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Found 4 results

  1. When I do a search based on song pattern and select 'flat', it plays an example that sounds like a chipping sparrow, but when I look at the 312 birds resulting as a match from that search, chipping sparrow does not appear as one of them.
  2. I feel dumb because, as evidenced by the lack of posts about it, apparently I'm the only one who can't figure this out. How do I use the search feature without entering a keyword? I put in my state, habitat, and one or two other general features and want to search for all birds that fit within those parameters- but iBird Pro won't search unless I put something in the keyword field?
  3. A while ago, I took a picture of a juvenile red tailed Hawk. At the time, I did not know what it was. Using the search in iBird Pro, I failed to discover it's identity. A friend of mine ultimately identified it for me. Based on the pictures I took, I tried inputting different parameters in the search. It still does not give me a juvenile red tailed hawk. Am I doing something wrong? Or, is this level of search just not capable in the app? If it is capable, what specifically should I be putting into the search parameters to discover that the bird I saw was a juvenile red tailed hawk? I am doing this from my iPad right now. If I can edit it later from my computer, I will upload a picture or two for an example.
  4. On my iPad, if I hit search, there are 926 birds matched. I enter location Texas, hit the search button again, there are 485. I follow with gull like, primary color black, there are 5, or primary red and green, 0. All as it should be, except reset clears the location field, and I thought a long time ago it was decided to make that sticky. But on the Android, the same sequence does not filter - there are still 926 birds. On one occasion, adding size small changed it to 0, but another try it did not.