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Found 76 results

  1. Taken today. The bird sleeping in the background I think is semipalmated. Foreground bird is least sandpiper for comparison. Thanq for your help.
  2. This was in Destin, FL last July. Am leaning toward semipalmated sandpiper, but bill length almost seems like western... Any thoughts? cropped image above, wider angle below
  3. Are both of these Yellow Warblers? Plover??? Black bellied?? Sandpiper? Lesser Yellowlegs? - This bird ran fast, sporadic changes in direction, bounced rump up and down
  4. What type of sandpiper are these, this was taken on the So. California coast. 0B0A0716-Edit 0B0A0763-Edit
  5. 8/24/17 near Crosswinds Marsh, Michigan 3 Pectoral Sandpipers in front, a Killdeer in the middle back, but what it the sandpiper I'm pointing to:
  6. Two Western Sandpipers? Seen at Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge (Highway 84 western side San Mateo) on 16 October 2017. https://www.whatbird.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/317957-western-sandpiper/ https://www.whatbird.com/forum/index.php?/gallery/image/317956-western-sandpiper/
  7. The belly color is throwing me as well as the green legs? This was taken about 1/2 mile from the Chicago River in Lakeview about 3000 North. Apologize for the photo quality captured via iphone Thanks All Tony
  8. I know this is a long-shot, but I took this as this bird was flying overhead very early in the morning. I live in Northeast Texas. Anyone have a clue? Thanks so much!
  9. Unsure of the species of the sandpiper on the right side of the pictures. There is a known sanderling, and a killdeer in the photo for size comparison. Thinking Pectoral, Western, or Baird's. Sorry for the photo quality.
  10. Hi everyone! I admittedly haven't posted on here in quite a while, but those of you who know me know me for two different things: Number 1, Forsythe NWR in the Atlantic City, NJ area is one of my absolute favorite birding destinations to visit, at all times of the year; and Number 2, I am the undisputed king of the shaky camera and hence grainy photo, at any appreciable degree of zoom. Perhaps someday I'll graduate to a heavy SLR and a tripod; but for now, I'm hoping some of you out there with more birding experience can help me pin down a number of ID's for me, before I go around telling people I've seen something I haven't. Firstly, I saw a number of small shorebirds standing around in the water in groups that August day. My guess is they are Sandpipers …leaning toward Semipalmated, but I suppose Least is also a possibility. And this one is distant and silhouetted, so anyone else’s guess is as good as mine, as to whether or not these are the same type of bird. Here’s another flock of birds that I’m supposing are also Sandpipers, before and then after landing: These are all different angles of one individual bird, which I’m guessing to also be – you guessed it – a Sandpiper: A number of what appear to be the same type of shorebird, all with long bills: This one, to me, looks like a Dowitcher (though it’s probably impossible to tell here whether Long-billed or Short- ): Pretty sure this is a Yellowlegs, and if I had to I’d probably put my money on Greater: Some type of duck, I’d want to say Gadwall(?): And finally, a healthy number of Terns …but whether they’re Forster’s, or some other species (and probably include both Juveniles and Adults), I’m unclear on: And more… And finally: Thanks in advance, for putting up for my photos. …And, as always, for any and all ID help that anyone is willing to offer! -Steve
  11. Solitary Sandpiper ?

    I am pretty darn sure this is a Solitary Sandpiper. The conspicuous white eye ring, clearly barred tail, and buff streaking on upper breast. If my ID is correct, this will be a life bird for me. Confirmation requested. Thank you. THIS IS THE SECOND TIME THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME WITH PHOTOBUCKET. MY APOLOGIES. I AM WORKING TO FIND ANOTHER IMAGE HOSTING SITE AND WILL UPDATE THIS POST WITH A PICTURE VERY SOON. Image taken in Southeastern PA on 8/26/17
  12. I got this photo of this shorebird in Codroy, Newfoundland but I'm having trouble identifying it!
  13. Vancouver Island, BC. Least sandpiper, or some other type? I still have very few shorebirds photographed, so it's likely a lifer
  14. Stilt Sandpiper?

