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Found 20 results

  1. Hello! I've been trying to identify this bird call for a while and keep coming up short, so I thought I'd see if y'all can provide some input!! It's always early morning that I've heard the call. I haven't heard it in a while, so it makes me think it happens more in the summer? I do remember hearing it a lot during my summer visits to Northwest Washington as a kid. The call itself is always the same: 3 notes, starts low and works its way higher, "trill - Trill - TRILL" sort of thing. Any ideas?
  2. Pacific West

    Plannig a Road Trip with the family. It’s not a “birding” trip, but I will be able to stop whenever I want to bird along the trip, you know...since I’m the man of the house!!! (As long as it’s okay with my wife that is!!!! Most “birding stops” will be around 1-2 hours, so short and sweet. Except nation parks, and major stoping points, which I will have 1-4 days at each. My path is looking like the following: Start San diego, Drive to Las Vegas after work. Stay over night. Day 1: visit Vegas, Stay over night Day 2: drive to Salt Lake City, Utah...(any stops along the way, off of Interstate 15?) Stay over night. Day 3: Visit Salt Lake City, Stay Over night. (Local Birding Spots???) Day 4: Stay at Salt Lake?/or most likely head to Yellowstone National park trough Grand Tenton. Day 5: stay in Grand Tenton or Yellowstone (most likely YellowStone) Day 6-7: Visit Yellowstone Day 8: Drive to Spokane Washigton Day 9-12: Visit Spokane/idaho Day 13: Drive to Seattle. Day 14-15 Visit Seattle/Olympic National Park Day 16 Drive to Crater Lake, Oregon Day 17-18: Visit Crater Lake Day 19-21: Drive back to San Diego, or spend more time at other locations throughout the trip.
  3. An overall yellowish flycatcher with a bright yellow belly, olive head and vest, gray back with a yellow rump the same color as the belly. I can't seem to find any birds that match this one in particular. Photos taken through window resulting into bad blurry quality. Seen on 5/2/2017, Douglas County, Washington (central Washington).
  4. Small Gull ID Help

    I saw this small gull briefly today at the mouth of the Cedar River near Renton, WA. I was able to get the attached pictures before an Bald Eagle came through and spooked the gull at which point I lost the bird. I have a potential ID, but would like second thoughts and confirmations. Thanks!
  5. I'm from Florida and I like my birds big like herons, egrets, and ospreys, so I'm having some trouble figuring out what these smaller fellows are. Found while hiking in the Paradise section of Mt. Rainier National Park on July 16, seemed very interested in the pine needles, maybe a food source? Found on the ground near the visitor center at the big dam by the Bridge of the Gods. Thought it might be a small grouse? Thanks!
  6. Eagle ID Help

    I saw this bird today being mobbed by two Common Ravens. My gut says its a Golden Eagle, but I can't stop doubting my initial ID. The bird was seen in Mount Rainier National Park on the Westside Road. It was comparably larger than the two Ravens and a Turkey Vulture that was circling near. The attached pictures are poor, but they are the best I was able to get. Any help confirming or an explanation as to why this is a Bald Eagle would be awesome!
  7. Hey guys! Today Si the second time I've seen a speckled buff/tan/brownish bird. He's on the larger side of small birds, has an all purpose beak about as big as his head and has orange legs. I've attached the only (and very unhelpful) picture I could capture of him. Thanks guys! Also I'm not sure why the picture is posting sideways... sorry about that
  8. Ringed Turtle Dove

    Hi all, New to the website and am living near the bird sanctuary in Hansville WA. I've noticed a pair of doves (?) by the feeder over the last few weeks. They are a light brown color with a distinctive dark band on the back of their necks. The photo quality isn't great (they're skittish and I can only photography them through the window). They look like the Ringed Turtle Dove in the Peterson Field Guide, but that's supposed to be a southern California bird, what would it be doing here? Any ideas?
  9. San Juan Island, Washington. 1. Savannah? Vesper? Both found on island. https://www.dropbox.com/s/xbrreh28xsvsy41/DSCN9160.JPG?dl=0 2. This young CANG's head is unusual. The other young were normal. Why is this? Head was kept at angle for entire time viewed. https://www.dropbox.com/s/63mj95jddkbaua0/DSCN8935.JPG?dl=0 3. Invertebrate Eggs? https://www.dropbox.com/s/3rze3g29g3ltbh8/DSCN0531.JPG?dl=0
  10. June 21-29. San Juan Island, Washington. Probably all RHAU. Do the links work? https://www.dropbox.com/s/0efx96q7vguluwl/DSCN0428.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/qldnimcoz6nlteo/DSCN0469.JPG?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/o8c4o9zb7xfzf77/DSCN0809.JPG?dl=0 EDIT: Last 2 links removed.
  11. Hi! My boyfriend spotted this little guy while hiking up a ridge near Seattle, WA. Wish we had a better picture, it was hard to hike any closer. We aren't experts on birds but it would be nice to know what name this fellow goes by. Anything helps!
  12. This bird was at 6000 feet at Mt Rainier Nat Park in Washington State. When first seen it was bobbing it's tail that looked quite long. I think might be a purple finch?
  13. I saw this bird at Olympic National Park this summer... the photos I've uploaded are the best I could get. It was blue-gray, about the size of a small Robin, and similar to a Titmouse b/c it had a tuft on it's head (at least it looked like one). I didn't think there were Titmice on the Olympic peninsula...any thoughts? Thanks!
  14. Saw this bird in a state park that was between some development and a marsh. I'm guessing it's a juvenile of some sort... but honestly I don't have a clue on this one. It was the size of a small Robin. Any thoughts? I appreciate the help!
  15. I apologize for the grainy photo but it was on a phone at full zoom from my car. It looks like a Three Banded Plover. The only issue I have with identifying this bird is that the photo was taken in Walla Walla, WA and this bird is not supposed to be in North America. I have searched all plovers and cant find any in the US that have the double black bands around the neck. If someone has any ideas, it would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Another set from my camping trip last week, 28 June 2013. Looking to confirm 1) Yellow-headed blackbird 2) Purple Martin 3) Cinnamon teal and perhaps some sort of Wren for (4). Lastly the fifth (5) one looks like a flock of pelicans to me, but the refuge species list only lists them as RARE, and only in SPRING and FALL.
  17. Taken 27 June 2013 on Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park, WA. My hunches are: 1) Gray Jay 2) Horned Lark 3) Male Blue Grouse 4) Female and Baby Blue Grouse. More camping pictures to come; thanks a ton!
  18. This poor little bird has been alone outside of my daughter's apartment building in Washington, DC, for the past 3 days. We were wondering what type of bird it is. I'm sure someone here knows. Thanks.
  19. I am pretty sure the first one is a downy, the 2nd one I am torn between maybe a young downy who hasn't gotten his head markings together yet or a 3 Toed?
  20. Sea bird ID help

    Photo taken on San Juan Island, Washington, on May 25, 2012. Saw this bird right on the edge of the water looking over the ocean. Please and thank you for any help.