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Found 14 results

  1. finally ... song sparrow?

    I've been trying to find a song sparrow since November ... I "think" this is one. Very elusive.
  2. #1 ?Yellow-Backed vs Desert Spiny Lizard; 5/16/17 Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix #2 ?Sonoran Spotted Whiptail; 5/16/2017 Desert Botanical Gardens; Phoenix #3 ?American Bullfrog; 5/16/17 Desert Botanical Gardens, Phoenix #4 ??? Very cold that morning; 5/16/17; Desert Botanical Garden; Phoenix #5 ??; 5/14/17; Papago Park, Hole-in-the-Rock
  3. All taken at Desert Botanical Garden, Phoenix AZ, 5/16/2017 #1 ?Abert's Towhee #2 Phainopepla, female #3 Gila Woodpecker #4 Black-chinned Hummingbird #5 Female House Finch #6 Black-chinned Hummingbird #7 Cactus Wren
  4. #7 White-winged Dove #8 Black-Chinned Hummingbird #9 ????
  5. Hi, first trip out west and saw many birds--highlight was an adult male and a juvenile California Condor. I need confirmation on a few and a some I could not ID at all. Thank you in advance. #1 Brewer's Blackbird, Papago Park, Phoenix, AZ 5/14/17 #2 Mourning Dove (looked slightly different than our southeastern ones), Papago Park, Phoenix, AZ 5/14/17 #3-#6 House Finch, Papago Park, Phoenix AZ, 5/14/2017
  6. A double dose of Arizona specialties

    I was able on the way from work to stop at a city park and photograph both Rosy-faced Lovebirds and Williamson's Sapsucker...one of the main reasons I live in Phoenix! Read all about it here http://hotspotbirding.com/blogpostdetail?name=one-more-final-chase-for-2015
  7. I spotted this rufous crested bird at the Desert Botanical in Phoenix today 9/20/15. It has lemon yellow wing parts, a yellow underbelly, and looks like a flycatcher to me. But I can't find a flycatcher with a rufous crown or the eye markings evident in the close up picture attached. Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. I live in Phoenix, AZ and have had the pleasure of a little visitor for a few weeks now. I believe it to be a 'him,' but I cannot for the life of me figure out what species he is. He doesn't quite fit into any of the descriptions I've read for the bumblebee, the lucifer, the broad-tailed or any other native hummingbird species for this area. I think he may be a juvenile or adolescent bird. I do live near a wash, and also near cacti, cholla, a pond and grasses. I do have a feeder and he frequents this, as well as the flowering bushes around the apartment complex. He also seems very inquisitive about me. I'm often on my patio and he doesn't bother to move from his perch on the back of the patio chair I have there, instead he looks at me and watches what I do - even tolerates close-up pictures of himself from my phone. What a lovely little guy! I just wish I knew what he was! Can anyone help?
  9. I have tried all the identifiers and am still stumped but am pretty new to bird watching. This guy has such beautiful black and white checkered wings. Any help would be great, Thank you.
  10. At Glendale Recharge Ponds in Maricopa County west of Phoenix: While photographing Great Egret in flight, a smaller bird flew into the frame. The first photo is cropped. The second shows the Great Egret and the unknown bird. It looks tern-like, white body, grey wings, yellow legs. Cannot clearly ID black cap. It was windy, so maybe that's why feathers on head look fluffy. Not a great photo of the smaller bird, but maybe someone can tell if it is not a tern. I also posted photos in Whatbird photo album - Glendale Recharge Ponds thanks for any help 07/21/14 After more research, could this be a Wilson's Phalarope?
  11. The Balancing Act-ID?

    Found this bird in unique posture and hence this video clip. ID please. Looks to be sparrow kind.
  12. Hi All, I took this pic at the Phoenix Zoo but, I forgot what its called? Does anyone know?
  13. http://www.whatbird....gbirds-feeding/ I need help identifying these pretty little visitors! Do you recognize them? Are they Anna's? These stills are from Saturday 12 Jan 2013 in Queen Creek, AZ. They have green backs, lighter undersides, and the males are very colorful with pink/red throats, the females less so. I'm new to this site so let me know if I'm doing this right.
  14. Hi all, Going to be in Phoenix area this coming Saturday morning/afternoon. Have only the one day until 3 PM. Where should I go? I've been to the Desert Museum before... this time, was thinking of going to either Hassayampa Preserve or else perhaps Boyce Thompson Arboretum...? Your advice would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Bill