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Found 30 results

  1. small grey bird

    This bird is occasionally seen hopping around on the patio feeding (on what?), but today was the first I ever got a decent photo. photo taken in southern Ohio in March. I really have no idea what type of bird this could be (guides were no help to us) we just call him "Grayson".
  2. Hello, just found this discussion forum! I am trying to figure out the identification of a small bird I have seen in my backyard. Here is what I can pass along (sorry I do not have a photo). Seen in southern Indiana, Louisville metro area , town of Clarksville, neighborhood less than 2 miles from Ohio River. Winter ... seen at least three different days in December, including yesterday, December 30, 2017! Light drab grayish olive green above, very pale beige with faint tint of of olive green or light buff yellowish on breast. Looks like some kind of warbler, about 4.5 inches long? Small, about the same size as a Goldfinch, and I thought at first it was a female/juvenile in winter, but there are no black/white wingbars, so now I am sure it is not a goldfinch. At bird feeder, and seemed to appear at about the same time as tufted titmouse and chickadee, was probably associating with them. Perhaps some type of warbler, but I thought all of them would be gone for the winter in this area! Any ideas on possible ID? Or educated guesses. THANK YOU!
  3. Hey, I happened to find this little fellow outside my window this morning, could someone help me identify him, I've not been able to find his name anywhere. Seen in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India this morning at around 730am on Saturday, June 24th 2017
  4. 4/24 in Dearborn, MI. Only pic I was able to get...pretty far away and moving quickly from branch to branch, then high up in a tall tree.
  5. I took this photo over the summer in Western NY.. In a very rural setting. July probably. I just was looking through some of my old photos today and spotted this one.. I am unsure of the bird. It was rather small, smaller than a bluejay if I remember correctly. I am sorry I cannot provide much info as it is the only time I have seen this bird. It looks similar to a kestrel, with the lines from the eyes, and the beak.. but it seems to be too small for that. I am sorry the quality is not very good, it was taken from quite the distance but I do know it was definitely not very large. I appreciate any and all help identifying! Thanks so much.
  6. ID help needed on this little marsh bird. Taken Jan 13, 2017 at Refugio de Vida Silvestre Los Pantanos de Villa - Laguna Genesis - referenced HOTSPOT on Ebird. South of Lima near a marsh refuge area along the Coast. Unble to find it in my Birds of Peru book. Any help appreciated. MSBirdNerd
  7. Vireo?

    This small, mostly gray bird flew into my window and unfortunately did not survive. I'd not seen one like it before, and what struck me were the chrome yellow tips on the tail feathers. It had a narrow black mask, darker brownish gray back and wings, lighter underbelly. It fit into my outstretched hand, so between 5" to 7" head to tail. I have since seen another one like it darting along my deck garden, but without the chrome yellow tips on the tail. Have not been able to find anything close in color, except it's shape and mask resembles Vireos. I'm in northern Illinois, southwestern McHenry County, south of the Wisconsin border. This was August 4, 2016.
  8. These birds only come at night and leave early in the morning.One in one corner and the another in the opposite corner. Seen them now for a couple of weeks.
  9. I have attached 2 images. MA bird mystery! My family and I have been watching the mother and father move into the birdhouse in our front yard and make a nest. We would LOVE to know WHAT SPECIES of bird is this? I have done lots of searching. It looks most like a grey warbler-finch I think, however we are located in South-Central Massachusetts... and those don't live around here I'm pretty sure... FACTS: MA Spring, Summer 2016. In birdhouse with 1.5" wide & tall hole. Body: Small: About 2.5" long, 3.5" long with tail feathers. Male & female look the same; neither have non-brown coloration. Thin beak. Does NOT have a thick/wide beak. Mostly/all buff, sandy brown. Hangs out around robbins, chickadees, and catbirds. In suburban neighborhood, surrounded by woods, temperate deciduous forest biome/zone, across the street from a lake/dam. I have heard its call, still trying to get a recording. I am pretty sure it is not a veery, not a house wren(never seen it with its tail up), not a song sparrow, not a tree sparrow, not a mockingbird. Please reply with any information. Please help me identify this cute, sweet, little bird! Thank you!
  10. Small brown bird with tan belly and eye stripe masking in North-Central West Virginia. Seen in secluded wooded backyard with lots of white walnuts at dusk. Mystery Bird 2 - Brown, Tan Belly, Eye Band.m4a Mystery Bird.m4a
  11. Hello all, I’m hoping you can help me identify a bird. In the past week I’ve seen a small bird of prey in New York City that I haven’t seen before. I’m familiar with the red tailed hawks of central park but this bird is too small to be one of these hawks, and has different coloring. It’s a small bird of prey with a very high pitched cry. I’ve seen it in midtown and west Chelsea. I’m a birding amateur but I thought it might be a peregrine falcon or kestrel? I’ve attached a photo that I took when it landed on the skylight of my office building (apologies for the quality – it’s from a phone camera). The bird is small, brown, with white chest & legs, and has a dark – almost back – hood. I would love some thoughts on who this little chap is. Thank you! I understand images are sometimes tricky to upload so a link here to the Dropbox photos: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0bqcaau65d7sdjl/20150812_164032.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljz97riw8t4n06i/20150812_164037.jpg?dl=0
  12. I think I posted this a while ago but nobody reached any sound conclusion, I don't think. Sadly I found this bird when it was no longer. May he (she?) rest in peace up in bird heaven! This is in Maine, USA, in August. My guesses are: black phoebe, eastern kingbird (but the beak shape isn't right..), or a very strange dark eyed junco? I say strange because i've never seen a junco that looked like that before, especially with the chest feathers and the black beak. I have searched and searched through the internet and can't find a picture of a junco that has a dark beak, they are all pink. What do you think?
  13. Hello and thanks again for helping me to identify another bird. I recently relocated from Colorado to Louisiana and have been enjoying viewing and photographing a wide variety of species that are new to me. For the most part I am able to identify with help from Whatbird.com and Google, however not this little bird, perhaps because we are seeing a lot of winter migratory species. I have also viewed this same species in a nearby park. Any info is always appreciated!
  14. Hello everyone! I started birding recently... today hahahah So I had my bird book out and sat in front of my bird feeder. Everything was going well, mainly because it was all blue jays, red cardinals, and chickadees... but then this bird came and I became really confused. So the colourations that matched were the Yellow-throated Vireo, but it seems fatter than that, and the female Lesser Goldfinch, whose range doesnt extend to southern Ontario... so I am confused. Any help? ps. sorry for the image quality, I was kind of far away. I've tried to make up for it by attaching 5 pictures haha
  15. I found this small (3") bird on my porch today, exhausted and dehydrated. It is dark olive above, and yellow underneath from it's bill to the base of its tail where the yellow is more of a cream. There are no markings on the wings or head; just solid dark olive. The bill is similar to a warbler, and the legs are light colored. I live in Florida on the coast. A small flock of these birds 6-10 arrived 3 days ago and I've noticed them poking about in the grass for bugs? I have looked in all my books to no avail......what kind of bird is this???
  16. I found this tiny bird on my porch, exhausted. It's about 3" long, dark olive above and yellow below starting underneath it's bill going all the way to the base of the tail where it's almost cream. No bars, markings on the head or around the eyes......
  17. New bird for me

