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Found 44 results

  1. This bird has the typical hook at the end of a vireo beak, but I'm unsure which species this is. Found 10 May next to Lake Erie, in Michigan. Can you help me out? Thanks! https://flic.kr/p/K8zLJq
  2. FrenchGirlinTO

    blue-headed vireo? Toronto

    HI, I saw this bird last week in Toronto. Is that a blue-headed vireo? thx
  3. Best guess was warbling vireo based on the head shape, eye size, color and white around the eye. What appears to be a white wing bar I believe is a stick from the tree. Seen in SE Michigan, April 19th. Same tree/location as a yellow-rump warbler.
  4. Nicolas Forestell

    Warbling Vireo?

    Hi, I’m new to What Bird and thought I might start out with a bird I had trouble to I’d. im pretty sure this is a Warbling Vireo because of the pale features but am not entirely sure, does anyone have any other ideas or suggestions? the location of this bird is Montréal, QC, Canada.
  5. Muskokan in Mexico

    poss warbling vireo in NW Mexico

    I think this is the same old guy, please confirm warbling vireo. https://imgur.com/X09XiZ1
  6. Today, October 29, Costa Mesa (Southern) California Help appreciated on i.d. of this little bird. It looks like a Cassin's or Hutton's Vireo to me, but I can't be certain. I tried to get photos from all angles. Thanks for helping! I posted the image on Flickr and added a video I was able to record. Terry
  7. geoffclarke

    Warblers and Vireo

    These are from yesterday, 10/9/17, Dearborn, MI: 1. Northern Parula (lifer)? 2. Black-throated Green Warbler (lifer)? Only other thing I can think of is Blackburnian (lifer). 3. Black-throated Blue? 4. Blue-headed Vireo? 5. Same as Bird #2? 6. Another Black-throated Blue Warbler? Female? Juvenile?
  8. FrenchGirlinTO

    Vireo? What kind?

    Hi, I saw this bird last week in Toronto. Any idea? thx
  9. CanadianCodhead

    Ontario Vireo

    Can I please request a little help on this one. Point Pelee, Ontario on 2017-05-03. Same bird in both pics. I am not sure I trust my partially colour-blind eyes on this one. To my eyes it looks pretty bright on the breast with little contrast between the breast and neck, but want to be certain that is not my faulty vision. Thanks in advance. Vireo sp_2017-05-03_00003_small on Flickr Vireo sp_2017-05-03_00002_small on Flickr
  10. tulycd

    Help with ID

    I believe this is a vireo, but I'm not sure which one ... Bell's seems a possibility? It was in coastal Palm Beach County, Florida; high in the canopy; devouring a dragonfly. Thanks!
  11. Need help identifying this bird. Date: October 10, 2016 Location: Huntington, NY Misc. Yellow rump and undertail coverts. Was foraging near a flock of Yellow Rumped Warblers. Thank you for your help.
  12. cherogo

    Hutton's Vireo?

    Need help w/ID. Captured a photo of this bird near Medicine Lake -- Oregon, close to Lava Beds Natl Monument & Lower Klamath and Tule Lake NWR. August 3, 2016. AM. http://i1168.photobucket.com/albums/r491/cherogo/Pos%20Huttons%20vireo_zpsdesv6k0l.jpg
  13. ardeats

    Bell's Vireo?

