the photo Sept. 24, 2016). The location is a residential area in southern New Jersey just east of Philadelphia. I don't know if the small size of the owl was because of its age or species. Hopefully it will come back this summer. Thanks in advance for any guesses on the type of owl. [Please note that I took this photograph at night with a strobe and because the strobe lighting was horizontal with the owl, I got a "red eye effect".....the owl's eyes did NOT come out correctly in my photo, i.e., the eyes were not red.]
  9. Ontario Owl

    Can anyone identify this owl that I saw last night in South River, Ontario (west of Algonquin Provincial Park)? Sorry about the photo quality - it was quite dark!
  10. Wasn't quite sure what to do with this shot as far as editing. Decided to just leave as it was taken. I don't often get an owl in this lighting. Ontario 12 March 2017.
  11. Taken this morning around 7am before heading over to work. Nice way to start the day.
  12. Dark and rainy shoot today with this Great Gray Owl in southern Ontario.
  13. Kingston Region Images are approx 800 x 600 for forum use
  14. Phantom of the North

    Great Gray Owl 2 Feb 2017 Southern Ontario
  15. A few feathers

    Found a bunch of feathers near each other..the 1st might be an owl..the 2nd might be a barred owl...the last might be a ring neck pheasent..any ideas r
  16. What owl did I see today?

    Today in Pelham Bay Park, Bronx, NYC. I thought it was a Barred Owl. Photos suggest Saw-whet. However, it appeared to be too big to be Saw-whet. IMG_1192 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0990 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0988 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0987 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0983 by degibox, on Flickr
  17. Found in Massachusetts, after looking over photos of a "Saw whet owl" it looks more like that of a boreal owl based on the dotting around the eyes and the stripes in stomach, is it a boreal or a northern saw-whet?
  18. This snowy owl photographed 2 Jan 2017 looks relaxed as it sits along the shoreline of lake Ontario on Wolfe Island.
  19. Baby owl?

    Looking to id this bird. I get them every year under my awning. It only during early winter (november) and at night. I live in metro st. Louis. I currently have 2 under each corner and they dont spook. I can work around them and in and out of the door and they dont move. https://drive.google.com/a/umsl.edu/file/d/0B-Rj5xCLqrrvV1lnMEtxNVZ2ZTA/view?usp=drivesdk https://drive.google.com/a/umsl.edu/file/d/0B-Rj5xCLqrrvMVlqX3lqUy1ja0E/view?usp=drivesdk
  20. Help ID this owl

    Please help me ID this owl. I took this photo awhile back in Oregon.
  21. I saw a large, dard colored owl while driving down the road. The best match I could find was a Great Gray Owl, however they don't live anywhere near where I live(central Florida). It was out in the middle of the day, too. Can someone tell me what it was?
  22. Is this a barn owl?

    July 23rd in Vancouver, BC, I heard a hooting coming from a tree in my neighbourhood. It sounded like an owl to me and I have listened to many owl calls trying to identify it. The call was a low, three-piece hoot with the middle hoot being the longest. It repeated in this exact pattern with such frequency that I thought the bird might be in distress. As I approached the tree and looked up, the hooting stopped and resumed again as I moved away. I did not see the bird but I suspect a barn owl as it is the most common in my area and most likely to be found near human dwellings. I heard the exact same call again two days later, about fifteen blocks away. Both encounters were in broad daylight around midday. The vocal quality was almost exactly like recordings I've heard of barn owls but I have not heard this repeating pattern of threes. I have a few questions: 1) Does my description sound typical of any owl? 2) Do individual owls have unique hooting patterns and was it likely the same bird in both encounters? 3) Why would an owl hoot with such frequency in the daytime in the middle of a densely populated area? 4) Does another non-owl bird make this call? A crow mimicking? 5) Are owls, in fact, the kitties of the sky?
  23. First post here. I live on the Central Coasts of California on a small mountain a dozen miles from the beach. I have ten acres with only a couple of neighbors that live prit etty far away. I'm mentioning this because it makes it less likely that this noise I'm hearing is a domesticated cat. I Have recently begun to hear this noise almost every night. I first thought it was a cat because that is exactly what it sounds like to me. I finally was able to pin-point the location as I have heard it coming from multiple places of my yard at different times. I do not know much about birds but my step-dad and I think that this is some kind of an owl. We're mostly guessing though. I will do my best to attach a video where you can hear it and then also see it. The noise was coming from the tree on the left and you see a bird fly toward this bird and you can see them both for a split second but mostly only the wing from the bird on the left. You might need to plug in some earbuds in order to hear it clearly. I tried to look for a nest in that tree during the day but didn't find one. In my uneducated opinion it seems like the birds are both big so I don't think either one is a baby. Any input or guesses would be great. I'm loving this site and learning a lot. Also, please let me know if you have any questions. *EDIT* Apparently my video is too big (It's only 21 seconds) and I don't know how to reduce the size. I will post a link to the video in my Photobucket. It's the only thing I can think of to do so I hope that this site allows this. http://vid1034.photobucket.com/albums/a426/brandaloo1983/Bird%20Noise%20Video/IMG_2457_zpsh72htjfv.mp4 Thank you!
  24. Hello, Can someone tell me what kind of owl this is? Location: central Virginia, 30 miles east of the Appalachian Mountains Dates of sightings: June 16-June 27, 2016 Time of sightings: Dusk, 8:30 pm EST. This is what time I first started hearing the call Description: The first time I heard the owl, I thought it was a hurt/lost puppy because that's what the call sounds like...a whining puppy. I went into the woods with a flashlight, and after 30 minutes of searching...first on the ground, then in the trees...I spotted a tiny brown and white owl. I took videos and pictures, and spent hours online trying to match the call to a specific owl, but nothing matched. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Here is a video I uploaded to youtube that has the call the owl makes: https://youtu.be/uxGmUqTy78w
  25. Unknown owl type

    Help me identify this owl. I found it in panama and I want to set it free. But first, it has to learn how to fly and I need to know what it eats or what you can feed it. I think it's 9 weeks old. Please help!