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Found 7 results

  1. Hey everyone. I'm new here and new to birding as well. Got some pictures recently in the backyard and just wanted to make sure I've identified all these birds correctly. Apologies for some of the pics not being so great. Thanks! 1. Carolina Wren 2. Orange Crowned Warbler 3. Black-crested Titmouse 4. Titmouse and Warbler 5. Ruby-crowned Kinglet 6. Mine and my Corgi's arch enemy the Fox Squirrel 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
  2. I have a ton of juncos this year. Possibly because I had been only feeding by broadcasting black sunflower until yesterday. I haven't been putting up feeders because I have been inundated by house sparrows in the last couple years. I also keep a birdbath and heat it during the winter. The titmice (my favorites) always make do, whatever the situation. Yesterday I decided to put out a couple special feeders hoping that they would get some uninterrupted feeding before anyone else noticed. First I hung a little basket full of black sunflower close to the front door so I could watch closely. The speed with which they checked it out exceeded even my expectations! Next I put a basket out on the vinyl siding wall in a more exposed location (pictured) and again they checked it out immediately, even before I put whole nuts in it. They were more cautious with this one while I stood by the glass door but the size and specialness of the treat seemed to overcome their fear. I noticed that, while they were eating quite a bit, they were also dashing over to a stand of evergreens across my neighbor's yard, maybe to cache the seeds and nuts in the tree bark? I used to hide nuts in crevices all over this side of the house years ago and titmice were the only species that regularly checked all the places. The downies and nuthatches did also, but not as regularly as the titmice. Yesterday the only other birds that started to notice the sunflower feeder were a house finch and a few juncos that fluttered over it to take a look. Today the nuthatches and downies have come and partaken of both baskets, but the nuthatch seems to prefer clinging to and shopping under a wrought iron table. I've always been attracted to the curiosity and intelligence of the titmice. They make me so happy! What are you noticing and enjoying most about your backyard birds so far this winter?
  3. Titmouse?

    Yesterday at one of my feeders a little titmouse came to feed when it turned around I was startled by its breast coloring. I quickly grabbed the camera and got a couple of shots (not great) before it took off. My wife thought it might be a female cardinal but it was way too small and the rest of the plumage was not consistent. Have any of you seen a titmouse with this type of coloration or perhaps I am missing on identifying it as another bird altogether?
  4. Titmouse

    Is this a Tufted or a Black-Crested Titmouse?
  5. Masked Titmouse?

    We live in North Louisiana...I see grey Titmouse at my feeders all Spring, Summer, and Fall, but I've never seen a bird like this. Anyone know what it is? Thank you, Suzy
  6. I consider myself not to be a birder but my hobby is photography and birds are my favorite subject. I live in an apartment complex so I have to go to where the birds are. I feed the birds on a Sunday on the grounds of a community college near where I live because it is surrounded by woods and brush and no one is there on a Sunday. I give them peanuts (blue jays, crows,), regular and sunflower seeds (various sparrows, finches, cardinals, chickadees, towhees, woodpeckers, titmice, brown thrashers, starlings, juncos, mourning doves, wrens and the occasional odd bird) and grapes (mockingbirds, thrashers). Squirrels, groundhogs, rabbits, chipmunks, field mice also occasionally show up and help themselves. Robins and bluebirds have no interest. Today I saw a titmouse take a peanut...in the shell. I have been doing this for 4 years and have never seen that before. Four times I watched a titmouse take a peanut. I'm not sure if it was the same titmouse coming back 4 times and leaving with his peanut and returning for more or 4 different ones. There were plenty around today all eating seeds. I have seen blue jays pick up and discard peanuts that are too hard for them to carry and take off with so to see a titmouse pick up a regular sized peanut in the shell and fly off with it shocked me especially when there was a lot of seed around the titmouse could have helped themselves to. Is it unusual for a titmouse to take peanuts in the shell or have I probably never seen it before because they just preferred the seed, given a choice, and this was an odd titmouse? I haven't gone through my photos yet to see if I got one with the titmouse with the peanut (in the shell) in its mouth but I probably have a photo of it right before he picked it up.
  7. Hi - newcomer here with a question on a very small little bird that has been hanging around the house today. They are tearing old trees down in the cattle/horse field to make room for corn next year, so I am assuming that is where this adorable thing came from. Size: About the size of a titmouse/chickadee Color: Brown with white speckles all over - almost reminded me of brindle like you would see on a horse or dog. Head: Small with either a crest or tuft Beak: Like a finch's - short, stout looking and a slightly pointed from what I could tell (he was fast!) - but not as "stubby" as a Cardinal's Movements: Flitting and quick much like a wren; flew low to the ground Environment: I live on a horse farm central Kentucky (near Lexington) with large fields and a wooded creek surrounding the farm in a "c" shape; has been scratching/digging around under the bushes around the deck as I can see his "prints" When he/she flew under the bushes when I stepped out to the drive, it was so close to the color of the dark brown mud under the bushes he blended right in. I have never seen one like this before. We have everything you can imagine out here bird-wise - and I love it! Something new all the time. Owls, hawks, songbirds, woodpeckers, doves, yellow finches. these tiny little yellow and brown birds that like to cuss me when I go near the apple tree - you'd think they were a Carolina Wren as mouthy as they are *wink* ; Meadowlarks, you name it. Even an oriole family decided to grace us and nest in the maple out back two summers in a row. I cannot seem to find a description of the little guy ANYWHERE on the Internet - I even looked in my bird book with calls I purchased a couple years back. So I am calling on the lovely community here to help me! I will try to get a picture of him tomorrow if he is still around - if I can. He is VERY fast. Thanks so much!! - Gwuen