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Found 37 results

  1. Hi ! Need an ID for a bird I have taken a picture of in a backyard in California yesterday, near San Francisco. I have a field guide to birds of western north america and have been looking at every bird in it over and over again but can't find what bird it is ! Thanks
  2. Okay, this might be a tough one. My boyfriend spotted a very colourful bird on a calendar (January) and came home hoping I could identify it. Here is the description he gave me: Black wings, blue at the shoulder. White crown. Possibly black head/face. Body tan (like the colour of a deer). Some speckles on the white and blue areas. Also, all the colours didn't appear to blend into each other, but instead there was a distinct start and stop to each (which makes me think it might be a tropical bird). I have no photo sadly. Hoping someone can give me a few options so I can show him a bird line up! Thank you in advance!
  3. Greetings! This is my first post on this site. I've been paying close attention to our feathered friends for about 2 years. In the last week I've seen this beautiful white bird 3 times. I've done some research and didn't come up with much. It's obviously not albino because of the black in the feathers, also has black eyes and normal looking beak and legs. This picture was taken in Tujunga, Ca. on 12/28/17. I wish I could provide a better picture, but I didn't want to get too close. Any ideas of what it is?
  4. (follow me @anapozasphotography for more nature and bird shots)
  5. A friend asked me to ID this bird. I cannot. I thought it might be a juvenilel/adolescent gull but haven't found any quite right. The bird was huddled on the Beach at Stone Harbor New Jersey on May 16. The friend said the bird was "goose sized" She is quite familiar with the usual beach gulls there at Stone Harbor having lived there quite a number of years.
  6. Albino Dove?

    Hey guys-- I work in wildlife rehab in the North Florida area, USA. Today we received a "white dove" that doesn't appear to be injured, orphaned, or even wild for that matter. I'm trying to determine the species of the bird so I can check Lost/Found ads and perhaps get it to someone who can take good care of it. The bird flew into some bushes in someone's front yard in the city. It was very docile and remained sitting for a while, so the "rescuer" picked it up and brought it to us. This bird appears unafraid of us. It will perch on our hands without issue, and it was even eating while we held it in front of some seeds. It flies just fine and preens itself, and began walking around the room to investigate. I noticed the following: the bird is entirely white with absolutely no other coloring. The feet are reddish-pink, the beak is pink, and the eyes appear a deep red color, so I'm thinking albinism. I have no idea if it's domesticated, wild and docile, or whether it's a dove, pigeon, etc. It is not cooing, but after flying for a short period it was making a very soft "coo" sound on its exhales only for about 5 seconds. Additionally, the tail feathers are a little worn and dirty, which tells me this animal might have been caged. In the small kennel it was brought to us in, it appeared frantic. I put it in a large squirrel cage in the meantime with water, seed, and perches. The bird is puffed up and napping right now. Also, for what it's worth, the feet seem very warm to me when it perches on my fingers (warmer than other songbirds or parrots I've had perched on me before). Attached are photos, please give me some guidance so I can get this sweet bird to a good home, as we cannot keep it if it is not wild. Thanks in advance!
  7. Earlier this evening (around 5pm), I spotted this little guy near the entrance to my building. About half the size of a sparrow. Didn't move (despite my walking by it and kneeling down to take a photo) until the camera flash went off, then it looked around, chirped and hoped into the bushes. Spent some time researching possible species, and I believe it's a Kinglet (though maybe not an adult?) however it's markings don't quite match any photos I've found online. Never have seen anything quite like it in this area (outer borough of NYC). Not entirely sure what happened to it afterward, as I was on my way to work and when I returned a number of hours later, I didn't spot it (but I'll keep an eye out come daylight tomorrow).
  8. Little brown mystery bird

