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Found 6 results

  1. I know some of the photos aren't the best quality so I added a few. She (assuming it's a girl) has been coming to my bird feeder the past couple days. She almost always is with the smaller bird. Just curious to the type of bird, I tried using the identifier but had no luck. The smaller bird will feed her as well. I've named her Fatbird, the smaller one has no name yet. But she we sit and have him bring her food. My bird feeder will move and shut when something is too heavy (to keep squirrels/ chipmunks away), but I can't imagine that she would be too heavy for it. It's just very strange that he feeds her. She is all brown and has no white on her. She is also very brave, I've gotten about a foot away before she flew away. Also, this photo was taken in northern Michigan (the lower peninsula).
  2. What species of seagulls is this? (Picture taken near Quebec/New-Brunswick, in Canada) Male/female? Feel free to say any other specification you'd like to say
  3. Hey Birders! Edit: Do you have an online guide for exotic birds too and birds outside America? (birds in the south (Cuba, haiti, the dominicain republic) or all around the world (asia, europe, australia etc)) For exemple, I couldn't find any Macaws, parrots nor toucan on the "All about birds" site. I've only started Birding last week, and currently stand with 11 species identified. What are your best online guides to identify birds? Also, what are the best books for birding? Thanks, have a great day!
  4. Hello Birders, EDIT 2: Do you really think this is an immature European starling (Top picture)? From what I've seen, immature european starling have grey and brown feathers while this one is completely dark brown and also, don't European Starling have yellow Beaks? EDIT 1: My main question now is why I've never seen a mature European starling in all my life, while i saw maybe 15-30 of those immature (European Starling, if that's what they are) birds (top pictures) I've found these 3 birds recently and since I'm new to birding, I still have a bit of trouble identifying these birds. I couldn't find the top one at all (there was multiple birds like this one, I keep on seeing them). For the middle one and last one, tell me if I'm wrong, but I think these two are purple finch (Haemorhous purpureus). (Male would be red, Female or immature the brown one) Both were at the same spot and I took a picture of these birds in Canada, near Quebec/New-Brunswick. Thanks for the help! Have a great day!
  5. What kind of bird is this? I was surprised to see this bird on top of my neighbor's car in Sacramento, CA yesterday morning as I was leaving for work. It appears to be hawk-like and is a good size but the beak is straight. Any ideas? I didn't get to see it fly and did not get any closer pics. I also did not hear it make any noise.
  6. I want to report a bug in the "birds around me" data. I turned on "birds around me, 60 miles" with my location Santa Cruz CA. and pigeon guillemot was filtered out. Per ebird.org this is a well known species for this location. Regards, --fj P.S. n00b to the forums here. I hope I did it right.