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Found 7 results

  1. ?Whose Tern Is It

    Pinellas co., FL; 6/30/2017 6th bird from left is the one in question. L-R: LG Gull, Peep, Peep, LG, peep, then ?? Royal vs. out-of-perspective Least vs. other Looking at the other LTs in the photo (mid-foreground & mid-background), the tern in question seems closer in size to the LGs, and seems to tower over the peeps, but the head pattern looks like a LT. I cannot determine bill color.
  2. Terns

    Pinellas co., FL; 6/30/2017 1. Least Tern 2. Sandwich Tern
  3. ?Whimbrel

    Pinellas co., FL; 6/30/2017 Noticed this photobombing fellow in the background of another picture when I was reviewing them on my laptop. Can't make out color or other details--only the silhouette.
  4. ?Semipalmated SP

    Pinellas co., FL; 6/30/2017 ?Semipalmated Sandpipers? These birds were teeny
  5. Pinellas co., FL 6/30/2017 L-R: Immature Least Tern, Ruddy Turnstone, back right corner--?semipalmated sandpiper?
  6. Hi, All-- This photo was taken 6/30/2017, Pinellas co., FL (eastern Gulf Coast). I thought it was a Great Black-backed Gull b/c of the black back and pink legs, dark eyes, and orange spot on bill, but saw those are not common on the Gulf coast of FL, and should consider Lesser BBG instead??? This bird was huge.
  7. I am trying out the Gallery for my images, hope it works. If not, guidance is always appreciated. I took this picture with a point-and-shoot June 28, 2012 at Sawgrass Park, Pinellas co., FL I think it is a blue heron, but not sure if Great or Little. I don't really have anything in the frame for scale, so can't gauge size, but was leaning toward Little because no dark on the crown, but understand there can be "morphs" and it does not seem to have the dark neck of a Little.