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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering, why some birds respond to their own call and some birds careless? For example if I play White Crowned Sparrow call they quickly gather around with curiosity while it does not work for Black Capped Chickadee for example. Does this have to do with being territorial or something? Thank you.
  2. Hello fellow birders, Did not see bird at all, but it was on a Doug Fir tree. I do not have any visual features of that singer. Sound recorded in March 2015 Washington state, Monroe. Here are two links to the sound: https://soundcloud.com/leopartnik/help-me-identify-this-bird https://soundcloud.com/leopartnik/help-me-identify-this-bird-2 Thank you in advance Leo.
  3. I live in Eastern Virginia, (not the eastern shore), on farmland and thick forest. It is june and getting quite hot. The noise has persisted for several weeks. Calls all throughout the day, moves around quite a bit. Not one time have I gotten a chance to lay an eye on it. This link SHOULD work to audio but if not let me know and I will correct it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7ci8g0rgpzo5bou/IMG_3120.MOV?dl=0
  4. mp3 recorded today in central Florida heavy brush/tree growth over water in wet/dry drainage canal behind the house flooded due to recent rain. Did not get a visual on bird(s). Haven't really heard this combination of calls before - they sound embarrassingly simple like tweet - tweet - chirp - sort of like bird calls one would make up for a cartoon. Thanks bird calls 2.mp3
  5. I really like the new audio enhancements in the 7.01 update but my complaint is the audio levels of the bird sounds is now very noticeably and significantly reduced. I realized this when I was on a hike yesterday. There are Eastern Towhees everywhere at my location and I always have fun calling in ore or two because they immediately respond (as does the Carolina Wren that lives in my yard). When I played the Towhee song for a Towhee that was ten feet away I could hardly hear it on my iPhone 5S (audio max on the phone and app - and my son even quickly remarked about it since he's familiar with the app) and then the Towhee laughed louder than the iBird song I was playing ;-) Is there any way to get the volume levels back to where they were pre-update, please? The level is great on my iPad but I'm not taking that on the hikes. Thanks for you consideration (I know you're pretty busy right now).
  6. Hey all, I'm currently using my iPhone to record birds in the field, then processing using Raven and uploading to Macaulay Library. I'd like to get more into this and get some economy sound recording devices. I'm looking for a used microphone online that, together with the recorder or other relevant equipment, would stay under a total of $100. I just want the next step up from an iPhone. Any suggestions? p.s. I have read Cornell's PDF on audio equipment but starting price for the cheapest item in that list is $375 and it goes up by thousands from there.
  7. I remember being about 7-8 years old, and one of my favorite things was to lay in the grass listening for a certain bird. To this day, as a grandmother of 6, I have a morning ritual of sitting with a cup of coffee listening to this bird. I am now very sick and after over 50 years of my morning ritual, I've been attempting to finish my "bucket list", of which this is one item. If someone could help me figure out what this bird may be I would appreciate it greatly. I've been told it sounds like a Black-Capped Chickadee. When researching the song of that bird online, one site stated it was a Black-Capped Chickadee, but it also said it only has two tones. The sound played on another site sounded nothing like it. It always begins with clear, calming, two note tones, with the second note lower than first. Often, there will be a response with three tones. I've heard four at times and for the first time, five tones just last week. Each time very clear, calming and descending in tone. They go back and forth with these tones. I've never seen this bird as my eyesight is very limited. I live in Minnesota and am not outside winters. I'm not sure if they are out during the winter anyway? Thank you in advance for reading this novella. You are amazing people and I am thrilled to read of your wonderful knowledge.
