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Found 66 results

  1. Hi everyone! I’m hoping you might help me with some bird detective work. I’m trying to figure out what species of raptor Frida Kahlo has in the photo below. I haven’t been able to find any information online about the bird except that it’s an “eagle” (seems more like a hawk?) and her name was Gertrudis Caca Blanca (amazing). I’m assuming it’s a species native to Mexico. Any help/ideas/direction you can give me would be much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. I know some of you like a challenge. Yesterday, 2/20/18, Southeast Michigan. This bird was very far away, gliding, with a couple wing flaps every 10 seconds or so. My superzoom point-and-shoot was past maximum optical zoom and the photo is HEAVILY cropped at that. Was only able to get one pic.
  3. Hi, I am trying to confirm my ID of a cooper's hawk. But a friend said they could not see the cap and was wondering of it was a Cooper. I thought the head was indicative of a Cooper over maybe the Sharp-shinned. It is more square and bigger. Here is a link to the Flickr account. Nancy E.
  4. Hello, I took this picture in December 2017 in Varanasi, India. I checked a couple websites but nothing came close except for perhaps a red kite? Please help, thanks.
  5. Hello, I took this picture in December 2017 in Varanasi, India. I checked a couple websites but nothing came close. Please help, thanks.
  6. Can someone tell me what bird this is? Taken in a park next to a lake in Tucson, Arizona today(11th) around 3PM. The bird was actively hunting. DSC_4234-Edit by isaacteal@sbcglobal.net, on Flickr
  7. Please help me identify this raptor bird. Location Romania, Brasov county, Lempes Mountain
  8. What is this bird?

    I spotted a large bird (eagle, raptor) at Long Beach WA On June 5th. The 1st photo shows 2 of these birds and the 2nd photo sitting behind a Bald Eagle. It appears to be about 10-25% larger than the Bald Eagle. It was mostly brown with a lighter colored chest. I believe the 3rd picture might be this bird in flight (but not sure). Can you help me identify the bird? Thanks
  9. Hi All, Once again, as seems to be my trademark, I bring you a hastily shot, poorly focused photo of an unidentified bird overflying my backyard in northern NJ. I’m tempted to conclude that it’s just one of our local redtails, with the hour off the day and the sun’s angle confusing both my camera and me. Does anyone have any thoughts or guesses? Thanks. []
  10. Raptor seen near Pipeline Road in central Panama during May. Greatly appreciate any help!
  11. Need help with ID

    I was shooting photos of some soaring red tail hawks yesterday and thought this guy was a vulture passing through. But then I noticed the white head and yellow beak. I'm in Trabuco Canyon, CA and we do have some Golden Eagles, but very rare to see Bald Eagles. Not sure if this is an Eagle, Osprey or just a light morphed hawk. Any help with ID would be appreciated!
  12. Raptor identification

    Need help identifying this bird of prey. This is a photograph taken at a zoo in Seattle. It's a rescued bird that was found injured somewhere in Washington. Thanks
  13. What Hawk Did I Spot Today?

    In Orange County, New York this afternoon I spotted two of these. I thought they were Red-Tailed Hawks at first because they made a sound much like your common Red-Tailed Hawk call, but they didn't quite look like Red-Tails to me. Thanks, all! -Peter url=https://flic.kr/p/Nn6mT2][/url]WhatHawkAmI by degibox, on Flickr
  14. Raptor with white tail

    Yesterday I saw this raptor flying over the Red River in northern Caddo Parish, Louisiana. We have a ton of red tailed hawks here, but none ever have a white tail. Is this some kind of morph of a red tailed hawk passing through? A molting bird? Another kind of raptor? Help me out, please! Thank you! :-)
  15. Taken this morning with my junky phone camera. You can't tell from the pic, but it was very large. Easily vulture-sized. Much larger than any Hawk I've seen. I can't help but think it's an eagle, based on its frame and his very large beak. (Also can't tell that from the picture.) He flew away with his prey (rabbit or squirrel) into the woods and his wingspan was also about that of a vulture's. I have a few guesses but really no idea for sure. Any help would be much appreciated!!
  16. Is this a young Osprey?

    This is in Southern Oregon. This photo was taken in late July.
  17. A colony of about 10 of these Raptors are spending time in open land near me in Tamil Nadu, South India. The photos are of one of the birds resting and flying. Is this a Kite? Help in identifying appreciated.
  18. Seen this afternoon at Taughannock Falls State Park, New York. There were three of them. This one was the biggest, though it was maybe only about 16 inches or so from head to tail. I assumed this was the parent and the other two were fledgling. DSC_2750 by degibox, on Flickr
  19. Prairie falcon?

    Saw this hawk today, in open wasteland near riverine habitat, Tucson AZ - looked about the size of a Coopers but unfamiliar to me. It flew away with strong flight on pointed wings and looked all uniform brown above, I couldn't see underwings. Could it be a prairie falcon?
  20. Falcon?

    Saw this in Jax Bch yard on March 18th. (Jacksonville Beach, FL)
  21. id raptor

    I can't id this raptor from available images.
  22. Hello, forum! First let me say how helpful being a part of this forum has been for me as I enter my second year of birding! Having "conversations" with folks can sometimes be more helpful than referencing field guides, etc. All photos taken in Queens, NYC These first two photos are of a hawk I couldn't get a good look at. Not much to go on in these photos, but it was smallish and spotted in the same vicinity that I identified a Sharp-Shinned Hawk about a month ago. Anyone think this could be the same bird I saw last month? 1. DSC_0047 by degibox, on Flickr 2. DSC_0049 by degibox, on Flickr 3. The bird in the upper right is most likely a Double-Crested Cormorant. But the one in the lower left??? Is it just the angle of the photo that's making it look like a different bird? Is this simply another cormorant? It looked like one in flight. So, I'm just checking here. DSC_0109 by degibox, on Flickr 4,5,6. Scaups, Scaups, and more Scaups. I counted about 200. But the question, as yo may have guessed by now, is are they Greater Scaups or Lesser Scaups? And if anyone could share how to tell the difference, that would be wonderful. One of the photos has some Buffleheads in it if that helps with scale. 4. DSC_0197 by degibox, on Flickr 5.DSC_0155 by degibox, on Flickr 6.DSC_0156 by degibox, on Flickr
  23. Raptor id please

    Hello, I spotted this raptor in a tree beside my driveway today. Could someone identify it please? Thank you. IMG_7626 by Andrew Lyall, on Flickr
  24. This has got to be a Red-Tail, no?

    Spotted in Astoria, Queens, NYC! DSC_0278 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0279 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0280 by degibox, on Flickr DSC_0282 by degibox, on Flickr
  25. Hawk ID

    Is this a Sharp shinned, I got this picture in the antelope valley, California. _MG_4596 by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr