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Found 172 results

  1. Hi, This was taken in Wallingford, CT today. My best guess is a first winter female Blackpoll. Any help would be great! Thanks.
  2. Some Stuff from the OBX, NC

    Hey all! I saw these two at Pea Island NWR in North Carolina a few days ago, and I just want a confirmation on them. I'm almost certain this first one is either an immature or female Common Yellowthroat, as the males were everywhere at the refuge. This one's got me stumped: There have been many reports of Marbled Godwit at Pea Island, and since they would be a lifer I went looking for them. The closest I could find to one is this very distant shorebird. I can't tell if it's a Willet or a Godwit; it seems to have reddish/buffy tones on the neck and belly area, but the bill seems small for a godwit (at least from what I've seen in photos of godwits). Unfortunately I have only two more photos, one which is almost identical to the one I have posted below and another with the birds head tucked into it's body, which probably won't be of much help here. Anyway, see for yourself-- All the Willets currently around the refuge should be of the "Eastern" subspecies. If it helps, here's a photo of one of the many Willets in the refuge
  3. Taken yesterday in maricopa county, AZ. Please ID this warbler.
  4. Near Victoria BC today. I don't think they're all the same individual, but it looks like the same species either way. Maybe orange-crowned warbler?
  5. Warbler?

    Small Bird, taken in the spring around Galveston, TX. I think it's some kind of warbler, but not sure.
  6. Warbler?

    Small Bird, taken in the spring around Galveston, TX. I think it's some kind of warbler, but not sure.
  7. Palm warbler?

    HI, I saw this one in Toronto this weekend. Is it a Palm Warbler?
  8. Warbler

    Both birds seen on April 30, 2017 in Cincinnati Ohio. 1. Only saw this bird for a brief moment, went from the ground to this log, and flew away seconds later. Is it a yellow warbler? 2. Could I get confirmation on the Northern Waterthrush? The streaking on the throat looks right. Thanks for the help!
  9. Please ID these 3 warblers from San Diego taken yesterday. Think second one is orange crowned. Third had a very yellow belly...may be yellow warbler based on location but belly was really bright. First is black throated gray warbler?
  10. I photographed this warbler on Wednesday, April 26th - a spring migrant probably passing through. Location is Palm Beach County, Florida. Any help in identifying it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  11. NYC, April 14. Warbler "1" in the morning; Warbler "2" late afternoon. After seeing the video (photos are screenshots) on large computer monitor, I could see they're the same type, if not same bird. I think it's a Yellow-rumped Warbler, but because the rump doesn't show up in the videos, I'm not sure. Would appreciate confirmation, thanks.
  12. This was taken today in maricopa county, arizona. Please confirm that this is orange crowned warbler. Thanq very much. usha
  13. Merlin app has this as a Magnolia Warbler. The wing bars seem to suggest so, but streaks on chest are hard to see if they're there at all. And, well, sometimes I just need a fellow whatbirder to give me an affirmative nod before I go ahead and add a species to a checklist. :-) Spotted yesterday in Long Island, NY wutbrd (1 of 1) by degibox, on Flickr
  14. NYC. When I first saw and recorded this uber-active bird in October 2016, I thought because of the size and shape that it's a female Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Note the 4th photo. But as I'm editing it and enhancing the color (only the 4th photo), I've noticed the eye-ring, which looks yellow. Now I'm thinking Pine or similar Warbler. Replies much appreciated.
  15. Help with a warbler

    Seen September 20 in New York. I have a guess as to what this is, but I won't say just yet. https://ebird.org/ebird/view/checklist/S33909883
  16. cerulean warbler

    Hi, If someone could help me with this ID I would be grateful! Seen in Syracuse NY on October 4, 2016 which would be fall migration. I've been looking back at my fall lists and would love to have input here! *Plus it would go on my life list! Thanks in advance.
  17. THANK YOU!!! 1. Gnatcatcher? 20161226_092232 by degibox, on Flickr 2. Pine Warbler? 20161224_133817_wm by degibox, on Flickr 3. Another Pine Warbler? 20161224_133834_wm by degibox, on Flickr
  18. Pine Warbler

    Photographed this bird today at UT Arboretum, Oak Ridge, TN. Female Pine Warbler? 696A7102 by Melinda Fawver, on Flickr 696A7105 by Melinda Fawver, on Flickr
  19. warbler? Newfoundland

    Hi, I saw that bird in August in Newfoundland (actually on the French island of St Pierre & Miquelon!). Is it a warbler? What kind? thx
  20. This cute little creature was found hoping around The Pond in NYC's Central Park today. It stayed on the ground, moving swiftly, very much like a wren. It even has a very wren-like tail but I'm assuming it's a warbler of some kind. My ID apps appear stumped. Perhaps because it's migrating. Does anyone know? Thanks! -Peter Who is she__ by degibox, on Flickr
  21. Yellow Warbler?

    Hello, I was rewieving some pictures taken last July in the nature park "Île de la Visitation", Montreal, Canada. I'm not skilled in north american birds, so even with my Peterson guide I'm not sure if this is a Yellow Warbler or another bird...
  22. Seen yesterday morning in South Florida: So I know these pictures are pretty crummy but I was wondering if an ID would be possible. An orange-crowned warbler was seen later in the day and I'm wondering if this is what I got although not sure if it's possible to narrow it down enough. DSC_0694 DSC_0693
  23. Warbler ID

    Observed this warbler briefly in a mixed flock on the Blue Ridge Parkway in central Virginia (approximately mile post 30) on August 28th, 2016. My first impression was Pine, but again looks were brief and I wasn't comfortable calling it with certainty. I was only able to obtain these two photos showing the face and side profile separately through the foliage (low canopy level): https://www.dropbox.com/s/fitedywfsxxrm4l/DSCN0868.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/v6iid17qp23epwx/DSCN0869.jpg?dl=0 I would appreciate anyone's opinion on the ID of this warbler. Thanks!
  24. What Warbler ?

    Seen today at Stone Harbor Point, NJ. 50 yards from the Atlantic Ocean. My guess is Cape May Warbler, but that is really just a semi-informed guess. Not a great image: Thank you!
  25. warbler id request

    Good afternoon, this weekend just after sunset I noticed this little warbler at about 2 meters high in the trees in Aruba, certainly not a regular visitor. High iso, low shutter speed, quality is terrible. Any clue which this can be? Thanks in advance, Michiel