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Found 6 results

  1. I spent a short vacation in a resort just across Cozumel, after Thanksgiving. I saw a bunch of swifts and captured some not-so-good shots. Per their range maps, Vaux's Swift can be seen in Yucatan all year long, and Chimney Swift only during migration. It's end of November, and migration should be over now, right? Do you guys think these are all Vaux's Swift? Thanks!
  2. Swallow or Swift?

    These photos were taken today. It looks like a Chimney Swift, but it didn't sound like one to me.
  3. Several of these small birds were flying around my NYC 19th floor apartment most of the afternoon. I've seen them before, but this is the first time I tried capturing video. It's the earliest in the day I've seen them, previously it was at dusk. They are very fast, and I was shooting "blind." I got lucky and actually got some passable footage (for video). I made screenshots to show the wing shapes. The weather was overcast. Some were flying very close, passing by my balcony (where I was standing) within a few feet. For the first time, I could see the underside (breast, belly) and noted it was yellowish. They were too fast to get a look at faces and beaks. I looked on this and the Cornell bird-sites, but I still don't know if these are possibly Chimney Swifts (flying behavior and color matches) or possibly Swalllows. The wing shape and split tails are like those of Swallows, but I think also Swifts. I'd very much appreciate an ID. Thanks.
  4. Swallows??

    Alright so I apologize in advance for the horrendous (and large amount of) pictures. But there I was, standing in a field by a pond, being circled by swallows that were just racing around me and refused to sit still. A few days ago I saw a barn swallow in that spot. Today I saw a whole bunch of other swallows. They all had white bellies and one was blackish blue on its back; okay, tree swallow, done. The rest however, were all brown on their backs, so I thought: maybe a very large amount of juvenile tree swallows? But their wings didnt seem as uniformly brown as the drawing in my book and they seemed weird compared to the picture and I noticed then that their entire head was brown. They didn't have white chins... all the brown swallows in my book have white chins... so now I have no idea. Can anyone tell what they are?? PS. my boyfriend said they might be swifts? but I can't find any of those in the book with the same colours either... PPS. I don't know if these are all the same species lol, sorry about that
  5. Swiftly flying Swifts

    Vaux's and maybe a Black. Looked noticeably larger than the Vaux's flying nearby. So question, Do Vaux's and Blacks join up for the flight south. ever, rarely etc. Third photo down is the one that caught my eye. I took a bunch of photo's of it, but they were all way to blurry. The wings look too long to be a Vaux's. Any info on these birds would be helpful.
  6. WHile biking in the Everglades, I noticed a small to medium sized bird zoom at another almost identical bird. Five minutes later and my head was buzzed by the bird. Try as I might I could not get a good look at the bird. It had very pointed wings that bent sharply at the wirst and the underside was light with a dark bar that went across near the underside of the wing tips and it made a "chee' sound, almost like a scrub jay - but it was not blue. The bars under the wings to me must be a key to someone that knnows birds in Florida better than I do. I just moved here. I should mention, this bird was fast!