    I am fairly new to birding and am having trouble identifying this bird. Sorry about the poor photo quality, but this bird was quite a distance away. Photos were taken today (Sept 2) at the Indiana Dunes NAtional Lakeshore in northern Indiana, very near to the southern shores of Lake Michigan. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Southern California 1/2 mile from coast. I've only seen this bird from underneath while flying but are hearing them a lot. It is almost all white with black trim on the outer wing edges when seen from underneath. Maybe some other black trimmings. It makes a low hoarse screech sound. Also the tail is medium short with fanned feathers. I've seen some photos of owls but the coloring is not the same and the body didn't appear to be quite as thick as an owl.
  10. My wife and I saw a very unique little bird singing at the very top of a pine tree. Its song was a little raspy at times, but had a good variety of notes. What we found the most peculiar is the length and shape of the beak. Seems to be longer than any flycatcher or phoebe, unless it is tricking our eyes. The bird itself was quite small though. I'd guess no more than six inches in length. You can tell from the photos by comparing to the surrounding needles that it's not a huge bird. Attached are some pictures. I apologize for the low quality of the images. The bird was in direct sunlight and the lens was a 200m, so these have been cropped considerably. Thanks so much for any help and ideas! Joel
  11. Hello! Very curious about this fellow. Walked outside the front door, locked it and turned around to see this bird sitting on the porch. He was not startled by my presence. I even got very close, knelt down and looked him in the eye. I even poked him. I stared at him for a few minutes before he flew to another part of the porch. I called my father over to look and at when he did, the bird flew away. I live in new York by the nassau county/ long island border. Feeling like this may be a pet bird. He also had a white breast and belly . Please help me identify him! Thank you!
  12. Hello all, I’m hoping you can help me identify a bird. In the past week I’ve seen a small bird of prey in New York City that I haven’t seen before. I’m familiar with the red tailed hawks of central park but this bird is too small to be one of these hawks, and has different coloring. It’s a small bird of prey with a very high pitched cry. I’ve seen it in midtown and west Chelsea. I’m a birding amateur but I thought it might be a peregrine falcon or kestrel? I’ve attached a photo that I took when it landed on the skylight of my office building (apologies for the quality – it’s from a phone camera). The bird is small, brown, with white chest & legs, and has a dark – almost back – hood. I would love some thoughts on who this little chap is. Thank you! I understand images are sometimes tricky to upload so a link here to the Dropbox photos: https://www.dropbox.com/s/0bqcaau65d7sdjl/20150812_164032.jpg?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/ljz97riw8t4n06i/20150812_164037.jpg?dl=0
  13. I was weeding my garden near the edge of the Chesapeake Bay, when bird calls got my attention. The pair were so high in the sky, I could hardly see them, but I finally made out two birds - nearly all white with an undulating wind-beat like geese or swans. They headed in one direction and after a while changed course more than once. They were primarily white but perhaps some dark edges on long, undulating wings. After several turns, I went in to the house to get binoculars but they were gone...
  14. I think I posted this a while ago but nobody reached any sound conclusion, I don't think. Sadly I found this bird when it was no longer. May he (she?) rest in peace up in bird heaven! This is in Maine, USA, in August. My guesses are: black phoebe, eastern kingbird (but the beak shape isn't right..), or a very strange dark eyed junco? I say strange because i've never seen a junco that looked like that before, especially with the chest feathers and the black beak. I have searched and searched through the internet and can't find a picture of a junco that has a dark beak, they are all pink. What do you think?
  16. White Hawk Help

    Saw this bird soaring high up in the sky at noon today, Friday February 13, in Central Pennsylvania (near Port Matilda). I have never seen one so predominately white, and I believe it to be a larger size hawk. Unfortunately this is the best glimpse I got of it, it was far away, and I never got to see anything other than its underside. Would love some help to try and identify this bird. Thanks!
  17. White bird??

    I ran across this white bird today. Is it a Leucisitic Finch? https://www.flickr.com/photos/125162525@N07/15459715736/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/125162525@N07/15479604831/
  18. Found: Osburn, Idaho June 8th, 2014 My grandpa found this poor little bird in his Samurai. The back of the car is topless, and it must have flown through the car and into the windshield. Grandpa found him laying on the seat. I took photos to help ID what kind it is. I'm very new at birding, so any help is much appreciated. Grandma thought it might be a finch or some kind of sparrow, but so far I haven't been able to make any positive ID.
  19. My first impression is that this is a golden-crowned kinglet, but the black and white breast is different from the usual olive in the pictures, and the distinctive yellow epaulettes don't seem to quite match. Please help.
  20. Found on a lake in Southwestern Pennsylvania about 30 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. It was seen this week May 20th. Large white bird with a red head and beak. Looking forward to the ID. Thanks
  21. Hi Forum. Can you please help me ID this bird? It is dark blue and black with white and brown markings - it also has a split/fork tail. I saw it behind the bushes on Saturday May 10, 2014 in North East Wisconsin; there is a lake and some woods/marsh close by. I think it might be a barn swallow but I'm not sure since I couldn't see the bird's belly. Here is a link to a video I took of it: Thanks!
  22. Hello! This bird appeared in me and my boyfriend's backyard about a month ago. It stuck around for quite a while, maybe until like two weeks ago. The bird was very comfortable with us. Let us feed it, walk by it, talk to it, even pet it. We noticed it had a bracelet on and we got a good picture of it. We think maybe it is a wedding release bird? A ringneck? Anyways do any of you know what kind of bird it is, what the bracelet means, and even what gender it is? This picture was taken around the end of March in Northern California. Thanks!
  23. Check out the photos. I photographed this small perching bird in May up in the Cascade mountains in Washington, USA. Blue crown and back, bright yellow chin and outer breast area, black chest spot, darker blue back spot, white wing stripes and underparts. Gorgeous bird; wish I had better pictures! The best I can match it up with this wizard is a Cerulean Warbler, but it doesn't quite match up and is the wrong location. What do you think?
  24. When out for a run this morning (June 24) along the bike trails by the Ottawa River (in Ontario, Canada), I saw this bird. I have never seen this kind of bird, ever. I tried searching birds in Ontario, birds in Ottawa, can't find him. Pictures of the common eider reminded me of him, but his whole back was black, same with the bill. Couldn't see his feet well, not sure if they were webbed or not. He was roughly the size of a duck, maybe a bit bigger? He seems to have longer feathers at the top of his head, though you can't see well on the photo (iphones and lack of zooms.... I cropped the pictures as close as i could without losing too much quality). And no obvious tail from any angle. What is he? (Also, if anyone can tell from the poor picture, in the first pic, behind the unknown bird, would that be a cormorant or a loon? There's a lot of them around, so much fun to watch, but no one I've asked around is quite sure either. Obviously, if a loon, not a common loon, they have no white on them at all) Thank you for anyone trying to help!
  25. Albino Dove?

    Ventura County, Ca March 2013 Saw this white dove-like bird perched with some European Starlings. Using Whatbird I can't figure out what a white dove would be. Any ideas? Maybe it was released at a wedding, and never went home. Sad.