  8. I attached a clip of what it sounds like. I was surprised by this bird call one morning, and I have been dying to know what bird it is. I have never heard any call like it. It sometimes comes in from outside my bedroom window, usually in the mornings when tons of other birds are in the same area. I live in an apartment complex and the window points out on a spot behind somebody's house where I can't get really go and get a closer look. Also I'm located in the Bay Area in California if knowing the region helps. Please help! MysteryBirdCall.m4a
  9. Please help to id by sound. I am wondering that is a warbler. The recording quality is not so good. Thanks. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-rlDKpyTCdueW1FUGtGcnV1bVU/edit?usp=sharing
  10. Hi, I've recently recorded this audio and I don't know if it is a bird or other animal. It was recorded in a small forest. Thanks! 4.27 sonido ronco DVT_A035 (mp3cut.net).mp3 9.55 ronco DVT_A035 (mp3cut.net).mp3
  11. Hi! this is my first post and I have doubts about 3 argentinian species (but maybe as they migrate you can find them in other american countries). The first one, could be Coryphistera alaudina but I'm not sure. The second one is a hoarse sound, I have no dea what can it be, or maybe it's not a bird... And the last one, I don't know if it is Agelaioides badius Thank you!!! 2.22.MP3 4.27 sonido ronco DVT_A035 (mp3cut.net).mp3 6.49 call tordo musico DVT_A035 (mp3cut.net).mp3
  12. My girlfriend and I were birding down a grade near Pullman Washington, when we heard this screech from an owl. We couldn't see it at first, but came back an hour or so later and it was still there. We eventually saw it when it flew down from a tree to a rock on the ground. It kept making the call and we were able to see him with the binoculars, but it was too dark outside and the owl was too far away for a picture. It stayed on the rock and then flew a couple feet to the ground. Throughout the entire encounter though, it made the same screech on the audio. From what we could tell it had yellow eyes and a dark bill. It was overall a darker color with dark brown or black on its shoulders. Its belly was dark tan. From the sound of it, we think it was a Short-Eared Owl, but it didn't sound exactly like the audio we were able to pull up. And we didn't notice any ear tufts. Heres the audio, you'll probably need to turn it up and stick your head close to the speakers. http://www.flickr.com/photos/37528447@N07/9388703581/ Thanks!
  13. Hello, Yesterday I heard a new bird in our woods and I don't know what it is or how to identify it. I recorded the new call I heard this morning. Unfortunately there is some airplane noise and the sound of other birds (wood thrush, cardinal, maybe mourning dove). http://askjo.co/10RR0Lm The new sound is at approximately the following points in a 2+minute recording: 0:13 0:50 1:00 1:18 1:50 2:11 It sounds to me like "tru-leeep" Any help in identifying this new bird to our Southern Connecticut neighborhood would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! Joanne
  14. Eclectic Rhapsody

    Bird ID needed

    Hi all, This is not so much of a bird photo ID needed as it is a bird sound ID that is needed, but I'm guessing this is the right section of the forum to ask this in. Recently over the past few days, I've been hearing a bird call near our house and only through a couple of minutes here and there in the dusk at sunset have I actually seen it. It's call sounds very much, and I know some will laugh at this, like a very loud squeak toy in short like bursts with little Robin like trills every so often. However, it doesn't look like a Robin, in that it is much more small to medium sized and kind of has a finch like shape. It always seems to come around in the evening, so it's a bit difficult to see its coloring or markings, other than being able to tell that it might be brown in some spots. Does anyone know what it might be? Thanks!
  15. Hi there, I'm not much of a bird-er, to be honest (and apologies if that's not a good way to call bird enthusiasts), but I don't really know where else to go. For years now, I've though the sound I grew up hearing while camping in the woods of California was a whippoorwill...but upon investigating, it turns out I was wrong. I have no idea what bird this is, have crawled through forums looking for answers, but no one had specific enough criteria for me to know if it was the same bird. I haven't heard any examples yet that sound totally correct. If you can help me, I will finally be able to get this question off my mind and focus on work again (seriously). If you go here: http://www.bgfl.org/custom/resources_ftp/client_ftp/ks2/music/piano/ Play D1, C#1, and B in descending order, just under a second for each note. It's a typical whistling sound, and a bit lower than what I've so far heard made by sparrows and other small birds. Thanks so much if you can help me out here! - Brian
  16. I purchased and download the app on my Android. Everything downloaded fine but when I select a bird and then go to the bird call I can only get two or three bird calls to work and then no sound. The rest of the app functions normally. I have to power down the Android and restart it to get the sound back. Any ideas??
  17. Hello, and thank you to anyone who responds. I live in Florida, in a fairly well forested area, where there are lots and lots of birds - jays, hawks, cat-birds, warblers, doves, cat-birds - you name it, and I've probably heard it outside my window in the last year, but today's call stumped me. I cannot see the bird, but I know he/she hangs out with blue jays, because one started swearing at me when I went to look for the mystery bird. The call came from fairly dense trees and foliage, towards the top of the tree line. I'm going to try and attach the sound file I caught of it, but in case it doesn't play, it is a single call, very high, like a too-weeeeeeeet! sound. It's a very haunting call, and while I'm glad I caught it on my iPod, I do want to identify the bird which makes it. Thank you for any help you can provide!Strange Florida birdcall.mp3