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Found 224 results

  1. Song Sparrow?

    I took this photo last August in Oceanside, NY. I was told it is a Song Sparrow, but the massive beak looks too large. I know that Song Sparrows have a lot of variability. Is this within their range?
  2. Lincoln Sparrow?

    Photos from 01/02/18, La Mesa (San Diego), Ca. I saw a bird (01/01/18) that looked like a juvenile white crowned sparrow but had a streaked breast. I didn't have bins or a camera and as soon as the bird saw me it took of. Not sure what it was, but it got out looking the next day for it. I did not see it, but I happened across this bird. I was thinking about it being a song sparrow, but I'm thinking too much color. I guess I accidentally rolled my shutter speed the wrong direction .... Sorry for the bad photos. I'm thinking Lincoln Sparrow? Not a lifer, but a new yard bird.
  3. sparrow ID

    Hi all, Saw this little one on Duxbury Beach, MA on 12/7 with some Song Sparrows. Smaller than the Song Sparrows and much lighter overall, but I didn't have an immediate guess at the time due to the list of common/non-rare species the ebird checklist gave me. Could this just be a smaller, immature Song Sparrow? It just looked so different compared to the darker, larger and seemingly longer-tailed adults or others nearby. See four pics entitled "sparrow". https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1yWDVm5IoFzzqVgQiWynf1tz8Bc1ApVwl Thank you, Graham
  4. NYC, mid-October 2017. My immediate observation was a Chipping Sparrow. My White Balance was off that day. The video was much redder, so I toned down the color. Now I'm not so sure about my ID. Would appreciate feedback, thanks. Kami
  5. Sparrow ID

    I encountered this sparrow today (11/5/17) on a feeder in central Virginia. I got the impression of Clay-colored, but after more scrutiny I favor Chipping. Can anyone confer or offer a better identification? https://www.dropbox.com/s/7adz61cuxri7rph/DSCN1724.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/snytortycfj23cg/DSCN1725.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/d5gc4s712q2n31r/DSCN1726.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ax4zhe5hk9ap2u/DSCN1727.JPG?dl=0 Thanks!
  6. Swamp Sparrow, right?

    Yesterday, near Dearborn, MI
  7. What Sparrow?

    About a week ago (when it was warm) in Southeast Michigan.
  8. What sparrow

    What type of sparrow is this? This was taken in southern California. My guesses were Song, Lincolns, or Savannah.
  9. Song Sparrow?

    I was told that this bird, shot in Oceanside NY in August, is a Song Sparrow. The beak looks more massive than those on other Song Sparrows which are common here.
  10. What bird is it ?

    10/24/2017 Panvel, Navi Mumbai, INDIA Dear Community, Help me identify this small birdie that was build a nest outside my window. Below is a snapshot from a 30 min long video. Below is a zoomed in version: More photos here with feather pattern for geeks : https://imgur.com/a/GDVzx Thanks!
  11. Hanging Out

    Caught this guy hanging out with some Swamp Sparrows. I think he just appeared to try and confuse me :X Long Island, NY https://imgur.com/a/KYkyc White-Throated? Thanks
  12. Canary? - Masai Mara, September 14, 2017
  13. Hello, I have spotted two birds at the and of August in at Bownman Bay Whidbey Island, Washington State. Some sort of Warbler and some sort of Sparrow. My initial thoughts were Yellow Warbler and White Crown Sparrow, but after looking closer at my shots I started to doubt. Please help me identify these beauties Here are the cropped pics: Thank you
  14. I found pair of these bird trapped in my house in the morning. It looked little smaller than a common sparrow, however the pattern on its breast looks likes that of a thrush, not exactly sure though. What it might be, never seen this kind before. I could took only 1 pic as it was struggling a lot so had to open the window.
  15. Sparrow

    Learning some new sparrows this week. Which one is this? (Vancouver Island)
  16. Odd Sparrow

    Have this odd sparrow can't quite seem to nail an ID on. Doesn't look right for either a Lincoln or Savanna. Images are cropped RAW files with no color adjustments.
  17. Song Sparrow?

    Hi , I saw this one in Toronto last week. Is it a Song Sparrow? thx
  18. Hi all, Had some good looks at this sparrow while hiking around Swiftcurrent Lake. Was in group of about 6-8 birds in open area near lake's edge. I thought that they might be Brewer's Sparrows. Photo of a juvenile? And thoughts greatly appreciated. Thanks, Duke
  19. savannah sparrow?

    Trying to learn my LBBs. Saw this bird at Margaret Peak Nature Preserve in Ohio, in a soybean field. I'm guessing it's a Savannah Sparrow?
  20. Can anyone ID this sparrow-like LBJ, seen at dusk at the end of March on an antenna just outside the wall in Oltrarno Florence? The kestrel-like mustache and light band around the nape don't appear in my Birds of Europe.
  21. This picture was taken in Washington state. Need help identifying. Thanks sparrow by Terry Dickerson, on Flickr
  22. Grasshopper Sparrow?

    Does this one look like a Grasshopper Sparrow? Taken today (7/3) in Burlington, VT. Check out two g_sparrow pics... https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7BzRGqv4KWSN1pWbklTak5EWVk
  23. What Junco Subspecies?

    Without giving the location, what subspecies would you call this particular Dark-eyed Junco? On 3/28/2017.
  24. These are all Rufous-winged Sparrows? 5/20/17 1) Adjacent to Tucson airport 2) Saguaro NP, bird #1 3) Saguaro NP, bird #2