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Found 17 results

  1. San Diego Hawk?

    Saw this hawk at the botanical gardens in San Diego. Have been very confused as to what it is!! Please help its making me crazy!
  2. Three Photos

    Taken today in San Diego. 02/17/2018. I see at least two Brant’s Cormorants. Just not sure about the other ones. Most likely just double-crested, but not use to seeing brown cormorants with the white under chin. I believed this is an Eared Grebe...but the plumage is messing me up... This last one...not sure? Is it just a very dark rock pigeon???
  3. Pacific West

    Plannig a Road Trip with the family. It’s not a “birding” trip, but I will be able to stop whenever I want to bird along the trip, you know...since I’m the man of the house!!! (As long as it’s okay with my wife that is!!!! Most “birding stops” will be around 1-2 hours, so short and sweet. Except nation parks, and major stoping points, which I will have 1-4 days at each. My path is looking like the following: Start San diego, Drive to Las Vegas after work. Stay over night. Day 1: visit Vegas, Stay over night Day 2: drive to Salt Lake City, Utah...(any stops along the way, off of Interstate 15?) Stay over night. Day 3: Visit Salt Lake City, Stay Over night. (Local Birding Spots???) Day 4: Stay at Salt Lake?/or most likely head to Yellowstone National park trough Grand Tenton. Day 5: stay in Grand Tenton or Yellowstone (most likely YellowStone) Day 6-7: Visit Yellowstone Day 8: Drive to Spokane Washigton Day 9-12: Visit Spokane/idaho Day 13: Drive to Seattle. Day 14-15 Visit Seattle/Olympic National Park Day 16 Drive to Crater Lake, Oregon Day 17-18: Visit Crater Lake Day 19-21: Drive back to San Diego, or spend more time at other locations throughout the trip.
  4. Lincoln Sparrow?

    Photos from 01/02/18, La Mesa (San Diego), Ca. I saw a bird (01/01/18) that looked like a juvenile white crowned sparrow but had a streaked breast. I didn't have bins or a camera and as soon as the bird saw me it took of. Not sure what it was, but it got out looking the next day for it. I did not see it, but I happened across this bird. I was thinking about it being a song sparrow, but I'm thinking too much color. I guess I accidentally rolled my shutter speed the wrong direction .... Sorry for the bad photos. I'm thinking Lincoln Sparrow? Not a lifer, but a new yard bird.
  5. I had a bird at my feeder yesterday that had a bright yellow beak, gray/white wings,black legs , a yellow belly and back. It was bigger than a finch but smaller than a mockingbird. I looked at all the CA birds and none match it. I am stumped and believe it was in migration. Any ideas?
  6. Ducks n' Such

    San Diego, CA Jan 16: Greater or Lesser Scaup? (pictured with Redhead for size comparison) Jan 28: Non-breeding Eared Grebe (?) Jan 28: Greater Yellowlegs? Maybe? Feb 28: Another non-breeding eared grebe?
  7. Scooter?

    Saw these birds in San Diego last week - Mission Bay to be exact. Each photo shows a different bird but I think they're the same species... any thoughts on what they are? Sorry, they were really far away and these are the best photos I have of them. I appreciate it!
  8. Unknown sparrow

    Saw this little guy near the San Diego River in March - not sure which type of Sparrow it is - any thoughts? Thanks!
  9. Unknown Petrel #2

    Similar to my previous thread, but this is a different bird seen a little later in the day. Again, off the coast of San Diego in March. Another petrel or shearwater... same as thread #1 or something different (I'm thinking its the same type)? Thanks!
  10. Unknown Petrel #1

    Saw this off the coast of San Diego in March - It's a petrel, but I'm having a hard time narrowing it down - any thoughts? I appreciate it!
  11. Unk Gull?

    Saw this on the coast near San Diego in March. Different bird from my recent previous post - note the white rump (different from 2nd yr Heermann's Gull) - any thoughts on what this might be? Thanks!
  12. Heermann's Gull?

    Saw this along the coast near San Diego in March - I think it's a second year Heermann's - any thoughts? Thanks!
  13. Shorebird ID help

    I saw this south of San Diego in October mixed in with other shorebirds. I think this is a type of sandpiper, but I'm not 100%. Any help is appreciated!
  14. Say's Phoebe?

    I saw this a while back in San Diego, CA in January, in some scrubby area near the coast. I originally ID'd it as a Say's Phoebe, but for some reason I'm doubting that ID now. Any thoughts on what it might be or confirmation that it's a Say's? Thanks!
  15. Phoebe?

    photo taken Hodges Lake San Diego Cnty 8-30-13 6
  16. I think this is a wren but I couldn't match it to any photos I could find. Photo taken 5-08-09- Pt. Loma Lighthouse San Diego California
  17. Taken at Sweetwater shoreline near the Chula Vista Nature Center in San Diego. Nov 11 2012. Bird on the left is the one in question. http://www.whatbird....g-1222-cropped/ Stumped..thanks for your help in advance!