    I got this small bird this morning. The closest I can I get is a Hermit Warbler, but they say it has distinct wing bars which this gut doesn't have. https://www.flickr.com/photos/125162525@N07/15340742789/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/125162525@N07/15341051307/
  18. Hello all. I have a project in which I need to identify various species around my school's campus. I saw a bird flying around, and it landed on this colorful plant. I can't, however, find out what species this bird is. The closest I got was mourning dove, but I am sure it is not a dove. Thanks for any help.
  19. This bird 8-7-14 on my back porch in Sedona AZ area. Seen flitting in adjacent scrub oak and eating jam from oriole feeder. It has pale yellow eye ring and chin.
  20. Check out the photos. I photographed this small perching bird in May up in the Cascade mountains in Washington, USA. Blue crown and back, bright yellow chin and outer breast area, black chest spot, darker blue back spot, white wing stripes and underparts. Gorgeous bird; wish I had better pictures! The best I can match it up with this wizard is a Cerulean Warbler, but it doesn't quite match up and is the wrong location. What do you think?
  21. I have been seeing a lot of these birds for the past month. I live in North Texas, 20 m south of Dallas. This bird is small but larger than a house sparrow, usually at the feeders in groups of 10 to 20. I have looked through every book and guide I have and cannot find a match. Any help would be appriciated . JF
  22. Burlington, Ontario. That's approx 40 minute south-west from Toronto. This guy was one of three fishing around the pier, zipped around quick and swam far distances when he went under. The three looked identical, none had any markings to distinguish from the others. Much smaller than the Canadian geese they were swimming next to, just over half the size. The guy closest to me (the paparazzi) finished fishing and started striking poses on the rocks (drying off?) Very short tail, seabird hooked beak, orange. Any idea? Is this a bird normally around Ontario? Thanks for your time
  23. I live in South Miami-Dade Florida and have found a new bird at my feeder. They (two) showed up morning and evening for about 4 days (second week in July). It has been raining the last few days so my feeder is empty. They appear to have a dark face that brightens to a rusty orange color. They have a cream colored chest with a scalloped pattern. They seem smaller then the normal seed eaters and they are awesome.
  24. April 20, 2013 I am a new member so this may take some time to figure out. I live in north central Wisconsin, Thorp, and have never seen this bird. I come from southern Wisconsin and never saw it there either. It is kind of spring like here now (winter won't give up) and many birds have been coming through. There was a pair but I could only get a picture of one. The other was smaller with lighter colors so I'm figuring that was the female. Not a pro so any help would be great. P.S. I had hundreds of Trumpeter swans come through two weeks ago and they stayed in our flooded fields for 10 days. They were beautiful in addition to the geese, sandhill cranes and ducks. Thanks Much, Deborah