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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I am delighted to find this site and forum. Question: I spotted what is almost certainly a non-breeding American Avocet on the shore on the Alameda side of SF Bay. On the Whatbird search platform, when I enter up- or downturned beak and beak longer than head, then the search appropriately returns "American Avocet" as one of the possibilities. However, when I add prominently black and white, or black, or white, to the search terms, then the only thing that is returned is "Stork". Am I using the search functions incorrectly, or is this an error in the program? Thanks! Mark
  2. Happy New Year everyone! I was at Petroglyph National Monument last week (12/29/17), just outside Albuquerque, NM. I saw a bird I could not identify. It was the size of a large sparrow. It was primarily a sooty, grayish brown. Uniform color along its back and wings. The tail was a bit darker. It had a light eye ring. The top of its head was a rich auburn color. The breast was lightly streaked. It's throat was more heavily streaked and had a slight yellowish tinge. Under its tail and legs it was yellow-orange, fairly bright. Its call was a chirp, almost like a squeaky toy. It's beak was gray and sparrow like. I saw the bird amongst lava rocks. There were two birds. The area was sandy desert with small desert shrubs surrounded by cliffs of lava rock. Thank you for helping me identify this bird! Best, Tony
  3. What bird is it?

    Okay, so I recently heard the sound of mewing outside my house. It was about 10:40 at night, and I live in eastern Oregon. I went outside with a flashlight and started calling "here kitty kitty!" I heard something much, much different when i went outside. I heard a full grown cat, coming from a quarter of a mile away. Me and my brother went to investigate, and when we got closer, we heard it coming from above us in one of the taller trees. When we looked up, he didn't see it, but I did. It looked like a massive bird of prey, calling out calls like a full grown cat in distress. We knew we wouldn't figure it out by investigating further, and i got a bad feeling about this bird. We went back to the house and talked it over for a little bit with the family. We never figured it out, and i was hoping I could figure it out here? We've begun to hear it again, and I feel like i shouldn't go out again.
  4. Type of Hawk

    We saw this hawk at the Kentucky horse park in Lexington Kentucky. Just wondering if anyone can identify it?
  5. Bahamas bird

    I saw this bird the other day on Exuma in the Bahamas. Any guess as to what it is? That k you so much for your help in advance.
  6. I was at Mann Lake in Lewiston, Idaho 7/22/13 from 6-10:30AM and saw these two grey gull-like birds flying around and settling. Together, they'd fly, circle, and then land back in the water somewhere but wouldn't stay in the same place very long. They were at the lake for at least 2 hours and it was fairly warm out, it was 86 when I left at 10:30AM. I've been birding for about a month now and I'm not sure I have the birding chops for this one. I also don't have a zoom lens for my camera so I apologize for the quality.