    Found in Champaign, IL, in brushy meadow near pond, early July.
  14. Hello, forum! Looks like I've added a couple species to my Life List this past weekend, but I want to be sure my identifications are correct. Pictures taken in a park near Binghamton, New York. I believe I've got a Least Flycatcher and a Red-Eyed Vireo here. The Vireo is possibly immature due to dark eyes. Would anyone agree? Thanks. Red-eyed Vireo by degibox, on Flickr Flycatcher by degibox, on Flickr
  15. I;m sorry there are so many, I just don't want to assume anything... Which Wren? House? DSC_0044 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Marsh Wren? (He's in the middle of the photo, blurry). DSC_0028 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Chestnut-sided? Yellow-throated Vireo? 400 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr ?? 190 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Umm...? 169 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Can you even tell what this is? 167 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr Enough to call this a Wilson's? Or no? 128 by Dawn Johnson, on Flickr
  16. Sighted at a suet feeder, Albany,Oregon. A single bird that has been very regular for several days. Probably the most pronounced character is the yellow on the back at the base of the tail, on each side, and some on the breast.
  17. on 9/27/15 I went to Huntington Beach Central Park California and seen several bird. 2 of them I could not figure what the where but knew what family they belonged to more or less. First bird Is it a Warbler or Vireo? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_gMR7QWN5M My 1st guess is a "Orange Crowned Warbler" but I did not see orange on it's crown. My 2nd guess is a "Philadelphia Vireo" but their range is mostly the east coast up to eastern Texas and as far north as southern Canada and me being in Southern California and if it is a Philadelphia Vireo it would mean that it would have to traveled over 1000 miles it's normal range and it would make this bird a rare sighting. Second bird This bird is a Tyrant Flycatcher, but I can't pin point which one I got a good look at it and a video to prove it, but it I don't have the eye to tell one flycatcher from another, to many possibilities. Here are my guesses. Olive-sided Flycatcher, Western Wood-Pewee, Willow Flycatcher, Dusky Flycatcher, and Pacific-slope Flycatcher.
  18. Scottydog

    Vireo, which one?

    Hi Folks I've got a Warbling Vireo on the first set of photos (as reference) and what I thought was a Warbling on the second set of photos (in the pine tree). I'm just questioning my observation now that I've seen the photos. There seems to be much more yellow on this bird than I normaly see. Could this be something else, Yellow-Green? Or a Philadelphia? Lores are pretty good size so kinda matches the Philly and the yellow undertail coverts, and shape is close to Warbling, but the throat is possibly lacking enough yellow... hmmm, thinking the body coloring, and underwing coloring matches up better with the Yellow-Green. Size could fit this bird as well. So the coloring is the biggest wrench in this machine... do Warbling Vireos have dramatic color swings for areas? Bodega Bay (Owl Canyon), Northern CA. (this location has a rich history of unusual birds coming through in the fall). This is what I'm used to seeing This is the bird in question (not the same bird) Thank you all for the time!
  19. Hi, sorry the quality is not awesome... is that a vireo? if yes, what kind? thx a lot
  20. Hi, is that a Philadelphia Vireo as well?
  21. This might be an imature version of warbler, phoebe, vireo, or yellowthroat, or maybe it's none of these; I looked through my bird books and the id aid, here, but still can't seem to pin it down. I hope someone can help.
  22. I am trying to identify this bird for a music piece based upon the call. I have had one person tell me it is an American Goldfinch, however I have not been able find a similar call. To me, and my inexperienced ear, it sounds a bit like Cassin's Finch or possibly even a Vireo. Thanks in advance vireo2.wav
  23. I recently went to Point Pelee National Park in Canada and I saw over 30 species in about 9 hours. However, there were 4 species that I am having trouble identifying. The first one here is a flycatcher of some sort but I am not sure if it is an acadian, alder, willow, or least flycatcher The second one was a flycatcher seen at a different time so I am not sure if they are the same species, and I am still stuck between the four This was some sort of a vireo I saw really early in the morning (there was mist at this time, sorry for such bad quality pictures). I was leading towards a warbling vireo at first but I'm not sure. I am unsure on what type of warbler this is. I am thinking either an orange crowned warbler or a Tennessee warbler Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  24. PhillymanPete

    Vireo ?

    Warbling vireo? I keep want to say some flycatcher sp.... Apologies for the poor quality of this photo, but hoping good enough for positive ID: Seen in Southern New Jersey Thank you.
  25. The photos were taken at Killbear Provincial Park (near Parry Sound), Ontario, Canada on May 13th, 2015. To me this looks like a drab Philadelphia Vireo due to the concentration of yellow on the throat as opposed to the sides. I realize now I should have paid more attention to the song as they differ greatly. E-bird was asking for a confirmation and my confidence in my ID decreased so any help would be appreciated. Thanks!