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Found 70 results

  1. Song Sparrow?

    Hi , I saw this one in Toronto last week. Is it a Song Sparrow? thx
  2. Vireo? What kind?

    Hi, I saw this bird last week in Toronto. Any idea? thx
  3. yellowish bird, Toronto, May

    Hi, I saw this bird yesterday in Toronto. Couldn't get better shots than that. any idea what it is?
  4. Hi, I saw this one last week in Toronto. female Baltimore or Orchard Oriole? thx
  5. redstart?

    Hi, I saw this bird last week in Toronto. Is it a Redstart?
  6. Acadian Flycatcher?

    I repost because I got only one answer for that one. seen one week ago in Toronto. Is it an Acadian Flycatcher? thx
  7. Flycatcher? What kind?

    Hi, is that a flycatcher? If yes, what kind? I saw it in Toronto last week. thx
  8. Flycatcher? What kind?

    Hi, is that a flycatcher? If yes, what kind? I saw it in Toronto last week. thx
  9. white-throated sparrow?

    Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto last week. Is it a white-throated sparrow? Why does it have streaks on the chest?
  10. Hi, are those female or immature wood ducks? Seen in Toronto last weekend. thx
  11. 2 ducks - Toronto - May

    HI, I saw those 2 ducks last weekend in Toronto. Any idea what they are? thx
  12. American Goldfinch?

    Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto last weekend. Is it an American Goldfinch? If yes, why is it so white under? thx
  13. Chipping Sparrow?

    Hi, I saw this bird this weekend in Toronto. is it a Chipping sparrow?
  14. Palm warbler?

    HI, I saw this one in Toronto this weekend. Is it a Palm Warbler?
  15. B&W warbler? Toronto, May

    Hi, is that a white and black warbler? Is that a female by any chance? thx
  16. Hi, is that a black-throated green warbler? thx
  17. Hi, I saw this one today in TO. Any idea? thx
  18. Thrush - Toronto - May 14

    HI, I saw this bird today in Toronto, ON. Is it a thrush? What kind? thx
  19. reoccurring question... lesser or greater ? seen last week-end in Toronto (Etobicoke). thx
  20. Hawk, Toronto, today

    Hi, I saw this hawk today in Etobicoke, Toronto, ON. What kind is it?
  21. Junco? Toronto, Nov

    Hi, I saw this one this week-end as well, in the suburb of Toronto (Lynde Shores, Whitby). Is it a dark-eyed Junco?
  22. Northern Shoveler?

    Hi, is this a female Northern Shoveler? I saw it this week-end in the suburb of Toronto (Whitby, Lynde Shores) thx
  23. Yellow-rumped warbler?

    Hi, I saw this bird in Toronto today. Is that a yellow-rumped warbler? if yes, is that a female?
  24. I saw this one 2 days ago at the Tommy Thompson park in TO. any idea?
  25. Hi, I saw those ones 2 days ago in Toronto. Are they Female ruby-crowned Kinglets?