    I believe this is a Stilt Sandpiper. Would appreciate confirmation though. Taken this week at the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center on North Carolina's Outer Banks.
  15. Calidrid ID

    All of these were in a flooded field in Douglas County, WA (central Washington). Being an inlander, I'm not the best at IDing calidris sandpipers. On eBird, Least, Semipalmated, and Western Sandpipers are not listed as rare in the filters, and all 3 species have been reported at the location. Most of these appeared to be Semipalmated/Least Sandpipers. No image could be embedded, so you will have to click the Imgur links. 1. Least? http://imgur.com/a/heuNt http://imgur.com/a/Ma54k 2. Almost sure that this is a Semipalmated, just making sure. http://imgur.com/a/eNN5C 3. Semipalmateds? http://imgur.com/a/Fkfmm http://imgur.com/a/FVU7A 4. ??? http://imgur.com/a/P86og
  16. Shorebird

    Is this a Willet? It was taken on the southern California coast/ _MG_3806-Edit by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  17. Tiny shorebird identification

    Saw this very tiny bird at Irvine Regional Park on Jan 31st. Im thinking western sandpiper or least sandpiper in their non-breeding plumage but I really have no idea. The bird was seen alone with no other shorebirds around. I'm still very new to shorebirds and learning. I included some closeups and then some with ducks next to it for size reference. Any help appreciated! https://www.flickr.com/gp/152085838@N08/2kU1Xu <a data-flickr-embed="true" href="https://www.flickr.com/gp/152085838@N08/nz6HeF" title="What Bird is this?"><img src="https://c1.staticflickr.com/4/3869/32469518680_713b029234_z.jpg" width="640" height="427" alt="What Bird is this?"></a><script async src="//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js" charset="utf-8"></script>
  18. Hi, I saw this bird at Port aux Choix in Newfoundland in August. Is it a sandpiper? what kind? thx
  19. sandpiper? NFLD, Aug

    Hi, I saw several of those on the Western coast of Newfoundland in August. Is that a sandpiper? if yes, what kind? thx
  20. Least Sandpiper ?

    Found a flock of these on a fresh water mudflat. They would always set-up right next to the water, but always feed on the edge and never in the water. Size of a chunky fox sparrow. They were mixed in with Lesser Yellowlegs and Pectoral Sandpipers. My best guess is Least Sandpiper given the size and the fact that they would feed only on the edge of the mud flat and not in the water. Shorebird ID is tough for me as I don't see enough of them. Image taken 9/17/2016 in Southern New Jersey, USA. What say you? Many Thanks!
  21. Terrible photos, but can anyone identify this flock that I saw today near Belleville, Ontario, Canada?
  22. Hello, saw this earlier this morning (8/6) in Tiny Marsh, Ontario Canada. Am thinking it is a Greater or Lesser Yellowlegs due to the following additional clues: 1) we finally ended up flushing a dozen or so of them and in flight they had distinct white rumps, 2) they were in two sizes, one smaller, one larger (greater and lesser?), 3) on the ground they did not jerk like a Solitary Sandpiper, rather strolled around with no real distinct feeding movements.
  23. After recently reviewing some photos from last year, this sandpiper caught my attention. I am thinking semipalmated because of the non-streaked breast, seemingly blunt-tipped bill (seen in 2nd photo) and lack of rufous coloration on head and scapulars. What are your thoughts? The images were taken on August 30th, 2015 at Glendale Recharge Ponds in Glendale, AZ.
  24. seen last May outer banks, NC not sure if they are two different birds or both the same sanderling ? semi palmated sandpiper ? my apologies as a first time poster I hope I have all the requirements this time
  25. Sandpiper seen on Harbor Island in Beaufort SC on 10/5/15. It was very windy just as the big East Coast storm was winding down. Photos taken very late in the afternoon around 6:30. Want to make sure that my ID (below the photos) of the piper with the long colorful bill is correct. Other birds in photo: Sanderling (I think) & a couple of Semipalmated Plovers along with a Semipalmated Sandpiper on the right (I think). These small shorebirds still confuse me. A Cooper's Hawk scattered the birds almost as soon as I saw them. My ID: Purple Sandpaper (basically due to the bill & coloring). Never got the chance to see the leg color.