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Found 5 results

  1. papernpaste

    Loose Parakeet

    9/9/2017 Northern Delaware Not sure what can be done for this little guy. He showed up, yesterday and spent most of the day around my yard. I was on the ground, fending for himself against the aggressive cowbirds. Nights have been in mid-low 50's already. I have a feeling that the winter i s going to be wetter than normal since the summer has, here.
  2. Hi, we have had this bird about 15 years now. We caught him way out in the country. He flew out of the woods and onto a friend of ours' roof. We were able to coax him down and catch him. We called everyone in the area (central GA) asking if they were missing a bird. Nothing. So we kept him. We've thought he was a conure, but aren't entirely sure. His size is consistent with a conure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  3. MarkBird


    Just double checking - these all look like Mitreds, right? All pictures are of different birds, with the last two being in one small flock. Fuchs Park (Coral Gables), FL 5/26/14 1) 2) 3) 4) Thank you.
  4. First off, I'm not a bird person, so forgive my ornithological ignorance. Yesterday I was doing work on my front door. Something caught my attention in my front yard. I saw what appeared to be a sparrow in one of my shrubs. But this sparrow was green. As I approached it, the bird didn't fly off or even seem unnerved by my presence. Poking around the bush a bit, I got a good look at the bird. It was a small green bird with a curved beak. I got a stick that was lying nearby and stuck it near the bird's feet. It immediately got on the stick. I carried it in the house and checked the internet to see if there were any lost birds reported in my area. It sat on the stick the whole time, not moving. I'm currently keeping the bird in the house. With the many stray cats that roam the neighborhood, I didn't think it will last long outside, though I do take it outside occasionally (with the stick, or sitting on my shoulder). It doesn't fly away (not yet anyway). I don't yet have a bird cage. The bird does seem to be content sitting on a shelf of a bamboo coffee table I have in my sun room (where I leave its water and food). Unfolded cardboard boxes fit neatly underneath to handle the inevitable mess. It spends most of it's time perched on the bamboo sleeping, but it will occasionally start roaming the area and squawking. I think it's a parakeet. Anyway, it eats the parakeet food I bought at Walmart. I think it's fairly young - still a chick perhaps. It normally gets around by crawling and/or climbing, but it will fly 5-6 feet if startled by sudden movement or a loud noise. It's mostly green (green head, body), but also has some blue in its wing tips and neck. Photos enclosed. Let me know if you can identify this bird.
  5. Stumbled across a bird walk this morning at Whittier Narrows so I decided to join them and caught a few new--or potentially new birds--for me. I apologize in advance for the quality of all these photos; today was a fantastic day weather-wise but too much light and distance. You can click some of the pictures to make them bigger. First, is this photo good enough to confirm Common Moorhen? And a wild parrot I am thinking is Yellow-Chevroned Parakeet? Ruby-Crowed Kinglet? (Truly terrible photos, sorry.) Another (crummy) shot, and another. And then, pair of questions: 1) The bird guide pointed out this bird as a Purple Finch, but I always err on the side of the more common... Are these photos decent enough to tell? And another shot. 2) I know this is a Yellow-Rumped Warbler, but does anyone know if this plumage has a particular name? I've never seen a Yellow-Rumped with dotty-looking streaks, and such a big white band on the tail. And another shot. Thanks so much in advance for any and all help!