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Found 99 results

  1. Austin TX this morning. Keeps visiting my safflower feeder with the finches. Winter nonbreeding plumage on a Nashville warbler?
  2. Central Texas 78070 on 2-12-2018
  3. Juvenile Red-Tailed Hawk?

    I believe this is a juvenile red tailed hawk but i'm not sure. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 2.
  4. I have a yellow-rumped warbler plumage question from pictures taken yesterday at Tyler SP in Smith Co, Texas. This brightly colored male really surprised me, is this summer or winter plumage or somewhere in between? This is by far the most brightly colored yellow-rumped I have seen this fall and winter, and I have easily seen 1000 of these little guys this year. Unfortunately, this busy little guy was in a low light area, very sorry for the picture quality.
  5. I am seeing a bunch of hawks today, primarily harriers and red tails, and I just want to double check this bird as a immature red-shouldered. Thanks.
  6. Sorry for the picture quality! Date seen is November 30, 2017 (today) Location is NE Austin Texas. Thanks!
  7. I posted about this bird not too long ago, but wasn’t able to provide any audio. Well, I finally caught some audio on my phone. It’s somewhat faint, but you can hear it around 0:08 and 0:16 seconds in. Media should be attached below. It always seems to be at the same time another owl is calling. This is in Commerce, TX 0ABB61E2-17C7-4803-B723-72B4D3C19735.MOV EDIT: In case the video won’t play, here it is on YouTube.
  8. Tonight I heard this very strange, almost creepy bird call over and over again outside. They were short calls, not at all screechy. I’m sure it was a bird because I heard it moving from place to place in the yard faster than any four legged animal could, and coming from high up. It only continues for a few minutes and I haven’t heard it since. I live in Commerce, TX... but I have lived in this area my entire life and never heard anything like this. I could also hear a barred owl calling out.. and it almost sounded like they were responding to each other.. but I don’t think so. Some of the calls overlapped a bit, or they didn’t answer every time.. May be coincidental. Though the owl stopped hooting around the same time. Any ideas?
  9. Terns n' Gulls

    These were both taken in Texas a few years back, I was organizing them and noticed a few that I feel need some evaluation. Thanks in advance for the help, the photos are pretty crummy so it's understandable if parts of them are not ID-able. 1. Taken in winter(December) in Padre Island. A lot look like winter-plumage Laughing Gulls, with a few Ring-billed and Herring Gulls mixed in. Is that all? 2. Taken in summer(I think July) also in Padre Island. These were simply just sitting in a huge parking lot, something I never see in Kansas parking lots haha. I had them all as "Royal Terns" but looking back at the image, it looks like there is possibly other species. Some seem smaller, with darker beaks, or they just have less black on the head. I think that the individual one is a Royal Tern.
  10. Limpkin in Texas?

    I would appreciate information on the identification of this bird. It landed heavily against our Spring, Texas home this afternoon (6-26-2017). It is injured (broken leg?) and we will take it to a bird rescue center. I thought it might be a Limpkin, as its neck appears long in one photo. My Birds of Texas book indicates that Limpkins are quire rare in Texas, with only 4 known examples. I estimate its height at 10-12 inches (from a distance). Thanks! Jack
  11. Texas Woodpecker Help

    This woodpecker, which I assume is a juvenile, was in Austin, TX this Saturday, June 17. I can't tell if it's a Red-bellied or a Golden-Fronted.
  12. Unidentifiable bird

    I am in Franklin Texas for the weekend, and while I am relatively new to birding I am at 160 bird so I've seen quite a few local to Texas. Today I saw two birds with red bodies like a cardinal or a summer Tanager, with black heads and I have been not been able to identify them. The closest I got looking on the Internet was that some Cardinals when molting will lose feathers on their head and the skin underneath is actually black. This does seem like a possibility, but through my binoculars the black head looked normal and looked like hair and not black skin. Any ideas?
  13. Some type of hawk?

    Found this hawk type of bird attacking this baby squirrel. These pictures were taken outside of the Menil Collection Museum in the Montrose area of Houston, Texas. I'm just curious what bird this is. Those talons look pretty dangerous. 5/27/17 p.s. I helped the squirrel get away. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0J-y2w5m-thQUFYUl8tY0xrc1U/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0J-y2w5m-thRWlRT1NyVkhkRzA/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0J-y2w5m-thVU1QWWs4NXJSWVU/view?usp=sharing
  14. Saw this bird in a quick drive by in Big Bend NP in early April.
  15. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0J-y2w5m-thdVRTSzN6eGN3dDg/view?usp=sharing
  16. There is a small bird singing on the sign in this video. It was cloudy so I couldn't see it's colors or markings. I was wondering if it could be identified by its song. I saw this bird in the west hills of Austin, Texas,
  17. Please help identify this bird that my mom has been seeing in the heart of Houston for a few weeks. It looks like a tropical straggler that has made its way here or some sort of captive bird that was released. It makes a consistent Chee chee chee call and this is the only thing she has heard it do. Acts like a fly catcher, but may be eating seeds too. What could it be???? Thanks
  18. Taken this morning with my junky phone camera. You can't tell from the pic, but it was very large. Easily vulture-sized. Much larger than any Hawk I've seen. I can't help but think it's an eagle, based on its frame and his very large beak. (Also can't tell that from the picture.) He flew away with his prey (rabbit or squirrel) into the woods and his wingspan was also about that of a vulture's. I have a few guesses but really no idea for sure. Any help would be much appreciated!!
  19. Sandpiper Confirms

    These were taken in Texas (around Padre Island) in December, could never quite decide what these were even after all this time. Thanks in advance! 1. Young Curlew Sandpipers, maybe? Taken in a saltwater marsh area near woodland. 2. Non-breeding Sanderling? This one was taken on an ocean coast. 3. Western Sandpipers? These were also taken in a saltwater marsh area near woodland.
  20. Baby Birds in Texas

    I'm sleuthing here for my sister-in-law who has this adorable bunch on her front porch light. She lives about 40 minutes northeast of Dallas in a small suburb. Her house backs up to a big field, and there are lakes nearby. She described the mother bird as "little" and "was dark, not black. Maybe blue-grey?" Sorry I couldn't get a better description there, lol. So I'm stumped. Maybe someone else can help?
  21. The thief!

    In San Antonio, TX, around mid May of this year my beautiful barn swallows had their nest robbed by this unattractive bird in broad daylight. It was late morning and my surveillance camera caught him red handed. I also have a short video of the terrible act. The barn swallow mother tried to fight back but the larger bird hardly even noticed her. She survived but her eggs didn't. Can anyone tell me what kind of bird this is? I have never seen anything like it in my area. The picture may give a false impression because it had been raining here all morning and the bird was wet. I have not seen this bird again and I wonder if he came here because the storms confused his navigation, if that's even possible.untitled.bmp Thanks for your help.
  22. SE TX LBB ID

    As the title states, I need help identifying a little brown bird in southeast Texas (just northwest of Houston) on April 1st. It's in a feeder with black oil sunflower seeds, in an open lawn under the shade of several large trees (neighboring areas are moderately wooded, with houses). Apologies for the quality of these photos. Also, please confirm ID: chipping, Savannah, or tan-striped white-throated sparrow? Same location; February 5th. I know there were other chipping sparrows there that day, but that doesn't necessarily mean this one is, too.