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Found 13 results

  1. It was still very snowy this a.m. and there was a lot of bird activity, including this flyover in which I was only able to get a single shot. I am drawing a blank, any help/suggestions appreciate.
  2. I need some confirmations. We had a large amount of snow for us and a lot of flyovers. When I find the pictures, I also have some ducks I have no clue about that I will add to this post. Thanks for any id help. Immature red shouldered? Ring billed gull? Blue-headed vireo? I initially thought I was taking a picture of a ruby crowned kinglet, but the light was low as you can see, and the bill and the white over the bill seem to be vireo.
  3. This bird landed right above me for just long enough to get a picture and a quick peek without the camera. I thought at the time I was looking at a blue-headed vireo (bird did not vocalize) due to the significant contrast between the cheek and the throat. The bill does not fit vireo though, and the slight tint on the chest (kind of orangey color) is an artifact of me lightening the image, if there was any color there is was pale yellow. The expected warblers for our area are yellow rumped, pine, and palm. This bird was hanging out with a bunch (14) butterbutts. Thanks for any help!
  4. I went looking for a recently reported Harris Hawk (no luck). This small hawk gave me a good look, seems to have a beginning belly band, but it was very small and the banding on the tail has me a little confused. Thanks.
  5. Are all of these horned grebes? (foggy day pictures): This duck was flying with some geese in the fog, appeared to be a good sized duck in comparison to the canadas: Any ideas?
  6. Ducks a dancing

    I think the two in the back ring are gadwalls. I think there are Ringed-necks, and Scaups but I'm not sure what kind of scaups.
  7. This is the only view, golden crowned kinglet is the only possibility that comes to mind?
  8. Duck hens

    I went to a lake with multiple duck types, including redheads, ring necked, canvasback, lesser scaup, ruddy and bufflehead. Some of the hens are really throwing me off and the first one I think is a pied billed grebe, it's beak looks a little off to me, but I think that fluffy butt is unmistakeable. Pied billed grebe left, ring necked hen right? Ring necked drake left, what hen on the right? ????
  9. Sparrow

    There is a very faint dark line across the lore, and this sparrow only gave me one chance at a full body shot as it is not hanging out with the 5 chipping sparrows 20 feet away at the other feeder, but is this a chipping?
  10. Picture's taken @ausnic44 's home as he was nice enough to let me try to look at/for the black-chinned hummingbird, and I originally thought this was a brown-headed cowbird (and it still might be) but it seems to have a discernable eyeline and a less wide/tall beak as I am used to seeing on the brown headed cowbird females. Is this a shiny?
  11. What shorebird

    Very lost on this little shore bird with his yellow legs, clear breast, short pointed beak. Any ideas? Next to a long billed dowitcher and this bird was barely larger than a least.
  12. Cedar waxwing couple today

    Cedar waxwing couple kissing and stuff. Just a normal day! Lol Stratford,ontario, canada