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Found 2 results

  1. This is the first Owl I have ever photographed, though I just started 4 days ago. I found the owl down in Sierra Vista, AZ, last night around sunset at a Riparian Conservation. The Owl(not sure of gender...one person there seemed to think female) had taken to a nesting box on a tree and had its face out of the entrance hole. At first I thought maybe it was a fake Owl head but as I moved to get different angles, the face followed my movements. There was a hummingbird banding going on at the place so I went and told some people and a group came over and watched the owl sleeping for a good 15-20 minutes. They told me it is a Western Screech Owl. Was very, very exciting for me as I find birds of prey especially fascinating. Cheers, -Isaac
  2. I live in Illinois, in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago. In my neighborhood, there is a bird that I have heard multiple times, yet not been able to identify despite research on my part. Once night has completely fallen, this bird will regularly move large distances in the neighborhood(it's call can be heard from quite far away) and make an interesting sound. The farther you are from it, the more it sounds like a faint, high pitched whistle almost, a meow or mew or pew that descends in tone slightly. When you get closer (and it is shy, as it may move away as you approach) it begins to rasp more, until somewhat reminiscent of the familiar scream of a Red-Tailed Hawk. However, it is quite nocturnal, the sound is shorter (a second or so), and hawks do not have the sweet meowing quality when heard from farther away. I traced it to its source, but only once, and I was not wearing my glasses or my camera strung around my neck... From what I do know, it doesn't like bright light, it appeared to be owl shaped, and flew silently. Leading me to suspect it was an owl. I returned home to our very own whatbird.com and performed a search, but none of the owls or goatsuckers I listened to had a similar sound. Any speculation is helpful, I will be going back out with a camera tomorrow and may post a picture. Thanks in advance!